Thursday, June 27, 2013

Investigation Discovery channel "Hare Krishna" show update

Deadly Devotion: Krishna Recruiting : Video : Investigation
20-year-old Steve Bryant thinks he's found his calling among the peaceful, robe-wearing Hare Krishna community.

**** Prabhu, is this just the preview of the full episode yet to come?

PADA: Yes, its a short preview. The show had already interviewed GBC people, so I wanted to add at least some input from "the other side of the story" otherwise the GBC version would have not been challenged properly. ys pd

**** Prabhu, Ah. Thank you. It's gonna be an interesting episode. Can't wait! And I definitely agree! Good thing they found you so that you could set the record straight! So July 2nd is the full episode right?

PADA: July 2nd, at 9pm California time. I am not sure what the time will be in other USA states. Its Channel 260 on ATT U-Verse here in San Francisco area, Investigation Discovery Channel. There is another ad on TV, shows Kirtananda's picture and says, he was worshiped as the messiah, pretty much what happened. ys pd


  1. Thanks for your comment that no one should have gone on the show, ok except the GBC already went on and gave their versions, so there was no option other than to at least try to present the right idea. But yes, we have little control over these events, thats also true. Doing nothing is not always a good option either, trust me. ys d

  2. Hare Rama,
    pamho. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Can it be viewed outside US or recorded by anyone?

    Keep up the good work defending Prabhupada.
    Even if it is basically hopeless, since most devotees do not agree with their own Guru. :/

  3. Hare Rama,
    pamho. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
    I just woke up and though about an astrology report I read yesterday about the Saturn-Rahu Conjunction this year. Seems like a perfect timing for justice. This might be why this TV Documentary will air exactly now:

    "The upcoming conjunction of Rahu and Saturn in Libra is highly anticipated by astrologers around the world. An Exalted Saturn has been moving in Retrograde (backwards) motion for the last several months. Rahu, also in Libra, naturally travels backwards. But on July 7th, that is about to change. Saturn will go Direct, putting it on a head-on collision course with Rahu as these two great Malefic planets race directly towards each other! Saturn's "exalted" state is certain to bring about Truth and Justice as Libra is often represented by the Balancing Scales of Justice.

    It is a very strong planetary pattern and it begins to form in earnest on July 7th when Saturn goes direct. The most interesting thing to know about this pattern is that it brings a strong transformative, though potentially violent, energy into the world. This is the time for an Inner Revolution. It is a time of Divine Justice."

    "The two planets will be exactly conjunct on September 25th (using Rahu true mode). Mars will have moved into Cancer by this time, where he is extremely weak (debilitated) and potentially very destructive. Mars will also influence Libra as He throws its full energy 4 signs ahead. Saturn in turn casts his full force onto Cancer, 10 signs from Libra. Thus these two "enemy" planets are in mutual aspect starting in late August. And the second week of September Mars is also at the exact midpoint of the Rahu-Ketu axis. All combine to increase the potential for negative events. The stress will be noticeable by late August, September is a critical month to navigate, and October will bring a sense of relief. Rahu will be with Saturn in Libra until July 2014. This energy can manifest in the world as extreme weather, a possible earthquake, random acts of violence and a potential for new or intensified military conflicts."

    Sadly the show is not available ouside US, unless someone records it and uploads it to some hoster like and share sthe link on Facebook.



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