Sunday, September 8, 2013

India Protest Leaves 9 Dead

[PADA: This is one thing people keep asking us, if the GBC guru system is so corrupt (and it is), how come "the devotees" do not get out there in public and protest them? Where are the protesters? Whereas in places like India, all kinds people go out on a regular basis, and they make a noisy public protest over -- well just about every and any issue, and they even start big riots over all kinds of issues, all the time? Where are the ISKCON protesters?

As one devotee said recently, its like waking the dead to get devotees to go out and protest. At the same time, the Bhagavad Gita says, we have to protest evil doers, but not many are doing that. Why? This is a question we get all the time. ys pd]    


  1. It will take some time. More and more devotees are slowly waking up...

  2. Aren't you forgetting what happened to the big protesters in the past? Sulocana Das should be made a hero of the Iskcon Protest movement, before he could publish his book on the god men business he received a bullet through the head and the man that ordered his killing is now the poster boy of Iskcon. (Radanath)

    Aindra, threatend to publish his book and was warned by the GBC that if he published his book he could be kicked out of Iskcon. Before that happened a convenient accident took place that took Aindra's life.

    The most powerful protest one can make to a cult like Iskcon is to leave them, stop giving them power by supporting them. Don't give them time, don't give them money and least of all don't give them your mind. Take back what God gave you, your brain! These people are dangerous! You have no idea how many people have disappeared especially in Mayapur.

    Study your history people! Bhaktisiddhanta (Prabhupada's guru) revealed that he had not taken Diskha or Sanyas from anyone. When this truth came out many of his disciples left and went to Radha Kund and became babajis. So Iskcon and Gaudiya Math have no connection to the Gaudiya Vaisnava Sampradaya, they are both bogus institutions setup to create wealth, prestige and honour for the founders and vampire like disciples that followed in their wake.

    Break free and take back your life, its time you walked your own spiritual path, one that does not reject and hate other people. One that respects females, one that is not racist and one that does not sexually abuse the children in its care.

    Break free that is the biggest protest you can make.

  3. I suspect that even if someone leaves the ISKCON they will chase him for the rest of his life as a greatest cheater and hypocrite. It is not such a simple thing, that you can easily get rid of them and your bad name.
    Didn't Lord Krishna in Bhagavad-gita advice Arjuna not to leave the battlefield? Well, Arjuna was a ksatriya, so it was his duty to remain there and fight for the right cause.
    It is difficult, Prabhu, to know what is our real duty, as we are not ksatriyas. We are not like Arjuna. And Arjuna also didn't know (he forgot) his duty before he accepted Krishna as his Guru.
    But, for our own sake and as a retribution to ISKCON, in this situation, you have made a good point. It is better to leave ISKCON and stop feeding and supporting them, then protest or physically fight with them. It is not the right moment to do that right now.
    But if the things don't change for the better in the near future, I bet the fight will be the only option.

  4. Please accept my humble obeisances. I am deeply grateful for this website to open my eyes and possibly saving my life (I was almost talked into living in Mayapur by a senior ISKON member) Though please forgive my language with what I am about to say: It is good the ISKON demons are exposed through the site. But unless Krishna sends a true miracle to fix ISKON, its not gonna get better. This means we will have to do more than bitching about it. We will have to gather in large numbers, fight, protest, and do things in an even bigger way. Though the original deviants are growing old and dying off, they are sowing the bad seeds and tares in the wheat fields of younger generations. This must be stopped at any cost . We need to get off our butts and figure out what we will do.


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