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Hare Krishna,

The Lord redeems Vipra Narayana
Within a few days, the all- merciful Lord appeared in the Chola King’s dream and asked him to release Vipra Narayana. The Lord told the king that He had personally handed over the cup to Deva-Devi as Vipra Narayana’s messenger. Though Vipra Narayana had not committed any crime he had to suffer some ignominy due to the sins committed by him during his previous lifetimes. The Lord asked the king to allow him to continue the floral service that he was doing before as he had suffered enough for the deeds that he had committed during his previous births. The Lord also asked the King not to collect the fine from Deva-devi as she had not committed any crime.
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Meat-Eating and Nature's Law
Krishna is supplying food. If an animal dies of starvation, it is Krishna's responsibility. Nobody dies of starvation. That is a false theory. Have you seen any animal dying of starvation? Have you got any experience? Have you seen any bird dying of starvation? There is no question of starvation in the kingdom of God. We are manufacturing these theories for our own sense satisfaction. . . . There are millions of elephants in the African jungle and Indian jungle. They require one hundred pounds at a time to eat. Who is supplying food? So there is no question of starvation in the kingdom of God. Starvation is for the so-called civilized man.
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Vipra Narayana starts living with Deva-devi 
Vipra Narayana was so enamored with Deva-devi that he refused to go away from Deva-devi’s house though she tried to drive him out. He sat at Deva-devi’s door aspiring for her merciful glance like a devotee would aspire for the glance of the Supreme Lord. He ate the leftovers at Deva-devi’s house and continued to stay near the door of her house. Lovelorn Vipra Narayana lost the glow on his face and became emaciated. Yet, he could not overcome his cravings for Deva-devi.
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The Eyes to See God
they can perceive God through their senses. When they perceive sand through their senses, who do they think made the sand? They didn't. When they perceive the ocean through their senses, who do they think made that? Why are they such fools that they don't understand this?
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Hare Krishna,

Timbaktu - where the earth meets the sky
This video of an Organic farming collective in India that began with rock for soil, is  first class - anybody who cannot feel  a strong empathy for the land and nature should definitely watch it.And for all those who can feel for Mother Earth, this video will melt your heart.

Nectar of Srila Prabhupada’s Srimad Bhagavatam lectures Volume 8, (Part 1.9)
The bhakti-yoga we are teaching in this Krishna consciousness movement twenty-four hours' engagement. Superficially we engage from four o'clock in the morning till ten o'clock at night, and that is resting time. But when one is advanced in devotional service, while sleeping also he serves Krishna. That means twenty-four hours, satatam. Because in sleeping you also dream, so what we do during daytime we dream at night. So if one is cent per cent engaged in Krishna's service, naturally he'll dream also at night. I have seen one of our intimate relative. He was a businessman, selling cloth. So in dream also he was quoting price of cloth. So that is natural. Therefore we have to practice. At the time of death, somehow or other, if we quote the price of Krishna, then our life are successful. Therefore we should practice: Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare

The value of accepting a guru is more than we can calculate - Srila Prabhupada
"You should know that the value of accepting a bona fide spiritual master is more than we can calculate." 
- Letter to Ravendra Gupta, February 12, 1974, Vrindavan 

Dalai Lama serves food to children at Bangalore's ISCKON Temple on eve of 78th birthday
Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama visited ISKCON temple in Bangalore on the eve of his 78th birthday celebration on Friday. Dalai Lama, who went around the temple premises, later distributed food among students from government-run schools as part of ISKCON's Akshaya Patra scheme.

Jai Srila Prabhupada!

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  1. Look at these trolls over at VNN.org: "In search for bona fide siddha pranali", http://vnn.org/vaisnava-news/the-bona-fide-process-of-siddha-pranali/

    After all those years thats where modern Vaishnavas are stuck: Prabhupada did not give us everything, lets find out at Aula, Baula, Karttabhaja, Neda, Daravesa, Sani, Sakhibheki, Gauranga-nagari, Cudhadhari, Ativadi, and Smarta, Jata-gosani sects.
    In sum, unteachable goblins who never will come to Prabhupada and never were with Prabhupada.

  2. Formerly PADA published a monthly state of affairs report. At that time we all thought, good, ISKCON will be reformed soon. Agreed, this was ten years ago, PADA newsletter. Today things look slightly being brought back to earth. Meanwhile present ISKCON was remodelled into a replica of King Duryodhana's royal court. All members of Duryodhana's establishment were on his payroll, were in his pocket so to speak. Therefore when Lord Krishna saw this condition He concluded that philosophical arguments fall on deaf ears in this way there won't be any result. Same here, present ISKCONites are economic refugees who get their payment from ISKCON. Since this is Lord Caitanya's era everything is based on tolerate and being humble. Although PADA hardly explains it - pull your socks up, we might have to wait another 30 years. Of course devotees are not attached. Neither are devotees impatient. There is a saying, when reformers are in timeout a new movement is born, we have a new movement. When Protestants were struggling to reform Catholic Church at one point reform was over. A new movemment, Protestant-Lutheran Church was proclaimed.


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