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Is Jayapataka's Mayapura "A Spiritual City," or "A Material Residence for Thugs and Gangsters"?

[PADA: No, we are not saying people should boycott Mayapura, necessarily. We are saying there has been a series of problems there, and people should not go there blindly thinking this is a totally Vaikuntha atmosphere. Its a remote place, and it seems it would be a hard place to find help if you needed it, since the locals are basically paid off.

Vrndavana is probably just as bad, except its much closer to other big cities and so its harder to get away with too many bad things there. Srila Prabhupada also told us he does not know why he brings us to Vrndavana when there are so many sahajiyas and crooked people there, so this is nothing new. What is new is -- that the source of the new crooks are often the ISKCON people, those who were supposed to rectify the already existing crooked situation. Instead, they made it even worse than it was.]

RAM MOHAN DAS: Ravanari pr, a God brother moved in 2009 from Canada to Mayapur. In Canada he would receive basic state pension, minimum collateral, accommodation allowance, luncheon voucher, compulsory health insurance. In Mayapur they cut it down to 250 dollars per month. He wrote that for Mayapur this is still enough to live there, but why he took flight in panic only one year later was that they set up a toll gate everywhere.

You have to pay that your shoes are still there after class, that your laundry isn't stolen from washing line, temple "safety fee" so that your documents are not stolen and are still there, etc., etc. the whole temple complex is full of people who constantly want your money. 

He said at one point this drives you mad, you cant walk one inch without having someone close at your heels who wants money. You can't live there peacefully. Now when reading "Sadhu Das Recovering From Knife Attack" this is all about folks who are not Vaishnavas. And they want to build a new "spiritual city" with these type of people? How would this work?


* PADA: Some of us suspect one of the persons speaking the "poison whispers," such as "poison isvarya rasa" is the Mayapura leader Jayapataka swami (JPS).

* Jayapataka swami has been a leader of driving ISKCON over to the Gaudiya Matha's leaders. He was consulting with Sridhara Maharaja and later on with BP Puri maharaja and others.

* Jayapataka swami has been all along the main leader of Mayapura, where many of the persons connected to the child abuse program have been residing, such as Satadhanya, Nitai Chanda, Bhavananda and others. And these people have been protected and employed by JPS.

* A devotee committed suicide in a Calcutta jail, allegedly because JPS folks had a woman press false rape charges on him. Some devotees like Sattvic das are still ordered to stay in India to testify in this case. All kinds of people are suffering as a result of these types of behaviors.

* Calcutta temple was attacked by goondas with swords and sticks when it was occupied by Adridharana das and some temple vehicles were torched. Adridharana das has apparently gone into hiding to avoid dealing with these people.

* Followers of Gaura Govinda maharaja wrote to tell us they thought GGM had been poisoned at Mayapura, because GGM had said -- he was going to publicly challenge the GBC's gurus over the "jiva tattva" issue the following year in Mayapura. Then he suddenly and mysteriously died. GGM's body was immediately taken by Jayapataka folks to Bhubaneshvara and buried, before any tests could be made.

* Suhotra swami was starting to make critical comments about the problems in Mayapura, and he suddenly died there.

* Harikesh swami was reported to have made his last visit to Mayapura with armed guards, because he thought some of the GBC were "out to get him." Harikesh had the "vibhuti" that Jayapataka's ghost buster was sending him analysed, and it contained dangerous psychotropic drugs, made in the West.

* Jayapataka swami has been a big leader of the GBC's bogus program that says God's gurus and messiahs are haunted by ghosts, and when these messiahs from God are haunted by such ghosts, they may fall into illicit behavior. Thank God for Jayapataka, he can fix these ghostly haunted messiahs by having them "ghost busted." (Srila Prabhupada has said that persons who are haunted by ghosts are in the modes of ignorance).

Jayapataka's ghost busting scam:

Jayapataka's ghost buster Chiteshvara's web site: 

* Some of the Gaura Govinda maharaja people were reportedly threatened with violence at Mayapura dham. We heard a report that one of them was being dunked in the river, sort of like water boarding, to convince him to shut up. We were told that Mukunda swami witnessed this event and he did nothing. In other words, it seems that physical intimidation techniques are being used by the Jayapataka crowd.

* Some of the worst goondas in Los Angeles ISKCON are Jayapataka's followers.

* In March of 1986 at the GBC meeting IN MAYAPURA the leaders were discussing reports of Bhavananda having illicit homosexual affairs with taxi drivers in the holy dham, and other similar problems. Yet instead of Bhavananda being removed as the acharya of ISKCON, he was re-instated as the GBC's "Vishnupada acharya" at the time, at the Mayapura meeting and with Jayapataka's agreement.

At the same time, the GBC voted in their next wave of "new gurus" like Trivrikrama swami, Prithu, Ravindra Swarupa and etc. The GBC and their new "reformer" allies then excommunicated Sulochana, and re-affirmed their support for Kirtanananda swami as a messiah, resulting in Sulochana's being assassinated a few months later, in May of 1986. I also would have been assassinated except the police intervened. Mayapura has been the headquarters of all these deviations.

* Atreya Rsi das told us in 1986 that he could not have protested this recoronation of Bhavananda, or Jayapataka's followers would have "beaten on him with bamboo sticks," in Mayapura, which is more evidence of a threatening of violence atmosphere.

* A teacher named Kala das told us he had been removed from Mayapura for protesting the molesting of children problem.

* We heard a report that over 30 people simply disappeared after they challenged the Mayapura regime.

* Jayapataka is the leader of the campaign to harass and sue the Bangalore devotees, which has cost ISKCON maybe $15-20 million dollars, and has forced Bangalore to spend a similar amount, that means Jayapataka has wasted $30 - 40 million dollars on legal expenses, while there is apparently -- hardly any money to pay for facilities for sick and dying devotees, temple repairs, restitution for the victimized kulis, and so on.

Mayapura temple building project stalled:

* Brief history of Jayapataka swami:

* Prithu das reports Jayapataka farm's cows sent to slaughter:

* One ISKCON recognizes that ISKCON is going over to the Gaudiya Matha:

* Suhotra Swami was a big supporter of Jayapataka. He was apparently watching 1940s Hollywood detective movies. In 1983 Suhotra Dasa accepted the order of sannyasa. In 1991 he became a member of ISKCON's Governing Body Commission (GBC).

[PADA: JPS's ghost busting of gurus program was going on full tilt in 1990, that means -- Suhotra swami knew all about it.]

* In 1996 Suhotra was elected GBC Chairman. Since March 2003 he was also a member of Shastric Advisory Council (SAC), formed by GBC.

[PADA: The acharyas need to be advised by a committee? This is another Jayapataka scam, to say the acharyas need to be controlled by a committee.]

* In 1991 Suhotra Swami wrote his first book Apasampradayas - Deviant Vaisnava Sects. It was about Gaudiya Vaishnava Apasampradayas that developed in between the time of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Bhaktivinoda Thakur. In the book he also explained how Bhaktivinoda was preaching against them. Suhotra Swami was also a contributor to the ISKCON Communications Journal.

[PADA: This is eventually what caused friction between Suhotra and the other gurus, he was saying they were deviating from the standards of the sampradaya. While in the middle of discussing some of the GBC deviations, he mysteriously and suddenly died -- in Mayapura? Yep, some suspect he was poisoned.]

* The son of a kaviraja visited Mayapapura and he told a friend of ours there, "I never eat anything here, they poisoned Srila Prabhupada, and they know I understand that, because my father is a kaviraja, so they could kill me just for suspecting them. I also watch my drink at all times."

* Bomb Blasts in Mayapura:

Ananda Patrika Bazzar


"On Saturday afternoon just at the back of Mayapur temple one person died due to a sudden explosion of bombs which they were making in one of the buildings under construction. The deceased was identified as Babu Ghosh, aged 30. One of his associates named Amit Das, was seriously injured. The officer-in-charge Mr Sukumar Dutt of Navadeep Police Station stated that the two said persons were security staff of ISKCON. Both were making bombs in a building behind Chandraya Mandir when one of the bombs exploded injuring the said two persons who were immediately admitted to the Sadar Hospital, Krishnanagar, near ISKCON. Babu Ghosh died in the hospital. Nitai Prasad prabhu, the ISKCON spokesman, is not prepared to accept the said persons as being ISKCON staff. He said the incident took place on ISKCON property, but stated that the said persons had nothing to do with ISKCON."

Asian Age


"A man died and another was injured while making bombs inside a house on the ISKCON compound on Saturday afternoon. The Navadweep Police said, Babu Bose, 30, Amit Das, 28 and their asssociates were making bombs inside a secluded house on the complex when some of the bombs burst. Police sources also said the two had a past criminal record.The two were admitted to Shaktinagar Hospital. Babu died later in the evening. Nadia Superintendent of Police, Ramphal Power, said he had received several complaints of criminal activities having increased in the area. 'We have identified some trouble-makers. Such incidents will not be allowed to recur,' he said. ISKCON sources said the two were not connected to their organisation. "The incident took place outside the complex." an ISKCON spokesman said. But the Police maintained that the blast took place inside the complex.

* Jayapataka's main helper on the Bangalore lawsuit is Radhanath swami, who has been implicated in the murder of Sulochana by some former New Vrndavana residents:

* When the GBC gurus went to court over the child molesting issue, Jayapataka's team pleaded "no contest" to charges that over a thousand of children in his schools had reported being abused, if not starved, beaten and sexually molested. Despite de facto admitting that the children in Jayapataka's charge had been treated horrifically, he is still considered as the current messiah of ISKCON by the other leaders. What kind of bogus cult has the GBC created? They promote and even enforce the worship of the very same people who orchestrated mass molesting of children, as their messiahs?

Fortunately, most of the sincere adults around ISKCON, and almost cent percent of the ex-children, all agreed that suing Jayapataka's team over the molesting was required to: (A) validate that the molesting was even going on at all, since most people were in denial it was even occurring. (B) To help reduce the suicides of victims. (C) To stop the flow of even more victims going over to MAYAPURA to become future victims.

Oddly, a small group of people headed by Bhakta das are now saying that these children should not have been saved, at all. They say, there should NOT have been any lawsuit against the molester regime, so that the ex-children victims would continue to commit suicide, and more and more children could still be shipped off to Mayapura, to become future victims of their vicious molester worship cult -- and so on. These cult defenders are -- in sum -- angry that we cut off further supply of more child victims to be placed into their voodoo child sacrificing "wood chipper for children" project.

In other words, there is a very small but vociferous group of people remaining who wanted the children's victimization process to continue, and to continue to have an unlimited supply of more children shipped off to their odious cult in Mayapura to become more canon fodder / victims of their molester messiah's cult, and they are very upset someone put their foot down on their child molester messiah's program, which they still worship and defend.

In fact some of the leaders of this child molester protecting and promoting group such as Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / Pancali had a web site that said the children victims of their cult needed to be killed, chopped up and fed to dogs, of course Prahlad simply said -- placing them on upraised swords would suffice. What kind of people even think that children should be killed and chopped up, never mind to write that in public? No normal person ever even thinks of chopping up children, nor even dreams of doing that in their worst nightmares, its just these (black magic tantrics?) child oppressing Bhakta das folks / lets send more kids into the wood chipper / cult people / who do think of these things. No normal person ever does think like this. Ever!

Which is one reason why, some people even think there is a black magic child sacrificing cult going on here. What kind of cult people say children need to be killed and chopped up? A black magic child sacrificing cult? And / or the Bhakta das / Radhanath / Jayapataka defenders? Whom else? The good news is that all of this is has been verified and is all on public record since they even sent their statements, that these children need to be chopped up (to save their black magic child oppressing cult?) to the Dallas lawyers.

We do have other (unverified) testimony on this "black magic" theory that we are not at liberty to discuss at the present time, but it sounds like a really bad horror movie. We would welcome any testimony anyone could provide. Anyway we address some of the protestors to PADA and current defenders of the molester guru program here:

In sum, the GBC guru sympathizers are trying to repress PADA so they can cover up these types of stories (and help more innocent people become victimized). As soon as we say vaishnavas are being attacked, the Bhakta das team says, lets stop PADA so they can get more innocent people victimized. That's all they have done now for 35 years now, nothing new here at all. As soon as we say:

They say, hey lets put and end to PADA. Well that means they want more victims of their regime, after they already victimized thousands of children and numerous adults are no longer among the living because of their vicious cult. Incidently, Jvalamukhi's video seems to have disappeared? Fortunately, we have the text of her speech here:

She mentioned how the court case forced people to wake up, and she also mentions that there is a potential black magic anti-child program going on here. This seems to be the gradual consensus, in any event, that there is a very dark group in charge of the Mayapura program. Why would anyone even mention black magic child sacrifices, unless they had a feeling the place is totally demoniac? Why would anyone defend that cult, and agree with those who said that they are not happy because these children are not yet killed and chopped up? Jvalamukhi is correct, there is a black hearted child hating cult going on here, which is at the root of all the evils in ISKCON.

Anyway, there is hardly anyone even left to defend this group anymore, in fact except for the Bhakta das / Prahlad team, hardly no one else in the West defends the child molester messiahs regime, because almost everyone else knows that defending this group is a severe aparadha. So this is good news, more people are waking up to the Mayapura mess, and they are seeing whats really going on there.

Sometimes we have to be in the darkest time of day -- just before the sun rises. We hope that more of the people of India start to wake up over there (many already are, and we give them a big bravo for that) and catch up to us over here in the West. We want to see the holy dham of Krishna and Lord Chaitanya cleaned up, its our sacred ground, and we are praying for the day all these bogus actions are cleaned out of there. Krishna will do that eventually, but we should sweep our own church ourselves and not wait for Him to be our janitor. ys pd


  1. Great article, thanks for summing up all of this info into one large post. Hopefully everyone who reads this will forward it to their friends and relatives still living in Mayapur.

  2. "A black magic child sacrificing cult?"

    Google "Satanic child sacrifice" or "satanic ritual abuse".

    When all is said and done, the leaders of Mayapur and ISKCON in general will be exposed as satanists who are performing ritual satanic abuse and child sacrifice rituals simply to increase their demoniac spiritual energy. That would also explain why the atmosphere in Mayapur is so dark. They must be performing some kind of satanic child abuse/murder rituals there, since Mayapur is a very important spiritual place, in order to try to cover up the natural spiritual energy there.

    I think the rabbit hole goes much deeper than many of us can comprehend at this point.

  3. A good in-depth look at a long-sad situation. Thanks.

  4. Not sure who is worse, the bogus gurus, or the people who want to fix things by talking about killing victimized children. Or maybe, all these people work together behind the scene and only make pretend they are separate.


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