Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rocana's and Vraja Vilasa's phantom guru

[PADA: Notice that these people never actually tell us who their living guru is? They say: We need to accept their living guru, fine, except there is none? So these people clearly worship -- no one. Srila Prabhupada says when a person cannot name his guru, he is a mayavadi. ys pd]



  1. No! We need a nitya-sidha, a self-effulgent, God-realized soul whom, by his own intimate transcendental relationship with the Supreme Being, or God, is able to connect us directly, via his causeless mercy, with the Guru-Parampara system. We are all conditioned souls but, by Srila Prabhupada's mercy we have being inspired to become Krsna-bhaktas. Now, in the premilinary stage we all start as prakrita-bhaktas, that is, although we may have some atraction for spiritual life, because of the influence of our karmic reactions from countless lifetimes as conditioned souls, we still have inclinations towards false fame, profit and adoration, and although we've had the fortune to meet a self-luminous spiritual personality, such as Srila Prabhupada, either personally or through his books, we will still have a certain degree of material impurity in our hearts. A former guru and sanyasi once said, in one S.B. class in a certain caribbean country: "take an empty glass, then pour milk in it. If the quantity of milk poured in doesn't reach the top, whatever space is left, that's Maya." To this day I respect him for honestly coming forward like that. The bottom line is that to be able to control your senses, whether you are in the sanyasa or grhastha asrama for whatever number of years, and as a result you feel, up to some degree, spiritually uplifted, that doesn't mean you are already fit to take on other conditioned soul's karmic or sinful reactions. It has been proven that those who have artificially taken on such a divine task have failed. Now, who, in Iskcon is an actual self-realized soul? Who, among those in a leadership position in Iskcon, namely, GBCs, Gurus, etc., etc., is spiritually apt to deliver a conditioned soul from illusion?...
    My humble obeisances to all. May Srila Prabhupada bestows his endless mercy upon us all. Sri-Sri Goura-Nitai, Ki Jai!

  2. The point that we need a guru is clear to most of us.
    Why it is then difficult to see, that Srila Prabhupada is that guru.
    He came to deliver us and he left his books to gide us.
    He said all answers are in the books. We should just read them.
    He didnt said go search answers somewhere else, go to this person or that person.
    No he said, answers are there.
    Wenn you came in touch with Prabhupads books, devotees or iskcon, you are in touch with Prabhupada. You follow his instruction, you worship him. You take his words as standards for you spiritual life. So how can he be not you guru.
    He is our sat-guru. And we are all his followers. Whats wrong there?

    Of cause we can always follow somebody else, and call him a guru. But that is our interpeetation of the facts. Not the apsoluth thruth.


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