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How Bhakta das (William Benedict) ruined Krishna's name worldwide

[Dear Bhakta Jo Jo, Thanks for your sending me your comment about this article that: -- The GBC gurus are exploiters of ISKCON; Bhakta das is a criminal gangster who exploited ISKCON by using it as a vehicle for his drug business; And Mukunda das illuminati pada (oldham UK) is exploiting ISKCON by using it as a vehicle to promote and sell his bogus illuminati DVDs. When will Jesus drive these money changers from the temple? Hee hee, brilliant prabhu. Thanks pd]  

PADA: If we want to know how ISKCON has became a criminal operation, all we have to do is look at one example (out of many such criminals) who filtered into ISKCON, such as Bhakta Das aka William Benedict. He has recently emerged as one of PADA's biggest critics. No wonder, he is one of the people who has been turning Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON into a criminal operation and giving ISKCON a a bad name in the public media worldwide. And now Bhakta das and his pal Swarup Hebel are ganging up to "defeat PADA"? And they are ganging up along with illuminati pada Mukunda das to "bring down pada." Hee hee! This is like watching the Saturday morning cartoon shows. 

I sincerely wish them good luck with that, since we have all kinds of public media, police reports, court accounts, and many devotee eye - witnesses to back up our version of events. 

Bhakta das has more recently been in Bangkok Thailand, with his pal Guru Kripa. Guru Kripa told me when he visited me in Santa Cruz in the early 1980s, the that anyone who went to the Gaudiya Matha was betraying Srila Prabhupada, was supporting bogus gurus since Srila Prabhupada said they are not fit to be gurus, and they were surrendering to the enemies of Srila Prabhupada. Guru Kripa also told me there is "a bunch of fags (homosexuals)" running ISKCON and acting as its gurus." 

Of course, a few years later Bhakta Das and Guru Kripa went straight to -- the Gaudiya Matha, and they began to write letters to PADA saying we were in illusion for not supporting the Gaudiya Matha's "gurus." Guru Kripa had actually shown me the 1974 Rupanuga letter where Srila Prabhupada said -- none of my God brothers are fit to be acharyas, then he countermanded Srila Prabhupada and said, the God brothers are acharyas. That means he (and Bhakta das) are knowingly defying the statements of the acharya. Clearly, Bhakta das and Guru Kripa think they are superiors to Srila Prabhupada, so they can openly defy his direct orders.

Bhakta and Guru Kripa's Gaudiya Matha guru was BV Puri maharaja, who was later on the big cheer leader / supporter / apologist of GBC's annointed guru, Gopal Krishna swami. So that means these people are knowingly supporting their -- "a bunch of fags" -- guru parampara? Why are these people knowingly trying to make the children of ISKCON worship a guru lineage that contains -- homosexuals, pedophiles, and orchestrators of the murder of Vaishnavas? And after folks like Bhakta, Swarup Hebel, illuminati pada Mukunda das, etc. had the ISKCON children worship that molester messiah guru lineage by omission or commission, they blame PADA that the children have been turning against Krishna?  

And Swarupa Hebel is also currently associated with many of these Gaudiya Matha compromisers as well. Yep, we need to be associated with the Gaudiya Matha's bogus acharyas founder fathers, who created the 1936 homosexual pooja. And then the same deviated Gaudiya Matha folks became supporters of the post 1977 bogus GBC's homosexual pedophile pooja. Then we wonder why there has been crimes of all types, mass molesting, murders and such? These people already know how all this malefic influence filtered into ISKCON -- when they look into a mirror every day.   

Of course Bhakta das also started to tell us we needed to work with the GBC / ISKCON gurus like Trivrikrama swami. We need to "work with" the people who are voted in as gurus at the reinstatement of known homosexual pedophile acharyas, like Trivrikrama was? 

Bhakta das' current associate is still Guru Kripa, who told me he had become almost an alcoholic and had "completely surrendered to maya." OK so while PADA is addressing all kinds of problems, these people are drinking and having a booze party? 

When I met Bhakta das in the USA on a visit from Bangkok some years ago he said he was "f**king his brains out with the prostitutes there." Ok, so I am working to get rid of the criminality in ISKCON, including mass child molesting, and Bhakta das is out sporting in Bangkok bars having a party, while children are being mass molested? And he is associating with the people who are promoting the molester messiahs program like Trivrikrama swami?   

Here is one of the instances where Bhakta das business "Balarama Enterprises" was raided by the Federal Authorities:

[This is the Federal court record of charges against Balarama Enterprises]

PADA: Bhakta Das aka William Benedict was, according to the court report above, selling "cocaine substitutes" (procaine)? These are also known as "designer drugs." Of course this is not an activity for any devotee of Krishna. According to Sulochana das, Bhakta das was also selling these drugs to agents from New Vrndavana (to finance and support Kirtanananda), and all of them were selling these designer drugs all over the USA as Sulochana told me. After Bhakta das business was "busted" by the Federal authority, this story was in the newspapers giving Hare Krishna a bad name as a criminal operation. Did we forget to mention that Sulochana was murdered for exposing these frauds?  

Designer drugs are also well known to have very unpredictable effects, and are known to cause people awful side effects, such as having nervous breakdowns / nervous disorders, permanent mental problems, and of course sometimes people commit crimes including murders when taking these drugs, due to the mentally unstable condition these drugs can produce. Then again, some people sometimes simply die from these drugs since the chemicals in them have powerful effects on the body. Worse, some folks simply commit suicide after taking these drugs. 

Designer drugs are well know to be "very dangerous":

Why are we making money by increasing others miseries? This is the same problem we have with Mukunda das illuminati pada of Oldham England, he is selling bogus illuminati DVDs, which simply make people more miserable, paranoid and full of anxiety. These people are making money by spreading misery on a mass scale.

And this is how Bhakta das was making his money? And after destroying people's lives with drugs, he and his pal Swarup are now the chief apologists for the criminal enterprise? And after publicly ruining Krishna's name in the news medias ALL OVER THE WORLD, Bhakta das is now emerging as PADA's advisor?  

Bhakta das did not learn his lesson from having his place busted in the USA, later on Bhakta das was arrested in Puri India:

FBI's most wanted is now in India

Rahul Chhabra, TNN May 5, 2005, 11.25pm IST
NEW DELHI: "Poppy priest" William George Benedict, alleged kingpin of an organised drugs racket in the US, remains pre-occupied with prayers in his Tihar cell.
It doesn't seem that his prayers are being answered though, as FBI and other law enforcement agencies in the US appear be to inching closer to him, with ministry of external affairs' assistance.
The "poppy priest," as the fugitive is allegedly known to investigators, is wanted for drug-related charges in the State of Maryland in the US. And now, the veils of suspense over his escape from the US to India and his alleged membership of ISKCON and conversion to Hinduism appear to be coming off.
The latest blow came when a city court, examining the US agencies' request for his extradition, rejected his bail plea. Satish Aggarwala, prosecutor for government, opposed the plea and said: "Benedict, if granted bail, may abscond and may never be available for questioning."
This could mean that the merits of the extradition plea may well be considered.
This was the second time that Benedict alias Bhakta Das, whose organisation in the US allegedly sold chemicals used in processing illegal drugs worth $6,00,000 in the 1980s, had sought bail.
Benedict based his plea on the grounds that the offences for which he was wanted invited death penalty in the US and as per the Indo-US treaty, he could not be extradited.
He was also arrested in 1989 in California when his organisation was found selling...
...inositol, quinine, procaine and mannitol - used for preparing heroin and cocaine.
'Bhakta Das' is a self-proclaimed member of ISKCON and claims he is in India for preaching Krishna's teachings.
Aggarwala, however, claimed that Benedict deliberately fabricated cheating and other cases against himself in Orissa and other cities to earn a wanted tag in India.
"It seems he wanted to be involved in court cases in India to avoid extradition to the US," said Aggarwala.
One such fabricated case related to cheating a devotee in Behrampur in Orissa by collecting Rs 20,000 and promising to take him abroad for preaching Krishna's teachings.
Benedict was, till recently, lodged in Puri jail. He was shifted to Tihar in January after extradition proceedings were initiated against him.
To stall his extradition to the US, Benedict even claimed that his wife was based in Orissa and that he had built a temple in West Bengal, said Aggarwala.


  1. We used to believe that those who join ISKCON are highly advanced and spiritually enlightened souls.

    This might be true with a few rare cases. Meanwhile it should be clear that exactly these devotees were kicked out and hospitalized after being severely beaten by another type of ISKCONites: agents of Kali.

    So there is a whole army of intruders, business sharks, green card refugees, sexual perverts, trojans of other cults trying to destroy the Sankirtan movement from within.

    Of course Krishna is almighty, He easily can get rid of any type of demonic infestation.

    So it should be clear that Prabhupada wanted a 100% safe managerial system. All leaders elected every year. As soon there is a money grabbing bastard in management position, relentless pursuit.

  2. Thanks for your comment Bhakta. Yes, you are defending the criminals because you are one yourself, and that is why you support the people who promote these molester messiah GBC gurus. Many years ago one of your people wrote me that he is going to come and break my neck for being an offender. You are making the same violent cult as the GBC gurus are, because you are part of that cult. Sorry, I do not post foul language here. If you have an intelligent rebuttal, we'd like to hear it, simply name calling, using bad language is -- what the GBC does all the time. You support them, support their supporters, act like them, talk like them, hey -- does that not mean, you are them? Make a sensible rebuttal and we will post that, simple name calling and foul language -- that is what Tamal's clan did to us for years? ys pd

  3. First of all you know very well that I never was dealing in illegal drugs, NEVER. I did sell products that could have been used to dilute illegal drugs, that is 100% true and I never denied this and I did it openly, publicly, and every sent was done by legal trade, and taxes paid. Nothing was ever secret at all. Lots of devotees were employed, and supported their own families and lots of service was done with money earned in this business. Right now, today there are many businesses selling the same products in stores all over the USA.

    I did plead guilty to one count of selling drug paraphernalia, and the sentence is 36 months, and I served 12 months in the USA, and 20 months in India. There was NO FINE. There was one year probation which ended in 2007.

    I have not used any foul language; I have given you the nickname, Timmy "Poop Smeller" Lee, because that is how I perceive you, as a person who see only dirt pretty much everywhere, and if you are not able to dig up some dirt, you create it.

    I don't mind if you deal in truth, and for my self there is not much to hide. You can print what was in newspapers or stated by police, if you like, but that is one sided.

    Anyway, my point is only that if anyone is really interested in knowing about me, they can be best served by contacting me directly.

  4. Timmy boy you say I used ISKCON for my drug business? How is that? First I never had a drug business, second I have not been in ISKCON since at least 1980, and ISKCON never had any thing to do with my businesses.

  5. OK Bhakta das, you are using the name "Balarama's Enterprises," and that has nothing to do with the Hare Krishnas? And you expect us to believe that you found that name somewhere else? You are using the name of Krishna for your business, and we all know you were mixing in Hare Krishna with your business. Anyway, go back and read the links, the Puri story also links you to Hare Krishna. You are using the name of Hare Krishna, Balarama, and so on, for your crooked business, thats what even the media is syaing. ys pd

  6. 'Bhakta Das' is a self-proclaimed member of ISKCON and claims he is in India for preaching Krishna's teachings. -- that is what the newspapers are saying, and we all know its true, you are using the name of Krishna for your bogus and sinful activities. And then you are making bad media stories, just like the GBC does. You also went to the Gaudiya Matha and so on. All this is true, because you told me you go there yourself. ys pd


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