Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rocana's Phantom Guru Update (Vraja Vilasa Dasa)

"Name Your Guru!"


Whoever throws out such a challenge has the science back to front.

[PADA: No, you have to name your guru or you are a mayavadi, that is what Srila Prabhupada says. You are still not telling anyone -- who your living guru is? You are a bluffer. And Rocana has been bluffing all along since 1977. Rocana first of all named the GBC's molester messiahs as his living gurus. And we caught him red handed doing that, so now he avoids giving any name at all because he is too embarrassed after his first 150 gurus flopped on the deck, and we exposed Rocana as a fraud for promoting all these bogus acharyas.] 

VVD: The question is, "Am I sincere and serious to get Krsna?" If so, then Krsna will send you a bona fide guru. Either the guru will come to you or Krsna will bring you to him. As Srila Prabhupada says:
[PADA: Krishna is already doing that for the sincere? He is sending them Srila Prabhupada. Rocana says that is bogus, posthumous, post samadhi and post mortem, .... ummm, Rocana thinks Krishna and His gurus are postmortem? And Vraja Vilasa has become Rocana's sock puppet? Where does anyone say that Krishna and His acharyas are postmortem? As soon as Krishna gives someone a pure guru, then Rocana kicks that mercy process in the teeth, and Rocana more or less says that Krishna is bogus for giving people a real guru? Rocana is attacking Krishna as soon as He bestows His mercy on someone. Why?]

MR. O'GRADY: The problem is to find this spiritual master.

SRILA PRABHUPADA: That is not a problem. The problem is whether you are sincere. You have problems, but God is within your heart. Isvarah sarva-bhutanam. God is not far away. If you are sincere, God sends you a spiritual master."

[PADA: And as soon as someone is sincere and Krishna sends them to Srila Prabhupada, then Rocana and Vraja says these sincere people are worship the postmortem program? Rocana has been trying to sell us on his "living" molester messiahs program all along, and guess what, we do not want to worship that because his gurus are often total debauchees, so now he just says Rocana is promoting worshiping a Phantom LIVING guru who has no name, no books, no temples, no programs, no nuttin. Rocana's is perhaps worshiping a living dog for all we know? And Vraja is pulling the same trick, he implies he has a living guru, but he forgot who his guru is even?] 

VVD: One has to convince Krsna. When He is convinced He will send one a bona fide guru. 

[PADA: That is our whole process, we are giving Krishna and Srila Prabhupada to the sincere, you got it!]

VVD: This is the transcendental arrangement and science, perfect and eternal. It is strictly between the jiva and Krsna. When one wants Him enough, Krsna appears before us as guru. Krsna will also confirm this transcendental arrangement from within.

Your servant,
Vraja Vilasa dasa

[PADA: Except, as soon as Krishna sends the sincere people their guru Srila Prabhupada, Rocana and VVD say they are worshiping the posthumous, post samadhi, postmortem? Krishna says, anyone who hears My words is connecting to ME now, and eternally. Rocana says, that is bogus, Krishna is not here, thus Krishna post samadhi and postmortem. Can you guys  simply explain your first idea, that Krishna and the acharyas are postmortem? Is God dead, or are VVD and Rocana dead? ys pd]   


  1. Rocana is simply having no final spiritual understanding whatsoever.
    Over the years he wrote down his confusion on the internet to approximate what kind of "siddhanta" makes him feel good. To act on instinct, on a gut level what satisfies his mind. In this way Rocana figures to gradually advance. Step by step changing his previous understanding toward something what he considers as sophisticated, mature.
    In sum this process is called neti neti, empirical research, empirical philosopher, empirical speculation.
    So this is not what Prabhupada instructed his followers to indulge in, researching for "better answers".
    Prabhupada presented everything full and complete.

    So Rocana cannot

    a) accept what Prabhupada instructed and apply it.

    b) Rocana strongly signals to newcomers/people in general that Prabhupada was vage, nebulous and did not explain things perfectly.

    In other words, Rocana makes Prabhupada look like a dilettantish neophyte who didn't know how to set up a functioning flawless spiritual society for all future. This is Rocana's dilemma, he is rebellious against his guru Srila Prabhupada.


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