Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Radhanatha Swami involved in Sulochana Murder?


  1. There is first-degree murder, second-degree murder, attempted murder, complicity in murder, premeditated murder, negligent homicide.

    Then there is to act in the heat of the moment with - bodily harm with fatal consequences.

    So this is rather interlaced situation.

    Obviously there was kind of chicken house situation at NewVrindavan, nerves on edge, act of desperation, desperate deed. As psychologists put it, panic reaction, horse ran wild.

    Fact is that Radhanath Swami (RS) will never admit that he directly ordered the killing of Sulocana.

  2. At the time Kirtanananda ordered the killing of those who spoke out against him ISKCON no longer was under the illusion that the original 11 gurus were pure and appointed by Srila Prabhupada. Jayatirtha had been kicked out for drugs and sex, Tamal and someone else had been censored earlier than that but allowed back in before they spilled the beans on everyone else.

    Why would anyone kill to support Kirtanananda knowing how bogus he was? To support the status quo, to keep the bogus gurus in charge. Those who supported the bogus gurus by hiding the truth to new devotees, the truth that the "gurus" were, in Kirtananda's case, fallen, would get some sort of remuneration at the end. Either they would become paid, given a position, someone else's wife, become swami or guru gbc etc.

    Did Radhanatha Swami keep his mouth shut about Kirtanananda's gay child molestation for material reasons? Or was he as afraid as everybody else he would be beaten or killed for speaking out? One way to decide is to see how he acts now that he is in charge and need not fear Kirtanananda Swami.

    There is a video on youtube of Radhanatha in the temple Kirtananda was living at in New York City after he got out of prison. Some devotees loyal to Kirtanananda, who was alive at the time and because of whom the temple was started, were trying to chase out this very tall devotee who had menancingly come to the temple with Radhanatha trying to take it over.

    Bravely, the temple devotee tried to chase out this six and a half feet tall person, a short little Bengali or something, and what did Radhanatha do? He simple smiled. Would a saintly person smile? I suppose so if he were trying to get the temple back for his spiritual master Srila Prabhupada. And ISKCON did make those devotees probably, even though Kirtananda tricked them into thinking he was the pure devotee they should serve.

    But the silence of Radhanatha and the smirk on his face just lead me to believe he wanted the temple for himself. He didn't say a thing about Lord Krishna or Srila Prabhupada, and why did he bring that big tall person with him anyway? Was the devotee a bodyguard? He sure looked and acted like one to me.

    They used to say of the "gurus" like Kirtanananda "You cannot speculate on the mind of a pure devotee". But actions speak louder than words. If you catch such a "pure devotee" with little boys molesting them his pure devotee status becomes revoked.


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