Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jai Uttal at local bookstore program

PADA: Some people think this program is not very bona fide. Maybe, but we never see any of the ISKCON leaders making any similar programs around here, ever? Nor do we see them making harinama samkirtana programs and etc., almost ever. 

If it were not for these types of people, we would not have hardly anything going on around here in San Francisco area in terms of public out-reach "kirtana," ok almost anywhere in the Bay Area. Anywhere. This program is what the ISKCON sannyasas are supposed to be doing, making public kirtana programs, but we find people like Hrdayananda living in an apartment in Los Angeles where he does what, watches soap operas and football on TV like Satsvarupa has been doing, or what? 

This is the problem, when there is nothing, something stands out because, something has more impact than nothing. At least these people are not sitting around watching football on TV all day long. And simply thanks to God for our nice ritvik temple in Sunnyvale (South Bay), at least there is somewhere that people can get some regular kirtana programs. ys pd     


  1. Dear Anon: The real problem apparently is, no one can seem to find your program whatsoever, or a program that you promote at all, anywhere? Where is your program?

    That's the real question?

    Tell us where your glorious program is, and we will advertise it for you -- for free! At least we have something here to advertise which is in agreement with our siddhanta, whereas you do not seem to have anything going on, anywhere.

    Whether our program is valid or not, does not excuse you from not ever presenting your better program?

    And since you never even mentioned your program even once, your program is apparently -- doing absolutely nothing. In the USA we say, show us the better way, or get out of the way. Hee hee! So tell us where your program is, or else its seems, your program is to read about my program and to do nothing else? ys pd

  2. Well I was right, your program is to read about my program. You have zero program. Thanks for admitting. ys pd


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