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Rocana on DOM / ISKCON / Rtiviks (Sampradaya Sun)

ROCANA: May 31, 2013 — CANADA (SUN) — A study of the confluence of three separatist movements: the DOM, ISKCON Inc. and Ritvikism.

2005 Unauthorized Amendments to ISKCON Inc. Articles, Part 2

Today we present Part Two of a summary in which we briefly highlight some of the unauthorized changes that have been made to Srila Prabhupada's 1966 ISKCON Inc. articles of corporation. A pdf copy of the 2005 amended articles [35] can be found here.

2005 Certificate of Amendment of the Certificate of Incorporation for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Inc. (July 13, 1966). Section 19 establishes the requirements for being an "initiated disciple". Items (a-b) provide for the 4 regs and 16 rounds. Items (d) and (e) clarify that the "initiated disciple" is either pre-1977 (ACBSP) or initiated via post-samadhi ritvik diksa.

[PADA: What does Srila Prabhupada's "last will" actually say? His will says -- in the future (when he is no longer here) his properties will be managed by -- my "initiated" disciples. Rocana simply ignores these legal documents. Rocana also ignores the fact that the DOM is another legal document, and it has been accepted as such by the courts, apparently the bogus GBC itself submitted this document into the courts. The DOM certainly does not authorize the current GBC guru system, rather is designates a "Governing Body" or managerial proxies for the acharya.

Anyway, the statement in "the will" says -- "my initiated disciples," and that means this process shall be going on -- henceforward -- indefinitely. Thus, the "last will" allows for his initiated disciples to be produced -- for generations to come -- long after he is gone. That is also sometimes called the ritvik system. Of course this is confirmed on the appointment tape of May 28th, where he also says "initiations" will be going on using ritviks "in the future" after he is no longer physically present. Yep, Rocana handily forgets that as well.   

Rocana has never explained how the people who are going to "manage his properties" after Srila Prabhupada is not physically here, would be "his disciples" long after he was gone, without the ritvik idea? Unless of course Rocana thinks us original devotees of Srila Prabhupada are going to live for centuries into the future, which is apparently not happening by the way? 

What "other" arrangement was made then? Rocana never tells us? Rocana apparently says that Srila Prabhupada's "last will" is a faulty document, the May 28th tape is faulty, the DOM is faulty, because all this provides for "his disciples" indefinitely. Yet Rocana never cites any other documents to show -- what else was ordered? He attacks what these documents are promoting, while not making any specific plan for -- what else should be done instead?  

And why is Rocana always challenging the existing documents, while alleging there are other documents, but he never shows us any of these alleged "other" instructions and documents? OK it seems as though, -- Rocana is bluffing. He has no proof of any other orders or documents, that is why he never presents any, ever. There are no other documents, plain and simple.]

ROCANA: According to this requirement, only Srila Prabhupada's direct disciples (ACBSP's) and Ritvik-initiated disciples will be members in good standing - no diksa grand-disciples will be considered members in good standing of ISKCON Inc. 

[PADA: OK, except Rocana consistently forgets to tell us -- grand disciples of -- whom specifically? First of all we must recall, that Rocana backed the bogus GBC gurus program, claiming that the disciples of the molester messiahs project are going to be "the grand disciples" of ISKCON. If Rocana is now promoting someone else as his messiahs instead of the bogus GBC's guru project, Rocana never tells us? Rocana simply says there will be "grand disciples," but Rocana never says --"initiated by whom," other than that he has supported the bogus GBC's and their molester messiahs program? How can anyone be a grand disciple of a molester messiahs program? Rocana has not answered that in 35 years? He is simply baffled, as we just now baffled Bhakta Shishir with the same question.

And then Rocana's article produces a laundry list of some of the deviated people that bogus the ISKCON leaders have placed in charge of Long Island ISKCON such as: Bhavananada swami; Hari Sauri aka Prabhupada Kripa maharaja;  Chandrashekhara swami (from New Vrndavana) and many others, who were all part of the molester beej guru sampradaya. Why do we need to surrender to that program?

So Rocana keeps saying there will be "grand disciples" of -- this group's program (which he also condemns at the same time)? If there is a person who making these grand disciples, who is he? Rocana keeps saying, the initiations will go on, and there will be grand disciples, but initiated by -- whom? No one and nobody? Who will be the diksha guru in his system? So Rocana has no actual persons named in his system, and that is called mayavada, person-less. 

Rocana is wrangling the first point, what is diksha? Diksha means to get pure divyam jnanam (di) which destroys sins (ksha), but under the bogus GBC and Rocana idea, they think worship of their illicit sex messiahs program is giving people pure divyam jnanam which destroys sins (diksha). That means Rocana has no clue what is diksha. Sorry, worship of illicit sex is not giving pure divyam jnanam. Of course people like Rocana, Bhakti Vikas swami and other GBC guru followers like Bhakti Shishir have never even read the shastra, or they would know all these things by now.]     

ROCANA: The sentimental notion some non-Ritvik DOM adherents are carrying, that the ISKCON Inc. movement will 'heal ISKCON', is completely disproved by this clause.

[PADA: We never said we could heal ISKCON? What we say is: -- who can say for sure? Yes we may heal it. And no, we might not -- "heal ISKCON," because its mental speculation to say these bogus people will surrender to the right idea, and to say they never will cure themselves, that is also speculation? 

The Gaudiya Matha never accepted the right idea, they never healed. Notice that Srila Prabhupada never said he would heal that institution either? If he was not interested in healing the Gaudiya Matha, how can we propose to do better and heal our broken institution? We never said we could heal anything ourselves in any case? 

Most folks we know tell us, ISKCON is already a basket case, and is beyond repair, thanks to people like Rocana promoting his molester messiahs, who made ISKCON go down the tubes. ISKCON's official corporate structure may or may not be salvage-able, and many sectors of it have already been shut down and lost, and these programs and temples may be lost for a long time, or indefinitely in many instances. 

Rocana's bogus messiahs program made ISKCON go down the tubes, as we detailed here:


Where did we say we could save this whole mess? We never did? Rocana is making another straw man argument. What we said is: We want people to worship the pure devotee, and our people are mostly doing that outside the official ISKCON anyway. The ISKCON institution and its buildings are mostly empty already, there is almost no one left there to heal anyway. We cannot heal an empty building anyway, that makes no sense? We want to heal individuals from mis-understandings, and we are doing that. 

Ninety nine percent of the devotees now live outside the official ISKCON institution and many of them could care less about it, because its not relevant to their lives. They are practicing whatever they are doing in regards to Krishna consciousness, independently. The official ISKCON temple here in Berkeley for example, has about one percent of the area's devotees living there. Almost all the devotees are living OUT side of the temple today. 

The temple itself therefore has little or even almost nothing to do with the lives these other 99 percent of devotees. These official ISKCON temples have become almost irrelevant to almost everyone here in the SF Bay area. People are not attending, except maybe a few times a year for festivals. How can we heal that? We never said we could fix this, nor has Rocana any plan of his own to fill these temples either, and heal the problem of no manpower?  

Most of the devotees are living aloof from the institution, and they associate with one another maybe on public internet medias and so forth these days, or they do not associate at all in many cases. And Rocana does the same thing really, he is not relevant to his ISKCON local temple where he is. His main foot print is internet medias. The official ISKCON temples are barely even relevant to Rocana, what to speak of all of us. So what is there to heal, if, no one lives there, or participates there? Its not relevant to most people. What is relevant is establishing the proper siddhanta, and we are doing that.]

ROCANA: Item (e) adds a new element: that the GBC will appoint the ritviks, and the Temple Presidents will judge the qualifications of the candidate for initiation according to Caitanya-caritamrta Madhya 24.330. Never mind the opening statement of that purport, which say: "A disciple's qualifications must be observed by the spiritual master before he is accepted as a disciple."

[PADA: Good point, we have all observed that Rocana's bogus GBC guru parampara, which contains illicit sex, what to speak of murders of dissenters. So after we have all seen these horrid qualifications of Rocana's guru parampara, it is being rejected wholesale all over the planet.]

ROCANA: Item (c) states that ISKCON Inc. has a fiduciary duty to ensure the BBT Trustees follow the Trust Agreement terms.

[PADA: And the BBT says that Srila Prabhupada is their writer for hire? And they are changing his books. Why is Rocana defending this ship of fools?] 

ROCANA: As we point out in DOR [43], Ritviks claim that the Will instructs that the ritvik system ordered on July 9th 1977 must continue and cannot be changed, but the Will they refer to was executed more than a month before the July 9th Letter was signed. Therefore, it refers to the system in place at the time the Will was drawn/executed.

[PADA: Does this make any sense, "the will" was made to apply only to the time it was written, and not after the person who wrote "the will" departs? This is totally insane? All wills relate to AFTER the time the will was written! The July 9th letter simply confirms the will. So yes, "the will" says there will be my initiated disciples, and the July 9th letter says that too. What difference does it make if the will was made before July 9th or not, it refers to the time he is not going to be here physically? Rocana is really getting desperate to say a will only applies to the day it was written and not later on?]  

ROCANA: And if that system is ordered to continue without change, then the system instructed on July 9th obviates the system being protected under the Will. Thus Annexure J cannot be used as evidence in support of a July 9, 1977 order for post-samadhi ritvik diksa initiations.

[PADA: A letter than confirms what the will says, and the May tape that confirms ritviks after he departs, cannot be used to confirm the will? This is really going in circles? Rocana also complains our plan does not welcome the people who are initiated by the GBC's gurus already. Another straw man idea. Nope, we are working with hundreds of them, such as the Bangalore temple, mostly former guru disciples. This is the problem, Rocana does not think before he speaks? We are already working with hundreds of ex-disciples of GBC gurus, and he says, we are rejecting them? He has never figured out what is going on here? ys pd]

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