Thursday, July 11, 2013

India's political cartoons are the best in the world

How humbling is this? And that is one reason I feel so encouraged. Actually, anyone who is doing something of significance anywhere in the world, is likely to be -- in some way or other -- vilified, ridiculed, attacked, insulted, beaten with shoes, and so forth, by some sector of opponents or other. So we have to simply live with that and roll with it, as these people do everyday. Srila Prabhupada says, its "tolerating the intolerable." Yes, anyone who does something that stands out, they will be harassed and attacked, as these folks are. So we have to be humbled by this sort of treatment, and humbly accept our shoes in the face treatment, and be happy with whatever lessons Krishna hands out to us. ys pd  

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  1. Right, this is "a very British" shadow government run via BOI (Bank of India) what is nothing but a bank branch of BOE (Bank of England). 2 weeks after Gandhi was shot Bank of India started to print India's currency. In other words, Rupee is not India's own currency. Rupee is owned by Britishers and rented against interest to India. Whenever India's government requires money they have to apply at BOE and pay interest like any private person. Therefore a government team (puppetry) which knows about all this is required. Meanwhile in order to pay for this renting all of India's gold reserves were shipped to - London.
    Did you notice in order to plunder India more efficiently Rupee is always a record low. 1 Dollar = 0,0000000001 Rupee. Of course Indians never figure what is happening here. For 800 years they were ruled by Mughals, for 200 years by Britishers (1000(!) years foreign rule). Indians obviously don't know how to rule a country, always create hodge-podge. Therefore we have now same in ISKCON, take over by foreign rule (private profit-oriented businessmen in the dress of Vaishnava) because ISKCON's original management system was half-baked, not fully developed.


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