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Srila Prabhupada is in the center? / Reason for so many "anonymous" devotees?


Janananda Goswami: "When Prabhupada was present, there was not all this talk of 'you have to put Prabhupada in the center.' We put Prabhupada in the center by following his instructions to put Krishna in the center." 

PADA: OK, so the whole issue of "keeping Srila Prabhupada in the center" has happened because there is a question, "how did he get removed from the center"? In the 1970s, when Srila Prabhupada was kept in the center here, we had maybe 240 devotees here in Berkeley in 1977, and three houses full of people that were owned by the temple. 

And we had a temple in San Francisco. Now San Francisco temple is closed permanently, and the three houses we had in Berkeley were sold, and there is now lucky to be 12 -15 people in the Berkeley temple today, and thus there is one big major disaster after another, paying for deity's flowers, keeping the building in repair, and just paying the power bill etc. Yes, there are consequences to "not" keeping him in the center. Meanwhile we started our own temple, and its packed with people, wonder why? ys pd



Dear Prahlad: Correct, I was the first to get kicked out of ISKCON in 1979, while I was living in the UK. I was the first person in the UK saying Srila Prabhupada is the diksha guru, actually starting in 1977. And I was the first to get booted there, in UK. So actually, I am the original founder father of the Prabhupadanugas UK before anyone else was. 

Attacking the founder of anything is the most silly thing any subsequent Johnny Come later could do, it makes them look like they never even understood the history of what happened, or that they have no actual respect for the program that was founded. 

Everyone else knows who founded the Prabhupadanugas UK, and they never attack me because they respect the Prabhupadanuga principle that I am preaching starting from there. I get calls and letters every day from people who are actually glad, even crying in happiness, that someone started this program somewhere, instead of feeling ill will towards our ideas, they are happy as can be to even get our ideas. Only a very teeny group is still left begrudging me ever since 1977. 

The 99 percent of the calls / letters I get now are saying, thanks for your presenting Srila Prabhupada as the guru. That means the 1 percent with still begrudging and ill will towards me -- does not count very much any more. They are fading out and our 1977 idea is winning. Thats all that matters. ys pd

Prahlad Das "I get calls and letters every day from people who are actually glad, even crying in happiness, that someone started this program somewhere.. The 99 percent of the calls / letters I get now are saying, thanks for your presenting Srila Prabhupada as the guru."

Please share these letters here or on your blog. I have never seen any there. They will be an inspiration for other devotees.

PADA: There are maybe hundreds of letters from people who agree with us all along, which we posted all along our sites such as a long time ago. We have hundreds of these letters there easily. 

I cannot always publish letters because people fear repercussions from the local GBC folks and they asked me to keep them anonymous. Mahesh was one of the first people in UK to write letters of appreciation. Not everyone who writes me wants to be a target for reprisals. 

And some people told me one reason they do not want to be identified is -- they do not want to be targeted and attacked by either the GBC goondas nor the Pahlad and Mukunda types either. They fear they will get the same ill will I am getting. Right now our sites are being linked to Bangalore sites, and many other Prabhupadanuga sites, so these readers are reading all over the world and appreciating, and many write me personally for questions. 

I respect why many of them want to remain anonymous, there is a lot of ill will towards the Prabhupadanugas just as Mahesh has described. For that matter many of the local Prabhubhupadanugas here do not want their personal names mentioned for the same reasons, they see how we get treated by, well, people like Prahlad. And that discourages them from going full public. Right now I am chatting with a devotee from India, I do not even want to give his name knowing how badly people treat me. If people know who he is, he may be the next target of the GBC/ Prahlad campaign to clean the world of us folks. ys pd


    So this is Rocana, ISKCON and a whole lotta followers of their ilk.
    They persist that Prabhupada is dead and we need a living source.
    So these folks are stuck very strongly. There is no moving forward.
    Since Prabhupada is dead, his teachings are also dead? Hmm, are these transcendentalists or conditioned jivas? It is like talking to atheists...

  2. I know from personal experience, what you go through and i was not targeted, just neglected. In 1990, as a new bhakta i decided to help the late Mahavisnu Goswami and became his servant. I traveled with him for 10 years. He was not allowed to give initiations because he was not directly initiated by Srila Prabhupada. All the ordinary devotees loved him because of his friendly nature and fast knowledge but the managements of big temples they hated him, to the extend that in some temples we were scared for our lives and that for the only reason of preaching Krishna Consciousness.
    In LA i met one ayurvedic doctor, astrologer brahmaccharia from South India. He told me the same story. Small temples welcomed him with open arms, but big temples would throw him out, jealous that people were attracted to him. Most of this gurus and leaders in Iskcon are envious snakes, they can not even tolerate the worship of Srila Prabhupada, what to speak of reading his books.
    All glories to Srila Prabhupada


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