Saturday, July 6, 2013

Why Bangalore Court Case Has Been Such A Struggle

[PADA: If you notice what is happening here (and you will see parts of it in English if you keep watching) the GBC's illicit sex messiahs club / gurus have a really vehement bull dog attacker on their side, while we have someone who is not giving strong counter points, and the Bangalore guy is simply getting walked all over, and over, and seriously bullied, by the GBC's barking dog. 

For example, the GBC bull dogs keeps saying that all the problems are in the past, and our Bangalore guy is not responding by giving the actual facts of the current situation. For example:

* The current guru Jayapataka helped reinstate a known homosexual pedophile as a guru. 
* The current guru Jayadvaita says that gurus "engage in illicit sex with men, women and children."
* The current guru Hrdayananda has been rejected by some of his top followers for supporting gay marriage, and he also supported the reinstating of a known homosexual pedophile as an ISKCON guru, and in fact he was one of the loudest people who vociferously insisted ISKCON reinstate that deviant as "Krishna's successor."
* The result of that is that ISKCON lost a lawsuit for child molestation.
* The current guru Lokanatha swami has been censured for touching a female child's genitals.
* The current gurus like Trivrikrama, Ravindra etc. were voted in at the recoronation of a known homosexual pedophile "acharya."
* The current gurus like Radhanatha were Kirtanananda's right hand men, and were part of his whole criminal regime.
* The current gurus like Gopal Krishna just helped bury Kirtanananda in the holy dham.
* The current guru Satsvarupa writes that he has been "the guru of pills" and he was censured for having illicit sex with "a therapist. -- AND SO ON AND SO FORTH! 

And it seems, we never argue like that? 

So, the GBC guru clones simply say, this is all in the past, and we do not connect the current people to current anything, so -- we lose the argument? Or the argument goes on forever? 

In part this is because the Bangalore folks were mentored by KRISHNA KANTA DESAI, who said at the start, lets be the nice guys, lets make a deal with the gurus. So the reform was started on the basis of having a watered down counter attack, and that is why, it goes on since 1997. Had I been on that show, I would have stopped that GBC guy in his tracks in about one minute. Sorry, being Mr. Nice guy to bull dogs does not work. ys pd]      

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