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Danavir Admits His "Practice Gurus" -- Are NOT Even Practicing?


By His Holiness Danavir Goswami

Looking back to 1987, I remember trying my best to counsel several weeping ISKCON Vaisnavas when they learned that their guru had just defaulted his position. Their guru was previously a dynamic, conquering hero who shone like fire through preaching, making disciples, and leading the sankirtan movement.

Yet, those weeping Vaisnavas sitting in my office would have traded all the joy they shared with him during the victories just to have him remain their own spiritually-healthy guru. These devotees had surrendered their young and capable lives to Lord Krishna, but now they grieved because their guru was careless in following his own guru’s instructions.

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada says the first qualification of a guru is -- he must be a resident of Krishna Loka. Notice that Danavir says that his "residents of Krishna Loka guru" are always falling down into illicit sex, drugs and etc.]

DANAVIR: This paper suggests one major safeguard which will definitely help to avert future calamities.

[PADA: Worse, Danavir says these residents of Krishna loka gurus are -- causing calamities? (A) The guru is a resident of Krishna Loka therefore (B) he falls down into illicit sex and causes calamities for others?]


It is my contention that an ISKCON guru must fully participate in the temple morning program each day lest he disqualifies himself to be a guru. 

[PADA: A guru has to perform the sadhana practices, or else he forgets Krishna? No, a resident of Krishna loka guru sees Krishna 24 hours a day, he is in spontaneous love of God. He does not need to "practice" thinking of God, he is already thinking of Krishna at all times? Danavir says, the residents of Krishna loka need to perform the "practicing of bhakti" program. Where is this stated?

A person who is "practicing" the topic is called a neophyte, he has not yet mastered the topic? How can a person be a neophyte who is "practicing" science experiments in High School, and ALSO be considered as a fully finished PHD chemist at the same time? This makes no sense, he is a practicing High School student, therefore he should be considered as a PHD? Srila Prabhupada says when the neophyte student poses as a finished professor, this is called imitation of pure devotees (sahajiya).] 

DANAVIR: Of course there may be exceptions such as an emergency or a serious illness but if he can walk (or be carried), talk and honor prasadam, he should be shining like a beacon at the morning program. During his last visit to the West in September of 1977, Srila Prabhupada personally came to the morning program every day while he stayed at the Manor. If ever a guru had a valid excuse for not attending the morning program it was then, yet he underwent the inconvenience to set an example.

[PADA: Most of the GBC gurus have been living in separate and opulent facilities all along. And very often, they do not attend anything. Bhagavan was living in a four star hotel. Satsvarupa was staying at Howard Johnsons. Hrdayananda even now has an apartment near Venice Beach. Jayatirtha, Tamal, Hansadutta and others had their own separate houses. Where are these gurus? We also rarely or never see them at college preaching programs, doing harinama etc. either. Yes, good point, we almost never see Danavir's guru even doing any practices? When are they going to start?]

DANAVIR: A synonym for the word guru is acarya which means one who teaches by example. Guru means preacher and preacher means acarya— acara pracara.iii A devotee who executes sadhana bhakti carefully for many years may be allowed to accept disciples. 

[PADA: No, Srila Prabhupada says the sadhakas are not even allowed to have people touch their feet, or else they will be acting as gurus and absorbing the sins of others.]

DANAVIR: A main qualification for one’s becoming a guru in the first place was his strict adherance to the practices defined by his spiritual master.

[PADA: This is a contradiction, he is a student who has to practice, therefore he is a finished PHD professor?]

DANAVIR: After some time however if that devotee, now guiding disciples, relaxes his sadhana due to "being advanced," or to "preaching," or some other reason, is it not a fly in the ointment? Unable to maintain the standard after accepting disciples, he should either immediately rectify the situation or in our humble opinion, discontinue accepting more disciples until he is able to recover. Meticulous attendence at the morning program is required for devotees living in an ISKCON temple, and it is a prerequisite for receiving brahminical initiation, why then should it not apply for gurus?

[PADA: The guru is a person who falls down, and then has to recover? No, a neophyte falls down and has to recover. Of course the first problem is, as soon as we say their gurus are falling, the disciples want to ban, beat and kill us for "offending the guru." We cannot challenge "the guru" without facing potential violence, as has occurred often in ISKCON, thanks to Danavir creating vicious bogus guru cults.]  


Why must an advanced teacher clock in, so to speak, for temple services and rudimentary classes?

1) Because our spiritual master has ordered us to attend the morning program.
2) Because this is the standard spiritual practice since time immemorial.
3) Because gurus, i.e. acaryas, teach by their personal example.

[PADA: An advanced math teacher has to practice adding 2 + 2, or else he will forget that? Again, makes no sense, even in the mundane world the advanced math teachers do not have to practice kindergarten math over and over, or else he will forget it?]  

Danavir: Because due to so many guru falldowns, faith is low and needs to be improved. Seeing gurus at morning programs definitely enhances the faith of the devotees.

[PADA: Faith is low? No kidding, every six months there is another big guru scandal ever since 1978. Even Badrinarayan das wrote that unless they can fix their falling down guru program, no one is going to accept their guru process any more. The problem is, we are not supposed to have faith that a neophyte can act as an acharya.]

Danavir: Because we may not have yet attained the highest stage of a paramahamsa. Because even if one is a paramahamsa, he voluntarily acts on the level of madhyama adhikari for preaching purposes.

[PADA: So why are you advertising neophytes who are practicing, as paramahamsas? As for Madhyama, that is the platform of anartha nrvritti (freedom from material anarthas). These GBC gurus have definately not come to that platform either.] 

DANAVIR: Whatever action a guru performs…the disciples perform. Where gurus don’t attend, it should come as no surprise that disciples don’t either. One senior God brother recently confided in me that in his opinion the single most important way to improve ISKCON would be to make sure that all of the leaders were exemplary in their devotional practices especially in attending the morning program. A guru who does not attend morning temple programs is super-conspicuous by his absense. Conversely, when the guru is there, more of his sisyas will be there.

[PADA: And when the guru is having illicit sex and is taking drugs, so will the sisyas, and that is why we have so many of these troubles in and around ISKCON.] 


If gurus don’t attend mangala arati it sends out a signal as loud as the conchshell that there are other more important things to do at four thirty in the morning than attending mangala arati. Younger devotees will think that later when they mature, they too can do more important things at that time of the day. A guru must know that staying up late at night can be a mortal enemy of mangala arati.

[PADA: Notice how Danavir contradicts himself. He says his gurus are practicing neophytes, then he says, but they are not even performing the practices? So his gurus are practicing neophytes, but they are not even practicing the standards of neophyte behavior, so -- they are not even practicing? That means Danavir is admitting many of his gurus are dead beats who are not even up to the level of practicing neophytes.]

DANAVIR: The person explained that he wasn’t referring to those seminars, he meant other types of seminars and workshops. I expressed that it seemed presumptuous to promote extra seminars while slighting the ones established by our spiritual master.

[PADA: Right, the GBC's seminars on how to treat their gurus who are falling down and then being suspended, censured, removed -- all of these things are concoctions -- its just plain rubbish, this is never done in our parampara.] 


Q. Does every guru in ISKCON have to chant sixteen rounds daily?
A. Yes, it is considered one of the qualifications of a guru.

[PADA: Then why are so many of these gurus allowed to live in separate residences away from the temples, or to live in four star hotels, or to be simply absent from the temples for years together in many cases? Here in Berkeley some of Savarupa Damodar's disciples started a pot smoking club because, he almost never visited them. Where are these gurus is simply another question?]

DANAVIR: Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu therefore stated that the spiritual master who plays the part of Krsna’s representative has to consume all the sinful reactions of his disciple. Sometimes a spiritual master takes the risk of being overwhelmed by the sinful reactions of the disciples and undergoes a sort of tribulation due to their acceptance. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu therefore advised that one not accept many disciples. (Srimad Bhagavatam 4.21.31 Purport)

[PADA: Correct, this is one reason these gurus keep falling down and getting sick, they are not authorized to take sins.]

DANAVIR: A guru who does not attend the morning program scrupulously, may already be exhibiting effects of being overwhelmed. He can defer from initiating for some time while he concentates on his own sadhana and that of his already initiated disciples. We are not commenting here upon a devotee’s value, preaching ability, or spiritual advancement, instead we are suggesting that if one does not perform the functions of a guru either by choice or due to factors beyond his control, then he should not accept the post of taking formal disciples.

Thank you very much. Hare Krishna.

[PADA: Except its up to the GBC to not make these false gurus in the first place? A fallen person acting as a messiah may not resign voluntarily, and they can drag on for decades in a fallen position and still be the worshiped guru, because the GBC often fails to reign in their bogus gurus. In fact when the GBC sometimes finds out their gurus are engaged in illicit sex, they have even reinstated them back as gurus. The problem is that gurus are not managed by a committee in the first place, and Danavir thinks they are. ys pd]

[PADA NOTE: Danavir has already established that his gurus are insane people:]

Danavir: Harikesa dasa experienced symptoms of neuroses both in his life before coming to Krsna consciousness as well as occasionally within his devotional service. These states took the shape of manic, hyperactive work, followed by depression and paranoia. Severe psychological disorders that involve a marked split with reality, such as genuinely thinking oneself to be someone he is not, are symptoms of psychosis. 


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  1. Danavir Maharaja is a wonderful guru. Impecable sadhana and strictness. Plus he is very staunch at keeping with prabhupada's mood and is strongly opposed to watering down, liberalizing, ect that is going on in Iskcon. other than repeating your theory that he and all gurus ar bogus because you believe prabhupada wants the parampara to end with himself and for iskcon to become like christianity....otherr than that arguement, what can you say that is bad about danavir swami? he is a great soul, he strictly follows his vows and sadhana, and he preaches prabhupada's philosophy in its pure form. how can you say he is not a qualified guru? who is to say that maybe is the self effulgent acarya that the ritviks arw waiting to appear


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