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ISKCON Sridhara Swami's "Homage to Srila Prabhupada" (with PADA comments)

[.. In Sridhar  Swami`s life, Srila Prabhupada`s sparked a thirty-five-year spiritual journey that began far from its ending point in holy India.  Sridhar Swami described himself as a shy person before coming to Krsna consciousness. Born John Colcleugh in 1948 in Vancouver, Canada, his quest for spiritual understanding led him, in 1969, from engineering school  to a Sunday feast at the Frederick Street San  Francisco Krsna temple. The first person he met at the door was a kind and energetic  devotee named Jayananda Dasa. Since it was early in the day, Jayananda invited his  young guest to vacuum the rug and help in the kitchen. By the end of the evening, John  was ready for more. 

He moved in to the San Francisco ashram to begin his study of Srila Prabhupada`s Bhagavad-gita As It Is. Later, he transferred to the fledgling Krsna center  in his native Vancouver.  In 1970 he returned to San Francisco for the Rathayatra festival and met Srila Prabhupada for the first time. John was deeply impressed and, having completed the required training, was initiated by Srila Prabhupada as Sridhar Das Brahmacari. His Holiness Sridhar Swami left this world on March 14, 2004, it was on his  terms--in holy Mayapur, surrounded by loving Vaisnavas, and just after he`d helped  install Sri Panca-tattva with his dearest Godbrothers and friends.] 

Homage To Srila Prabhupada By His Holiness Sridhara Swami

Published June 8, 2013

Anxiety again, No place to hide. Can this be spiritual life? Is ISKCON bona fide?

[PADA: Why would a leader of ISKCON even have to ask this question, is ISKCON bona fide? HHSS also says later in this article that ISKCON is in the healing process, ... healing from what? "Healing from" -- his attack on ISKCON, by his making bogus gurus in ISKCON? He agrees with us, ISKCON has almost died, so it has to be healed, but healed from what? From the policies of HH Sridhara swami? Well ok, so why has HH Sridhara Swami tried to make ISKCON die in the first place, so now that it now needs to be healed? 

Anyway, the corporate ISKCON of today is not bona fide, and that is why (as Lokanatha swami said in 1988) -- the devotees have almost all left ISKCON, and as such -- its only a skeleton crew remaining. Lokanatha swami further asks, where have all the devotees gone? And he adds "in some temples there are more deities than devotees." So HHSS people have been well aware ALL ALONG since 1978, of their policy of "purge of devotees," the program they have con-jointly orchestrated -- all along. You folks drove out all the devotees, made the movement sick, and now you are going to heal it, by suing us, and driving another 3,500 people out of ISKCON? The plan to fix the situation, is to make even more illness, sickness and death for ISKCON, by driving out another wave of devotees?

If Sridhara Swami's "ISKCON" program is bona fide, why is his program getting rid of almost everyone and making ISKCON into a skeleton? When we say "someone looks like a skeleton" -- that means, he is ill, sickly, near death. So, Sridhara Swami's own leaders are admitting: their program -- collectively -- has made ISKCON into a sick and dying skeleton. Of course this is also mentioned in the Chaitanya Charitamrta, the sick and dying branches of Lord Chaitanya's tree. 

Why have people like Sridhara Swami wanted to make ISKCON a dying skeleton for the past 35 years? And now Sridhara Swami's program is infuriated that there are 3,500 people left somewhere in ISKCON, so his group is madly trying to jettison that group with lawsuits, so he will have, even more of a skeleton? As soon as the HHSS party finds out there is life somewhere in ISKCON, anywhere, then -- remove it, sue it, and kill it. Any living symptom must be stopped. That is the policy for 35 years now, and its still going on full tilt. HHSS is one of the brains behind the plan to make ISKCON a skeleton.]

Sridhara Swami program's -- lets make ISKCON's temples into skeletons?

HHSS: Who wants to manage?

[PADA: All of us were the mangers, and we were managing ISKCON nicely. And then you folks kicked us all out. I was a co-temple president, helped with all sorts of book keeping issues, and so many other important things. And then you folks said, "Get out, we do not need anyone to manage the society anymore, we are going to replace all of you with our own crew, of ignorant people who cannot even read (at least Jayapataka said many of his followers cannot even read), and / or deviants, crooks, criminals and child molesters."

And I was given 24 hours to get off the property. 

Of course while kicking us out, you then welcomed in all sorts of crooks, criminals and child molesters. For example, the Berkeley police made 74 felony arrests right outside the Berkely temple in one year, and the officer got an award from the city for a record number of felony arrests. Yep, you folks made ISKCON into a haven for crooks and molesters, and everyone knew that, including the public, because your criminal problems were exposed in the media. You made us walk the plank and leave, so you could bring in your criminals and molesters program -- apparently -- what you always wanted.

And then after getting rid of us, you folks went on giant purge rampage, and similarly kicked out hundreds of all the best of Srila Prabhupada's and ISKCON's senior managers, as well as almost all of the best of  ISKCON's cooks, poojaris, samkirtana devotees like Gopa Vrndapal and Mulaprakrti, scholars like Pradyumna, artists like Jadurani and so on. 

You kicked out all of these important people who were  the leaders and managers of ISKCON, and now you wonder, why are the managers all gone? Your party had the first English devotee Kulashekhara almost beaten to death, and he suffered in pain for the rest of his life. Then you glorified the people who orchestrated these types of beatings (ok Bhakti Tirtha swami) as a nice person. Don't you know that your program of having devotees beaten takes you straight to the stone rollers in Yamaraja's empire, where you will be squashed like bugs repeatedly?  

Now you wonder where they all are? Well look in a mirror, they are gone because you folks purged us all out, and beat us, and killed us. 

And one of the poojaris your party purged out told me, she lost her will to live after you folks kicked her out of her service to Krishna, and then she died of cancer. OK, you people killed her either directly or indirectly. And she is one of thousands of such victims. Sorry, her blood is on your people's hands. Don't you know that Yamaraja's folks have counted every drop of her blood and you will have to spend many years in hell for each drop?

For simply making this one woman poojari die, they will all meet this type of fate -- and much more!

Lets face it. You folks did not want managers, you did not want nice samkirtana devotees, you did not want nice poojaris, you wanted criminal chaos, and so -- that is exactly what you got. You converted ISKCON into your party's private criminal enterprise, as has been noted all over the media since 1978. And that is why today, almost nobody wants to "manage" what little is left -- when their job will be, that they have to defend the bogus GBC's idea that Gods' messiahs are often caught engaged in illicit sex, drugs, crimes and so on.

Who wants to be left holding your stinky stools bag?

You have made the society into a haven for deviants, perverts, crimes and molesting, then you wonder why top notch managerial devotees are not attracted? Because you folks made the movement sink into a criminal enterprise hell. And you folks removed almost all the saintly people in order to do that, and that is why hardly any saintly people are now coming, instead you are attracting criminals and molesters, and not first class managers. If you want to know how all that has happened, go look in a mirror.]

HHSS: Set it all aside; My life’s now half over. Got to renovate my pride. Establish my identity, Let all devotees know I’m marching to Pretoria -- Just call me Major Domo. But just before I embark, On such a glorious campaign, Reflect, O conditioned soul; For whom is the refrain? Who gave you life?

[PADA: Your gave your life to be dedicated to making ISKCON into a walking dead skeleton, a haven for criminals and child molesters, and horrific media publicity. So yes, you had better reflect on that. You will certainly be asked about your odious empire by the agents of Yamaraja, they will want to know (just as we do): "Who authorized you folks to have the Lord's devotees systematically banned, beaten, molested and assassinated"?

Who gave you people a license to stomp on the Lord's vaishnavas like your party has been doing for 35 years? Sorry, you have no authority to do these things to the Vaishnavas, and that means -- you will have to account for all this yourself, you have no authority to do these things to the Lord's devotees. Its all going to be your karma, at this point -- ten thousand percent, with interest multiplied by the second. 

Hounds of Yamaraja are waiting for HHSS folks!

Your folks hands have the blood of thousand of vaisnvavas on them, innocent devotees who were put on your death march, driven out of their father's home of ISKCON under your giant (and no small amount of violent) jack boots. And you will have to account for each and every soul you have jettisoned from the mission of the pure devotee Srila Prabhupada. As Jesus says, "Forgive them Lord, they know not what they are doing." 

And you will also have to account for why you gave Krishna a bad name to millions of people, thus turning them away from Krishna. Your crusade has been, to make everyone cringe at the name of Krishna. So your karma will be, you are responsible for ruining the spiritual lives of millions of people. We certainly do not envy you, you will have to pay all this with compounding interest by the second. Every second your karma increases another couple of percentage points. Which is why -- Srila Prabhupada said Professor Sannyal was lucky to have died, so he could not commit further offenses. You people are not lucky, you were allowed to continue with your offenses, which simply means, you will go deeper into the most obnoxious regions and stay there longer.   

Yes, you have no idea how people like you, who orchestrated mistreating the Lord's Vaishnavas, will be taken to the lowest regions of the universe, where the authorities will throw away the key to keep you folks away, so you will not be committing further mischief to the devotees of God. BR Sridhara Maharaja said you leaders are "driving an army tank over your own troops and killing them." So, all this will have to be accounted for. You are killing your own troops, and this was stated in 1982, and you folks just got worse after that.]      

Driving an Army Tank over -- your own troops?

HHSS: Who gave you rhyme? Who gave you all the reason, To pass away your time, It is for him that now you live, And for him you’ll die, And in the time that’s in between, To spread his mission you must try.
Whatever is the needful, Just see the time and place, Measure carefully your cadence, Lest your father be disgraced.

[PADA: Good point, yes you have disgraced the Krishna religion and now you folks are burying a dead homosexual pedophile in the holy dham to put salt in the wounds you have made already.]

HHSS: Anxiety is piety, When his pleasure is the goal. Be steady now; it’s not the time, To hoist your flag upon a pole.

[PADA: Yes, you hoisted the flag of worship of homosexuals and pedophiles as God's messiahs and banned, beat and killed anyone who would not bow down to your flag. We got it already!]

HHSS: You always hated duty, But now you’re not your own. You’re a slave upon the master’s ship,
Headed back to home. Srila Prabhupada is all you have, And he is using you, In his master plan to save the world, So surrender all you do. It may involve a little trouble, You may have to get through pain, But when you think of what he’s given, You surely can’t complain. Just follow the example, Of all your learned brothers.

[PADA: You had your brothers and sisters banned, beaten, molested -- and killed. Do not think for one second you are going where we are. No. You are going down, read the shastra, false gurus go to the most obnoxious regions, shastra says they go to a lower place than the materialists, shastra say you folks are the most dangerous elements in human society, so -- please, do not lump us in with your lot, we are not with your group and never will be for all eternity.]    

HHSS: Srila Prabhupada will guide you To transcend your meager druthers. Srila Prabhupada, please accept this insignificant beggar as your servant. Although I am practically asara, or useless, due to my deep-rooted lust and envy, somehow I have recognized one thing: Your mission will be successful. Some foolish persons have claimed that there is a difference between you, your mission, and ISKCON as you set it up. 

[PADA: Right, worship of illicit sex with men, women and children is "what he set up." How come you guys cannot go through five seconds without blaspheming and attacking the pure devotees of God?]

HHSS: Using this as an excuse, they find fault and then leave to create another institution, supposedly free from faults. For my part I could never be able to tolerate having your prestige diminished by the failure of the society you so painstakingly endeavored to establish.

[PADA: And which you painstakingly dis-mantled by forcing people to worship illicit sex with men, women and children as God's messiahs, which resulted in the whole society being almost destroyed, and those who made that policy, like HHSS, going to the lowest planets in the universe. We also did not leave, we were made to walk the plank and be exiled, we were kicked out the door, by you people.]

HHSS: While foolish persons may juggle words, trying to camouflage their own ambitions as your mission, I am bound to work by all means, however inconsequential, for ISKCON as it was, is, and will be. You would sometimes quote the British: “England with all my faults, I love thee.” There may have been faults in ISKCON, and I am sure there always will be, but I will not abandon ship so easily.

[PADA: That figures, the founder fathers and enforcers of the enforced cult ritualistic worship of homosexual pedophile acharyas program will always "love thee and thy fellow creators of this hellish empire." And they will not abandon the "good ship" of molester messiahs either, they are with that program to the last breath, of course then the dogs of Yama take over. Hee hee!]

Although day by day ISKCON is regaining its health, some are still reluctant to take up responsibility (such as being temple president or whatever). This is another cop-out on Srila Prabhupada. Now is the time, more than ever, for devotees to come forward and help rebuild the house in which we want all men to live.

Srila Prabhupada, I am trying to use my intelligence to serve you in the best capacity I can, but only you know perfectly well my material desires and my weaknesses. Therefore please neglect my whimsical and irresponsible plans, and use me as you desire. Your mission will be successful, and those who surrender to do the needful will surely get your blessings. I pray to be in that number.

Your menial servant,
Sridhar Swami

SRIDHAR SWAMI’S MESSAGE: I have a terminal disease and have nothing to gain from anyone but I want very much for Srila Prabhupada to be respected as the real servant of Siddhanta Saraswati and you can be sure that when the dust of the cloud, now covering some peoples minds, finally settles, only his ISKCON will remain as a ray of hope for any sincere spiritual seekers.

[PADA: Yes, your terminal disease is: you are one of the co-conspirators of the program to violently enforce having the children of ISKCON worship child molesters as their messiahs. The dust cloud over ISKCON you discuss, is you and your party. 

I get letters every day from people saying, "When will Krishna get rid of this lot so the movement can go forward, like Krishna had Kamsa taken away to save the people"? And as each of you dies, all of my friends and associates cheer with glee, just like people cheered when Kamsa was gone. You have ruined this movement for your own personal gains, poojas, or whatever benefits, but now its going to be payback time.  

You will go just where the Sri Isopanisad says you will, to the most obnoxious regions of the universe. And they will throw away the key when you get there, because when you are up here, you cause troubles for the devotees of God. You need to be locked up for a long time, and shastra says, you will be. All glories to Srila Prabhupada, the dust cloud is going away, they are going away, they have terminal illness, they are dying off, and getting out of our way. Krishna is taking the road blocks off the road. Yipee! ys pd    

Be a bogus guru, and have fun while you can, pay back time is coming! Soon! 

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  1. Someone has commented here that the Bangalore case has been lost, and its a done deal. I have not heard that from any other source, so I am not posting their comment unless they can verify that with some factual back up. ys pd


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