Saturday, September 21, 2013

RE: The Festival Of Colors (Sampradaya Sun)

[PADA: Once again, there is criticism of an ISKCON related program, this time the "Holi" festival in Utah. Fine -- except for the fact that -- there appears to be hardly any other "real" programs going on anywhere else, so then what?

The reason people are even discussing the Gaura Vani Kirtaniyas, various New Age Kirtanas that "charge money to attend" (of which we have many such programs here in the Bay Area), the Holi festival, and so on and so forth, is simple really -- there are hardly any other programs to discuss?

Why are we not seeing advertising for the right programs, but mainly criticism of the wrong programs? Where are the bona fide "Lord Chaitanya's samkirtana movement" kirtana programs going on? We simply barely or rarely see these programs going on, as Aindra prabhu was fond of telling us.

To simply stop these Holi type festivals will not help matters that much, or at all, unless there are some more positive alternatives to replace all this with. Where are the bona fide programs going on, except for the most part, on very small scale proportions in very small projects? Thousands of young people attended the last Utah festival, and there was some sorts of chanting going on, so if we stop that, then there will be -- no chanting at all? Not sure why that is the better idea?

In the same way, there are groups of nattering old ladies always gossiping about PADA, because there is nothing else for these people to discuss? They simply do not have a life of their own, or a better program to advertise. Srila Prabhupada says, in the desert the castor bean plant is prominent, because there are no other plants. So the Gaura Vani Kirtaniyas, Holi festivals, and / or  PADA (and so forth) become prominent topics because, there is nothing else going on to talk about?

Meanwhile, in Vancouver, where Rocana lives, we have a wonderful standard style Prabhupadanuga kirtana program going on there. Does Rocana advertise for this straight forward kirtana program going on there? Nope. Does he attend? Nope. Does he even recognize this program? Nope. So this seems all like sour grapes, Rocana claims to want to see the standard program, but he does not even support that process in his own back yard. We need to start the real bona fide programs and that will replace the bogus programs, at least that is what Aindra was saying. We think Aindra was correct. ys pd      

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