Friday, September 6, 2013

Sulochana dasa Was Right, External Expose Is Required

Thanks, yes when Krishna Kirtan and Prahlad etc. say that we are lying, by repeating the kulis statements, they are attacking the kulis. And that is what the whole problem was all along. Yep, you got it. And that is why we had to expose these people. Correct. ys pd


Thanks prabhu, yes the Sanat (Angelica NY) / Mukunda (UK) / Prahlad (Paul UK) / Janardan das (New Vrndavana?) program folks are openly advertising Bhakta das (William Benedict) as their new speaker, authority and de facto shiksha guru. They have Bhakta das's videos and statements on their web sites and etc.

Bhakta das has openly opposed the ritviks / Prabhupadanugas all along, and he still does. In other words, the above group is still supporting the anti-ritvik and pro-GBC guru program. Bhakta das has been a big supporter of the molester messiah's program -- and its biggest leaders like Trivrikrama swami and others (Bhakta wrote us some years ago that we all need to work with Trivrikrama swami). And the above group has now accepted Bhakta das (Radhanath swami's cheer leader) as their spokesperson, authority and de facto shiksha guru.

Meanwhile Trivrikrama swami is famous for being "voted in as guru" by the re-coronators of a known deviant guru (Bhavananda) in 1986; and this is the same program that had Sulochana assassinated and so on, ad infinitum. And now the Prahlad people want PADA to work with their "re-instating deviants as acharyas" program? Yes, this is the same program that some folks seem to think -- had Sulochana and possibly even Aindra assassinated?

Good question. Why do the above folks love this program? The above people are simply going back to their original roots, of their supporting the worship of child molesters gurus / assassinating Sulochana program. Or else, they never left it? Why are the supporting the molester messiahs program unless, they never left it? We asked that to them all along and they never reply.

And that is why they oppose PADA. We say that their Bhakta das / Gaudiya Matha / molesters and deviants gurus program is bogus, and so the above group says this is "giving their program bad publicity." Well, yes, since their program is to support Bhakta das and the cheer leaders of the worship of child molesters as messiahs project, we are giving them bad publicity. No kidding! As one PADA associate says, their going back to promote the worship of deviants as gurus is "the worst idea at the worst time" since that program has been defeated on so many levels already.

And now Bhakta das has emerged as the new spokesman and "defender in cheif" of the above group. Does Bhakta das have any credibility since he supports the GBC's gurus program? Of course, Bhakta das has also been the biggest supporter of the Gaudiya Matha's (homosexual guru lineage) bogus gurus -- as well as the GBC's bogus gurus like Radhanath swami for years together now, and he still is. Yes, that means these people never left the GBC's false guru program. While claiming to be "Prabhupadanugas" they are in fact GBC guru-anugas. Prahlad's program is now promoting Radhanath's cheer leader:

Yes, as soon as this group finds a person who is cheer leading the molester messiahs project, they promote that person as their hero, leader and spokesperson, because they are still with that program. And yes, this also explains why there has been so many crimes going on in ISKCON all along, these folks are in favor of the cheer leaders of the bogus gurus and they are not "for" the Prabhupadanugas. Worse, they are now saying our opposing their molester's guru project is "causing bad publicity" -- which is what the GBC gurus said all along? They have become Tamal's parrots.

In sum, they are still promoting Bhakta das because he is their cheer leader for the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children messiah's project, and he says our Prabhupadanuga idea -- "worship of Srila Prabhupada" is wrong and bogus and "not found is shastra." Which is what the GBC gurus and Tamal says.

And Prahlad / Pancali even say our opposing their support of Bhakta das and the child molester acharya project has to be stopped to "save the good name of ISKCON." No, they want to save the good name of their worship of child molesters guru program, and that is why they are joining the campaign to revive Kirtanananda's henchmen's cult.It is rather amazing that some people just cannot leave the GBC's bogus guru's cult, not matter how badly it is exposed.  

Yes its a fact, now this group is promoting the severely criminal New Vrndavana regime's top commander, namely Radhanath swami, by promoting his biggest cheer leader aka Bhakta das. This means their group are even endorsing burying Kirtanananda's carcass in the holy land of Vrndavana, because that is what Radhanath did recently. And now they are crying because PADA has exposed their program of burying a dead child molester in a "samadhi"? They say because we oppose their worship of dead child molesters in a samadhi -- we are "giving ISKCON a bad name"? Yep, thats what Prahlad / Pancali are now saying. They never answer our first question, why are they promoting a spokesman for Radhanath, because there is no good answer.

The people who brought the criminal wave into ISKCON post-1977 in the first place are -- people like Bhakta das and Radhanath's New Vrndavana program, and this corrupt regime was supported by Bhakta dasa's Gaudiya Matha "guru" folks -- who also thought this was "a continuation of the guru parampara from God." Really?

In addition, Bhakta das has created his own personal major media spectacles:

Yep, selling designer drugs is a "dharma type business" and "great publicity" program for these folks. Never mind, these drugs have been linked to: nerve damage, brain damage, suicides, crimes of all types -- including murder, and sometimes women are incapacitated by these drugs and subsequently they report being raped. "Dharma business"? Well yes, for these Radhanath groupies. Yep, devotees have also been killed because of their using / dealing these drugs. And some of Bhakta's poor workers were also arrested, while he apparently fled to Thailand?

A friend who is married to a professional nurse (25 years of practice) says she told him these drugs can ALSO cause birth defects in babies. Fine business they are supporting here? Notice, they never say a word about the victims of this wonderful "dharma business" and why their new acharya Bhakta das has been the main leader involved in this "business"? Then again they never say much of anything about the mass of children that were victimized under the GBC /Radhanath regime, that they are now trying to revive by their promoting Bhakta das?

Yep, designer drugs is just another nice "honest business" that these people think is doing "great service to humanity." The USA news media ALREADY reported the Bhakta das program, which of course caused all kinds of horrible publicity for ISKCON, because his designer drugs business was "busted" by the police. Twice! And now these people are all saying we need to work with their alleged favorable media program, run by Bhakta das? Worse, Bhakta das was later on arrested in Puri, India, which was in all the newspapers there as well. All this is their idea of "good publicity" for ISKCON?

Jayatirtha also had a designer drug business, and some say his was connected to the New Vrndavana / Bhakta das drug distribution program. Some of Jayatirtha's people also went completely crazy on these drugs, for example: one of them was reported to have attempted suicide; one of them was arrested for pulling out a gun at a theater here in Berkeley, trying to kidnap the actress Justine Bateman off the stage for "a date"; and of course the person who decapitated Jayatirtha was alleged to have had taken many of these drugs. The result of all this was -- the British newspapers blared out the news headlines "Guru's head hacked off." This is their idea of good publicity? No wonder they oppose PADA, we have exposed the whole designer drug program their new shiksha guru and spokesman -- Bhakta das.

Radhanath swami is sometimes alleged (by former NV enforcers) to have helped orchestrate Sulochana being assassinated. Prahlad's program claims to love Sulochana, by helping promote the worship of the leaders of the regime that orchestrated Sulochana's assassination? Why is Prahlad promoting the worship of Kirtanananda's henchmen, whom are alleged to be involved in orchestrating the murder of Sulochana, and a host of other crimes? Incidently, the Prahlad / Bhakta das / New Vrndavana regime was one of the worst examples of havens for child molesting, Then they wonder why there is bad publicity, while they are still trying to promote / cover up for / this regime and its spokesmen?

Then again the same Prahlad group is promoting beef eaters and animal hunter speakers on their DVDs, as another set of their divine spokespersons:

Then again the Gaudiya Matha was a "kill guru and become guru program," which is also why they support that program:

Then again, they are upset we are accused of indirectly caused the death of their hero Tamal:
They are mad as hornets that Tamal is gone, ok because they love Tamal, why else? Meanwhile another person on this group, Krishna Kirtan das, says we are speaking lies and distortions.

Really? We are repeating what the victims have been saying. Krishna Kirtan is thus calling the victims liars, ok like some of the GBC's gurus have apparently been saying. We said all along that children are being victimized, whereas Krishna Kirtan's clan said that is all lies, bluff and distortion. And that is how his program perpetuated the victimization.

Later on, 1,000 children verified what we said, and they signed onto a molesting lawsuit saying that we were correct (only 500 were eventually allowed to stay). Are all of these ex-children spinning and distorting of the truth? Or are Krishna Kirtan types covering up for these crimes against children by saying we (and thus these victims) are making lies, spin and distortions? Or what?

Sorry, our case has been validated many, many, many times over. And is not the main reason these children felt upset with ISKCON is because of -- people like Krishna Kirtan -- who still tries to invalidate their victimization? How did you guess, the GBC said this molesting complaint was all about money and so does Krishna Kirtan. No wonder these children are upset, these people worship money and not people? Or what?

Saying that our protest of victimization is a lie is how people like Krishna Kirtan caused the mass molesting regime to stay in power in the first place, they discredited us, and that saved the molester's guru program. And hence, thousands of victims were created because of the program of Krishna Kirtan's folks calling us liars (and thereby repressing the complaints against the regime).

In sum, this group caused the molesting and countless other crimes by suppressing us, and they still are suppressing us because, they apparently still think they were right to suppress our complaints about these issues. That means, they are to blame for ISKCON being a criminal program, because they suppressed the people who tried to address these crimes. And now they are trying to bring back the criminal regime by advocating for Bhakta das and his New Vrndavana messiah -- Radhanath? Aren't these the people who gave ISKCON a bad name?

And the good news is?

This proves 100 percent that we were right to go to the outside media and authorities, these Bhakta cult people would never have listened to us all along, and they never will. We have had to expose them publicly, there was / is no other alternative. Thanks for validating what we did all along, we had to expose you people, no other process would have worked. You have now confirmed that we were right to expose you folks because, you have no interest in cleaning up this mess, rather you want to revive the leaders of this mess like Radhanath swami.

And our process has worked, and that is why the police, media and courts always asked PADA what happened, and they never asked none of these folks for peanuts. And many devotees also rely on us for the correct version as well nowadays, because ours is the correct version of the history of all this.

Suppressing us has helped the crimes the whole time. And that means Bhakta das has to answer for causing these crimes to take place by his suppressing those who addressed these crimes, and Bhakta's new band of disciples -- Sanat (Angelica NY) Mukunda (UK) Prahlad (Paul UK) Pancali (NZ)  Srila Prabhupada siddhanta (Nickalaus Evans, Christchurch NZ) Janardan das (New Vrndavana?) will also have to answer why they are STILL supporting and covering up for the criminals posing as messiahs project.

Yep, its great news when people validate what we said all along, we said -- we are going to have to go public, and the people Sulochana said are "Tamal's brain dead cult zombies" (the above group) cannot be reasoned with. That is what Sulochana said, we are going to have to go public, and he was right. We are glad all of you in this group have confirmed that. ys pd


  1. Krishna says there are all different kind of gurus, and they accepted as their guru, the guru of designer drugs. You are right, designer drugs programs were done under some of these gurus and Bhakta das was a big person in that horrible business.

    Why these people think Bhakta is a spiritual authority is unbelievable. Bhakta das is always kissing up to these gurus, and these people are kissing along with him, what a group of turkeys!

    Gentleman Jim

  2. Since 20 year we notice that people in general don't understand what you say how new gurus were taking over Prabhupada's position. People in general cannot understand this dilemma, they just don't have any spiritual education.
    What people in general understand is: Billion-Dollar Coup. All global ISKCON properties counted together make up approx this amount. By telling that Prabhupada appointed successors this means these new successors are new owners of all ISKCON properties. So de facto this is what ISKCON leaders are realy after, to possess all those properties and watch them increase in value. Imagine you would sell George Harrison's house: 100 million, 200 million? And this is only one property. Glamour of bricks and stones - although Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Maharaja pointed out the danger of this allurement.
    So in order to make people in general understand what happened don't tell them false gurus are sitting on the vyasasana. There wont be any response. People don't understand what you are saying because in kali-yuga there are pseudo leaders everywhere.
    Only thing they understand is Billion-Dollar Coup.

  3. Krishna Kirtan saying you are a liar, when all you do is report the kulis complaining? Krishna Kirtan is one of the people who helps turn the kulis against Krishna. He is saying the kulis are the liars and you are a liar for saying what they say, and the molesters are the truthful people. He is one of the reasons many kulis hate Krishna. Shameless.

    A concerned kuli

  4. Hare Krsna PADA Prabhu,
    Please accept my humble obeisances.
    All Glories to His Divine Grace, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada.

    Dear PADA Prabhu, there are people who now know what You are saying, thanks to Your great service to Srila Prabhupada's mission, we also deserve the truth, what is going on in todays ISKCON!!! We also have donated a large amount of laxmi to all these Guru's, and that Laxmi was not for their comfortable life.
    What I have read in Srila Prabhupada's books is, that Sannyasis and brahmacaris, don't have a bank account and they have to beg alms to maintain themselves. They have the newest I-Phone, laptops, and so on You named it Prabhu. But devotees who are sick, abused,kicked out, killed, You can filled it Yourself Prabhu, You know all these things what is happening in ISKCON!!! Are they helping them, they don't even know of the disciples they had if they are dead or alive. They don't care about them.
    I'm not envious PADA Prabhu, Lord Krsna and Srila Prabhupada has given me so many material comforts and thinking of the devotees, who are in need, it hurts me so much. I wish I could share it with them.

    There was another comment this morning, I thought I will write on that, but it's removed.
    That person who wrote that comment, doesn't have manners, using such filty language against You. It doesn't suite a person, who is calling himself or herself a devotee.
    I wanted to comment on it, as a service from a mother to this devotee.

    You are doing the best service for Srila Prabhupada´s Mission and I don´t have words to describe it, but I want to thank You again and again, I feel indebted to You PADA Prabhu.
    Please accept my humble obeisances.
    All Glories to His Divine Grace, A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada.
    Hari Bol,
    always Your servant,

  5. There is no doubt that sannyasis and brahmacaris in ISKCON are all sahajiyas. They are also hypocrites and cheaters. On one side they are begging money from the rich in the name of ISKCON and Srila Prabhupada's achievements, and on the other side they secretly and openly keep the collected money in their (not ISKCON's) bank accounts. Whom they are surrendered to, Krishna or their bank account?
    Let's be honest! Either they are liberated paramahamsas and can do whatever they like, then nobody would blame them, or they are conditioned sannyasis and brahmacaris, but then they should follow strictly the rules and regulations given in Srila Prabhupada's books. All least they should act as a good example for the general people. People appreciate honesty, not philosophy.

  6. Thanks prabhu, good question why are people calling us liars when we simply repeat the complaints of the children victims? Good question. ys pd

  7. You are right. The child molesting lawsuit saves children from suicides, and these people did not want the lawsuit, that means, they wanted the suicides. That is very clear.

    A concerned ex-kuli


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