Sunday, June 2, 2013

ISKCON promotes Interfaith, simultaneously, says its bogus?

PADA: Wow, we should not call in the Christian police, FBI and media when the goondas from Bhaka Shishir's program are out to kill us? We should just roll over and die? Just die and be happy! Thanks a lot prabhu, I am so impressed with your concern for us, "You have to die, do not call in the cops, just die"! 

Anyway, the people who are currently promoting "interfaith" Jesus worship as an acharya right now, are in fact the folks in the Bhakta Shishir program? His gurus are always doing this interfaith pooja, where Bhakta Shishir's gurus go to worship Jesus. The people who are going to Christian Churches to worship with the Christians, and who in fact go to these Churches all the time to worship Jesus as of TODAY are, the Bhakta Shishir program. 

His program is doing that TODAY? We are not promoting this interfaith process, his program is doing that. We are not. So, when is oneiskcon going to declare, their gurus are bogus for promoting interfaith, which Srila Prabhupada says, is hodge podge? And why is Bhakta Shishir promoting this hodge podge program? And why does Bhakti Vikas swami tell us that his own program is bogus, and he still promotes that program? 

Is this not why Jesus says, "Oh ye hypocrites, sons of vipers." And why is that instruction now null and void, sorry its eternal spiritual reality. ys pd

Oh Lord, save us from these hypocrites!


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