Friday, July 26, 2013

What Happened to The Hare Krishnas? (ABC TV Australia)


  1. Didn't cry until the end, "God is Krsna and He plays a bamboo flute".

    I wonder why Bhavanananda didn't set up the Australian gurukula the way he did the one at Mayapura? Did he like dark meat better than white? Seems a shame after looking at this they banned the Narayana Maharaja followers. Sometimes it helps to see the perspective of someone other than an ISKCON devotee like the ABC people to see how foolish that really looks.

  2. What they didn't say on the program is how many of the second generation follow the no illicit sex rule? I don't wish to embarass any of them and keep them from coming to the temple. They love Krishna and they love the temple and the festivals and each other, there is no doubt. But can't anyone be honest in the society? Has even one of them followed the principles or have every one of them fallen down? Don't we as devotees have the right to know? They found out about Bhavananda why can't we find out about them?


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