Friday, July 5, 2013

Monkey On A Stick (PDF download)

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  1. Puranjana Prabhu,

    Hare Krishna! All Glories To Our Eternal Spiritual Master Nitya Leela Pravishta Om Vishnu Pada 108 His Divine Grace Srila A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

    It was I only who uploaded that book on the PDF Archive and also on Scribd Pages in 2011, continuing your Good Work in Exposing False Gurus. I had first hand experience as to how new and very young devotees have been brain washed into accepting conditioned Souls and criminals like H H Jayapataka Swami and H H Gopala Krishna Goswami as bonafide Gurus.

    On 03rd July 2013, I visited the Local Temple and tried to warn a new devotee about the criminalization of ISKCON and instead he flew into a rage, started cursing me, stating that, I would go to Hell, if I spoke ill of JPS or GKG. He even threatened to stop my visits to the Temple if I ever spoke of Ritviks or the Final Order. So such is the Fanatical Atmosphere in ISKCON Now. Most of the new devotees made are now told, to concentrate only on the Good, that these False Gurus have done, for ISKCON and told to ignore in what all ways they have sunk ISKCON like Child Molestation, Murders, Beatings, Homosexuality.

    H H GKG has expanded the movement much in Northern India, with many new temples in New Delhi & so on and so forth.

    Thank You Puranjana Prabhu for all the Good Work. If I ever get the chance of taking a Ritvik Initiation, Then I would definitely want u to be the Ritvik Priest and chant the beads on A C BSP's Behalf and give me a spiritual name.


    Colonel Zaysen.


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