Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Temple Project Manager Needed Now!

[PADA: This local program is an important project for all sincere Prabhupadanugas everywhere. We have had a lot of success with our independent Prabhupadanuga home programs like that of Dhamaghosha prabhu in Seattle, and similar programs in Montreal, Vancouver, Los Angeles and many other places. And our Prabhupadanuga publications written over the years are having a big impact on the entire ISKCON situation, so much so, even people living in ISKCON temples have wrote to tell us they are on board. So there has been some baby steps of progress. 

We also have a small group of Prabhupadanugas here in the Berkeley area, with more spread out around the whole San Francisco Bay Area. And there are small groups of "Prabhupada centered" folks in places like Los Angeles, Alachua, Prabhupada Village in North Carolina and so on, but none of these programs has a first class truly independent large temple model / example. Our biggest problem to date is that when we have some devotees who are living outside, or even in various ISKCON temples, and they sympathize with our process, we do not have a large and functioning facility they can really get behind and participate in.

So this new temple proposal here in the Bay Area is the next step forward for us, to make a first class large scale temple program -- that can act as an example -- and a beacon -- to show how this should be done. We are confident when this temple is constructed, and there are big programs going on, this will attract many more people to the Lotus Feet of Srila Prabhupada and Krishna, and will act as a platform for the scattered devotees to rally around. 

The San Jose area is very good economically and devotees from anywhere can easily move here and find some sort of livelihood, because every type of job is in demand here. So this will hopefully start a sort of varnasrama community with people living in and around this project (There are already some Russian refugees from ISKCON coming to the Sunnyvale program).

The devotees here are very sweet, friendly, mature, sincere, and dedicated to serving Srila Prabhupada's mission. There is no childish infighting and other silly things going on here, because everyone knows they have to cooperate for a higher purpose. So we wish this program all success, which will also be a milestone in the history books of how the Krishna consciousness movement was revived in the West. This will show people that our idea of emphasis on Krishna's Lotus feet and Srila Prabhupada's teachings works, so we hope all of you will lend us your support and well wishes. And if you know someone who can do this job below, please write to the address below. ys pd]


Hare Krishna!

A good Job opportunity for those interested! Please forward to your friends if you think they can fit the requirement. (H4 candidates are welcome to apply)

We are looking for a smart, self-driven, committed person to work in a project management role for our temple. We are embarking on a 12 million dollar temple project in an 80 acre land. We are looking for some one who would love to be part of this monumental project. 

Candidate requirements :

At least 3 years of corporate experience in a project lead role in any field, including IT. 
Need to have DL and be able to use personal car. 
AUTO CAD experience is a plus, but not a strict requirement.
Will be reimbursed for travel expenses. 
Good compensation package. 
Flexible work hours and location (20 - 30 hrs per week). 
Great way to continue building work experience.
Send resume with references. 
For immediate start. 
We want to fill position in 2-3 weeks max.  

Send resume to info@ihf-usa.org
Job description : Job involves working with Santa Clara County planning and building departments (meetings/drawing approvals etc), working with various engineers/architects, driving to various places in the county to get things done, working with soil engineers, contractors, sub-contractors; exploring ways of value engineering etc. 

More details about the new temple project : http://www.ihf-usa.org/newtemple

Yours in service of Sri Krishna Balaram and Srila Prabhupada,
-KB Mandir New Temple Project Team

India Heritage Foundation
1235 Reamwood Avenue
Sunnyvale California 94089
United States


  1. How come when YOU guys pay for a manager it is bona fide in your opinion but when ISKCON does it it is not. You SCOUNDRELS!

    [PADA: Srila Prabhupada wanted us to hire professionals for bookeeping, architects and so on. ISKCON pays people to manage and support the worship of illicit sex, thats what we object to. ys pd]

  2. This is not "management": http://www.investigationdiscovery.com/tv-shows/deadly-devotion/deadly-devotion-videos/krishna-recruiting.htm

  3. Dear PADA plz tell these devotees from India that this type of architecture in US looks too much flamboyant and snobbish. They should ask the Amish people how to have a nice construction that looks social and welcoming for all those abused gurukulis, kicked out devotees and especially - all those homeless, unemployed American people who presently go through terrible hardships.

    [PADA: OK well Krishna is God, and that means He is supposed to be worshiped with as much opulence as we can provide. All of these big Cathedrals and Churches in the world are built to be as opulent as possible. Even here in San Francisco there are huge churches with vast stained glass windows, big spires and ornamentation, that is normal for a house of God's worship.]

    We cannot have a repeat of New Vrindavan arrogance of making all neighbors envious and antipathetic. Agreed, they are devotees from India who figure they are now in US and have to impress. However, they should study ISKCON history more thoroughly and don't polarize and not cause quite a stir with such type of fancy buildings. Why Hare Krishnas are always so mad to exaggerate, to pile it on? This era is over - at least in the West. We need people to cooperate and not make them jealous. We need places of employment, places to produce food, milk, vegetables. Not again putting up facades of pomp, bling and on.

    [PADA: OK well a home for the homeless is a great idea, but you cannot mix together a temple for God with a home for the homeless, that has to be done separately. A big temple is not built to satisfy the people of the world, its built to satisfy the Supreme Person. It has a separate purpose than an ordinary building. Anyway, you start a home for the homeless, a farm etc. these are great ideas and are needed, but we will build a temple for Krishna, ys pd]

  4. No doubt this will bring back memories of Rajneesh in California with his big big luxury buildings, disciples and cars. That's ok, pile it on! Because one day you will be dead from old age and ISKCON will acquire the building as Srila Prabhupada predicted. Or are you SO ENVIOUS OF SRILA PRABHUPADA YOU ARE GOING TO PUT AN INCLUSION INTO THE WILL TO MAKE SURE THE PROJECT NEVER GOES BACK TO HIS SOCIETY?

    [PADA: Right now there are many ISKCON temples that have big financial and maintenance problems, problems with city code violations, some temples have had rats, bed bugs, cock roaches, exposed electrical wires, bad plumbing, holes in the roof over the deity, and so on -- because -- it almost seems anyway -- that ISKCON no longer worships Krishna, they want Krishna to live in a ghetto, while they spend $20,000,000 on lawyers to sue the ritviks.

    The GBC wants to quit spending on Krishna and His temples, and instead they want to spend on lawyers, because the new preaching idea they have is that lawyers need to live in big marble palaces and mansions, and apparently at least, they want Krishna to live in a ghetto. Why should we give them our deity, so they can move another deity into the ghetto? Current ISKCON seems to basically worship lawyers, the lawyers get the big mansions, but Krishna lives in a dump with the rats and cockroaches and bed bugs, they are no longer worshiping Krishna? They are lawyer worshipers. Why should we hand our deity over to the people who worship lawyers and they want Krishna to live in a ghetto? Sorry, we want Krishna to live in a mansion, we do not worship lawyers and put lawyers in mansions? This is not authorized, lawyer pooja? ys pd]

  5. So you definitely plan on making sure Srila Prabhupada's society that he never wanted his disciples to leave never gains an iota from your project.

    [PADA: As soon as we said acharyas are not engaged in illicit sex, we were kicked out, threatened with death etc. We did not leave, we were ordered to worship illicit sex or get out. We got out. None of us left, the GBC wanted to empty out the temples and they did. The local ISKCON temple here has a hard time collecting enough money to even pay the basic bills, meanwhile we have hundreds of thousands of dollars coming in, because we do not worship bogus people. There is no support for their idea, so their donations are dwindling down. Why should we join that idea, and have no funds to preach?]

    *** Well hopefully for your sake after you are gone it will go to ISKCON sometime in the future, otherwise you have broken your link with Srila Prabhupada already by disobeying his instructions and your entire project will be for naught. Nevermind who else you think aren't following, just by your spirit of non-cooperation with the disciples of Srila Prabhupada you have failed to stay in ISKCON, and maya is very clever, she makes devotees think they are doing the best thing by leaving The International Society for Krishna Consciousness, and they are first thrown into that illusion by her throwing potency, then kept there by her staying potency.

    [PADA: If we use the name of ISKCON, the GBC will spend $20 million dollars suing us. They want to stop us from using ISKCON name. You are an idiot if you think we can just use the ISKCON name, they will sue us for millions of dollars for the next 500 years if we do that.

    We could not use the ISKCON name for a charity here without having $20m to waste on lawyers. Why should we waste $20m on lawyers to get to use the name? No, we use another name, otherwise, they will sue us. They even said they will sue us for the next 500 years, they want to support lawyers and lawsuits and not temples. Anyway, your idea is foolish, you say we should use the name of ISKCON, That is illegal! You want us to spend $20 million dollars on lawyers to get use of the name, and not have enough money to pay the electric bills? Your idea is total foolishness. What are you proposing? We should stop spending money on Krishna and pay for lawyers, lawsuits and legal fees for the next 500 years? That is foolish. You spend money on layers, we will spend money on Krishna. You think we can just run out and use the name of ISKCON, no, they will spend $20m to stop that, we cannot use that name even if we wanted to, they will sue us. You are an idiot if you do not know this, we would have to spend maybe $30m to get use of the name, we do not want to waste all that money on lawyers. give us $30m, so we can at least try to sue for use of the name, and we will use it. Otherwise its all cheap talk. You are not ever going to give us the funds for that. Give us money for such a lawsuit, or you are all bluff. ys pd]

  6. Psychology of conditioned souls is they get mad over possessing land. Yesterday in India, 10 people killed over land dispute: http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/10-killed-in-assam-firing-locals-block-assam-arunachal-pradesh-highway-in-protest-477111?curl=1391065104

    When Prabhupada bought land in India, New Vrindavan, Gita Nagari, etc., folks went mad claiming to own that land. That kicked off the whole false guru idea. Only reason for them to become gurus was to get control over all those properties. Otherwise, without properties, none of these folks would have tried to become guru.

    Agreed a temple of God must be glamorous, spectacular, staggering. They previously build churches like that, very opulent. However, that money was donated by the citizens, those who lived around that church. In our case the money is not coming from local congregation, it comes from India. Therefore it would be better to first have a temple which looks like this http://www.svhistory.org/resources/Photo%2B$2305--AMISH%2BSCHOOL.jpg humble, moderate but functional. First priority should be functionality.

    And later on when local people join and the congregation increases towards 1000-2000 devotees then it is fitting to have an opulent temple construction with golden chakra.

    As soon the money comes from outside people won't cooperate and simply try to exploit the whole thing, have seen it. They arrive for Sunday feast with backpack and aluminum foil to take all those sweets with them, steal kitchen items, destroy the building. That is the mentality. Better to run Prabhupada's formula, go in with a needle. When people start to donate and want to cooperate then an opulent temple is appropriate. There are now approx 500 ex ISKCONites Prabhupadanugas in USA. Let them cooperate first. Otherwise these same folks will simply criticize, get envious and exploit.


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