Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kirtan Standards position paper

He objected to the usage of “Jaya Gurudeva” since it was a direct insertion into our movement from the sahajiya sampradayas in Bengal who always say things like “Jaya Guru”, “Jaya Gurudeva”, without referring to any particular guru. Prabhupada criticized this as impersonal and did not want it chanted by his disciples. “Who is the guru?”, he would challenge.

[PADA: There are some good points made in this document, unfortunately the author is ex-guru Harikesha swami. The idea that we should not introduce different kirtanas, and / or different tunes, especially in temple programs, is a good point. The point about singing "Jaya Gurudeva" without mentioning the name of the guru is also a good point. This has become a fashion in the modern ISKCON and Gaudiya Matha environment, they say "you have to accept a guru" without ever mentioning the name of the guru. This is sahajiya. Anyway, read the paper yourself and if you have any of your own experiences, please comment. ys pd]    

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  1. Told ya - they still consider Harikesa as their authority. Harikesa was kind of scholar type of person and this made him even more dangerous. Many people figure that this man is an academic Vaishnava professor but forget that in his zone 99% senior devotees and Prabhupada disciples were kicked out and replaced by newcomers. In this way Harikesa managed to have continual coming and going what causes to have a very weak sense of community. At the same time Harikesa was at one point sole authorized signatory of all BBT bank accounts and arranged that presently he peacefully lives in Florida with enough money for the rest of live. No wonder that people want to take lessons how to brainwash thousands of people without ever being caught? Mastermind of deception. Gurugauranga, Vegavan, etc., still hiding in the closet. His best friend, Suhotra, dead.


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