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Swarupa Hebel / Mukunda dasa (Mark Whitley) Prahlad das oppose PADA


Mukunda dasa  / Mark Whitley --- [aka -- Manchester / Oldham England]: 

A small group of burnt remnants of sinister I.S.K.CON. led by Puranjana dasa who's supposed aim is to defend Prabhupada from defamation (Prabhupada Anti Defamation Association) but who actually work with various blasphemers who blame Srila Prabhupada for the crimes of sinister I.S.K.CON.

[PADA: First of all Mukunda beats up his own wife and she has to go to the police for help. Then he divorces her because she is complaining about being beaten. Then he goes to Vrndavana to have sex with a young woman there, and the children in the next room are hearing all the bumping and grinding and sex groans. And Prahlad das says we are offensive for not promoting this woman beating and sex in the holy dham program.

Sorry, we have to go to the police to deal with you guys, you attack women. Srila Prabhupada says people who have sex in the holy dham are no better than hogs and dogs, and they take birth as hogs and dogs. The GBC gurus have sex in the holy dham and so does this Mukunda program? Yes as a matter of fact, we have to go outside to curb you women and children attackers.

"Various" people were interested in helping ISKCON's molesting victims, who were starting to commit suicide? Nope. Hardly no one was interested at all. Windle Turley said we cannot allow them to commit suicide, and he helped. There were no various other people even interested in the issue? If "various other people" had taken steps to fix this, then Windle Turley would not have had to be involved at all.  

PADA editor was also the person who made the audio and transcripts available of the poison case, and other folks (ok Mukunda das) have just copied (hi-jacked) our materials and posted on his site. I also sent the tape which eventually discovered the whispers, and so on and so forth. So we do all the heavy lifting, they take the credit, is that not what the GBC does? 

Anyway, the people who blasphemed Srila Prabhupada in the Windle Turley case were -- the (ex) children of ISKCON. And they were trained up to think the GBC gurus were AUTHORIZED by SRILA PRABHUPADA -- by people like Sanat (Steve Voith) and Mukunda (Mark Whitely?). So let us get this straight, the people who polluted the children with these bogus ideas, ok like Sanat and Mukunda, are blaming us for polluting the children with these bogus ideas? Sorry, we were not there anymore, we were booted out in 1979. The people who brain washed the children were -- Sanat and Mukunda and ilk.

Sorry! This propaganda had nothing to do with us. 

We were booted out of ISKCON in 1979, and had made our views clear to one and all, that we did not approve of these gurus, and that these gurus had NOT been APPOINTED by Srila Prabhupada. The persons who brain washed the poor ISKCON children into thinking Srila Prabhupada had authorized all these bogus gurus are -- people like Sanat and Mukunda. Thus, the people who helped cause the problems, are blaming us -- for causing the problems? Very handy!  

When the Turley child molesting case was filed, Sanat and Mukunda wrote to DALLAS court people saying, these children need to be killed, chopped up and fed to dogs. Which simply proved to the court, and to the molestation victims, that there are so-called Hare Krishnas out there -- who hate children -- and would kill children if not for the legal enforcement process. Therefore Sanat and Mukunda simply convinced all kinds of  people that there is an aggressive anti-children program afoot here. And by their doing that, it cut off one of our major communication lines to the children. Sanat and Mukunda said, we were wasting time trying to preach to these children, they just need to die.  

How does that help things along? 

Sanat and Mukunda wanted to convince the court that there are a number of Hare Krishnas out there who want to -- kill these ex-children victims of molesting? Their idea was and is, lets murder the molesting victims. And they stated that in public documents. That is their way of fixing things? And when some of the victims found out Sanat and Mukunda wanted to have them killed, they just got all the more wound up against Krishna. Again, not helping anything.    

Anyway, we now have thousands of people who worship Srila Prabhupada on our team, whereas Mukunda das is the burnt out group. We are advertising all kinds of positive preaching programs all the time, whereas Mukunda is advertising for, and selling DVDs for, the illuminati. Talk about nut jobs!

In any case, Mukunda das is now making money off selling illuminati DVDs, books and tapes, and this is all total speculation. He is selling beef eating speakers to make money. And its simply creating more and more fear and anxiety for people. He is making people feel increased anxiety, he is not helping them. And he is making money by spreading this mundane fear and paranoia process. At least we are advertising some positive preaching programs.]  


Swarup Hebel When Puranjana declared war on me and spent a week focusing on what a horrible demon I am (for not fully agreeing with everything he believes to be absolutely true and also for suggesting that he was being less than truthful in many instances) .... I sent a link to his MySpace to a friend who teaches psychology at UCLA and asked him what he thought. 

[PADA: Right, myself and Sulochana were out there risking our lives to expose the bogus gurus, and save the children from mass molesting and so on. Meanwhile, people like Swarup Hebel admitted to us, he was out of commission, and taking heavy duty drugs. How did that help ISKCON? He was not helping us at all, rather he was helping himself -- get high on drugs. And so the banning, beating, molesting and murders problems simply got worse because he and others were not helping us contain these issues. We discuss this very issue on the Jvalamukhi tape, we were not getting help from people like Swarup, this made all the problems become compounded.]

Swarup Hebel: After reading Lee's rants he got back to me with a response. He said that it was very apparent that the guy was a pathological liar, a paranoid sociopath, a narcissist and suffered from a severe case of arrested development (i.e. had the emotional maturity of a twelve year old angry boy). To say the least he has an exaggerated sense of his own intelligence and importance and the fact that he has somehow acquired admirers and followers only serves to fan the fires of his increasingly irrational, vocal (and annoying) personality and behavior. 

[PADA: Right, again -- when all the banning, beating, child molesting and murders went on in ISKCON, as soon as I said there is a problem here, people like Swarup Hebel said -- its all lies, these dissenting people are making it all up. Swarup Hebel thereby caused these crimes to get worse by oppressing those of us who were exposing the crimes. And now, he is proud -- he suppressed us -- and aided and abetted all these crimes? And now that we are forwarding things like the poison issue, Swarup and Mukunda das want to oppress us, and help the poisoners? Calling is liars and offenders, great, this is how people like Swarup get us folks beaten and killed all along since 1977.]

Swarup Hebel: One observation I've had is that people like this Das Anudas who run around the internet repeating and emulating Tim Lee so often never exhibit an actual photo of themselves or reveal anything about who they are. 

[PADA: The FBI told us not to post photos of ouselves because, because we could get killed by Swarup's dangerous cult goondas. They know that -- not only is Swarup Hebel a nut bag -- but that his program is dangerously nut bags. Deadly in fact. Yep, Swarup thinks banning, beating, molesting and murders are like some kindergarten children playing in a sand box, no problem at all. And if we would get killed, he would be doing the happy dance because -- when we expose bogus ISKCON, we expose the compromiser like him and his pals.]

Swarup Hebel: I get the feeling that they are either hiding something or maybe we're dealing with the same person with multiple facebook accounts. 

[PADA: This is paranoid delusions, I only have one facebook account.]

Swarup Hebel: Or maybe they actually have multiple personality disorder. It's so distasteful how they misuse Gaudiya Vaisnava philosophy as weapons and have no problem invoking the Holy Name of the Lord, Srila Prabhupada and all the previous acaryas in our line to support their childish tantrums.

[PADA: Right, banning, beating, mass molesting of thousands of children, and murders, this is all some foolish lies, and childish nonsense. In other words, Swarup could care less if people are being banned, beaten, molested and killed, its simply a childish nuisance for him.]

Swarup Hebel: Who are these crazies and where do they come from? When I joined ISKCON even the "nuts" were sweet, amiable and respectful to others. This new breed who dwell on the Internet for hours a day screaming and yelling are something else altogether. Makes me sick. Makes me sad. Makes me angry.

[PADA: Right, banning, beating, molesting and killing the devotees, and we are exposing that, and he is angry at those of us who are protesting. That means, Swarupa is de facto aiding and abetting them. Swarup did nothing to help us, we could have got killed. Apparently, the only reason he is angry now is, that he and his program did not get us factually killed, and so we are still kicking and alive, and on the internet. And we are testifying in court. And we are on TV. Etc. So, he is upset that we are exposing all the evil leaders and the compliant compromizers with the evil doers, ok like him. ys pd] 

Folks like Mukunda das and Swarup helped the molesting program:

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  1. Mukunda's illuminati madness originates from all those neo nazi conspiracy websites. Mukunda's attempt is therefore to associate Prabhupada's teaching with Hitler's "national socialism". Very good preaching!
    Svarup Hebel is one of those late joiners who never would touch a book bag. Although he didn't agree to become a guru and was pushed outside ISKCON, he does nothing but attack those who consider Prabhupada as ISKCON's guru. It seems there is a whole army of scorpionic control freaks who got some money from their families, re-married a young girl, drive fancy cars and know everything how Prabhupada begged Jayatirtha&co to be ISKCON's new acaryas. Naturally this type of work day and night to chase off Prabhupadanugas. Like Rocana they figure to get some plus factor, prasadam stamps, nice room at Mayapur festival. Same like at Duryodhana's royal court.


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