Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rocana's False Gurukuli's Beer Bust

PADA UPDATE: Thanks prabhu, yes our Prabhupadanuga program in Vancouver has a wonderful kirtana, and Rocana boycotts us. He says he is not in favor of the ISKCON kirtana styles, but then he does not promote anything except the ISKCON guru program. ys pd]  

PADA: Rocana das recently claimed that the Bhakti fest "Gaura Vani band" ex-gurukulis were partying and drinking beer -- and he had proof, look at the labels on the bottles. OK these bottles turned out to be ginger ale. And so now Rocana has once again alienated a group of people by attacking them without warrant. At the same time there have been stories, however some years ago, of wild ex-gurukuli's "parties." Yet that was some time ago, many of them are now grown up adults and most of them are actually married, and many now have their own children nowadays and so on.

So all Rocana did was upset these people for no good reason, and make it appear that the senior devotees sector are enemies of these ex-children. At the same time, there is another group of critics of this group, who say that these kulis are bogus for "not singing the right tunes," "not dressing appropriately," and so on and so forth. PADA's view is -- that its a miracle any of these ex-kids are even chanting in public at all, considering all their generation went through. We are glad they even believe in Krishna, and want to sing the name of Krishna in public, at all, at this stage.

Gaura Vani band means of course the speaking of Lord Gauranga. Are their parents out there with a band singing anything, anywhere? Where is Rocana's public band? Where is the public band of the "they are singing bad tunes" crew? Lets face they have nothing going on, at least these ex-kids have something. This is another problem, if someone is doing something, then the people who are doing nothing, ok like Bhakta das, will criticize us. Actually he is doing a little bit of something, he is promoting the GBC's guru program and he has found a fresh group of disciples to promote him and that agenda.

So we try to be nice to the ex-kulis in general, considering them as childhood victims of a child negligent, if not dysfunctional, if not violent cult. Its simply not helpful to blame the victims. This was the same problem that critics have had with the child molesting lawsuit. "Well these children are saying horrible things about Krishna, ISKCON and Srila Prabhupada." OK agreed, that's true, but if your own children are saying horrible things about your own religion, how are they to blame?
How come many of these children ended up hating the Krishna religion, whereas our own children ended up being favorable to Krishna? That means something went wrong in the victim's upbringing which caused them to reject the religion.

That means the people in charge of these children, aka the adults, created conditions where these children ended up having these attitudes. And worse, when the lawsuit came up, the Sanat / Prahlad folks publicly suggested that these children simply needed to be chopped up for being so offensive. OK, that's really going to help fix things? No, they simply alienated the victims even more and more, and convinced them there is an anti-child policy. At the same time we are glad they wrote that, it proved our point in spades, there is an anti-child policy going on here. Now we had written proof.

Then again we have ex-kulis like Aniruddha who was arrested recently, he has really had a messed up life, there is no question about it. So when the children as a group have a number of homeless and dysfunctional victims, have been having excessive parties, are having suicidal thoughts, have been going to psychologists and ordered to take psychotropic medications, have been getting arrested, and so on, who is to blame for that, if not collectively, the leaders of ISKCON and the acquiescing adults?

What is interesting is that 1,000 ex-children signed up for the molesting case, and we have never seen 1,000 of them unite on anything else ever since. That means they all agreed on one thing at least, the leaders, the adults, the acquiescing parents, all of them had let down their entire generation and had put them into a very abusive condition that was even causing suicides. So they all agreed on one point, all of the adults in ISKCON collectively failed them. There is a group of people who say that PADA should not have interfered in the suicides problem, of course those same people later on would have criticized that we allowed the suicides and did nothing?

Why does Srila Prabhupada say -- you cannot please the demoniac?

To his credit Rocana helped the case because he did recognize that suicides was not at all a good development for these ex-children, and that these suicides would eventually give the society an un-favorable image as a Jim Jones suicide cult in the public media.

Oddly, the Prahlad group said at the time that is exactly what they wanted, they said they wanted the newspapers in America to advertise "a blood bath in Dallas." So there is a section of former ISKCON / GBC / Satsvarupa groupies who really wanted these children to die more and more, and for that story to be in the media, and they still do, they still defend their idea of having dead children and for that story to be a media story. The ex-children of course know about all this child hating sector within their society, and no wonder they are alienated.

So there is a section of people who resisted the lawsuit, saying its better for them to die, and this has happened also in the Catholic church where leaders, and elders, advise the victims to be silent, and this results in dysfunction and suicides. Then again all we have to do is look at Satsvarupa's art to figure out why some of his ex-followers are so haywire and anti-humanity.

In any case, we think all of the ex-children of ISKCON should be given a special break, especially if they are even interested in the religion, at all. We also got many thanks from a number of them for helping them with the lawsuit, they said, "Apart from PADA, no one wrote about our plight or even cares about us -- at all. Most people wish us ill."

So this is the first problem, if we want to attract them back to Krishna, we have to show some signs of concern for them, and appreciation for all they went through in the GBC's guru wars, of which they are the worst case examples of victims of this war. If someone in the family was abused and feels alienated, actually the other family members have to work all the harder to show concern for them. Or they may never come back, ever. Who would blame them? ys pd


  1. I'm still in confusion how such things could have happened within ISKCON. How could any sane person wish ill to someone who is helping children? I don't know what would Srila Prabhupada say all about this.
    When I was first introduced into KC, I had been thought that ISKCON is immune to the influence of Kali, and even if there are some misunderstanding, quarreling or fighting among devotees, they are all part of Krishna's pastimes.
    I don't know how such things could have anything to do with Krishna's pastimes.
    If someone could enlighten me on that ...

  2. AMAZING. i am in complete shock! this is the first time that i have ever heard puranjana defend and speak positively about any devotees other than those that are hardline prabhupadanuga traditionalists.

    PADA: Nope, we said that the victims need to be given special mercy, especially if they were children victims.

    And some others like the IRM totally disagreed with us on the molesting issue, and so did the Bhakta das / Sanat / Prahlad etc. group. They all said, let these children suffer and die, and they still say that was the better idea, and so we had to break ranks with them. All of them.

    Not all of the so-called ritviks wanted to give these ex-children any break whatsoever. We did. We are not monolithic with all the other groups.

    For that matter, some of the people inside official ISKCON told us later they were relieved that some of these children's problems were finally being addressed, because these children were suffering terrible.

    In fact some of our best sources on the gurukulis suffering, suicides etc. problems were from people inside the institution. They were helping us because they could see the institution never would, nor would their Bhakta das clone heads ever fix anything.

    So they encouraged us to at least do something, this was a huge emergency. Yes, there are people inside the movement who helped us on this issue.

    We give credit where credit is due. And we affix blame where its due, these ex-kulis should not be blamed for the problems they have, since its the adults who failed, them and the kuli dysfunction is THE RESULT of failure from the adult side, which is what Srila Prabhupada warned, if you do not treat these children properly, they may end up rejecting the religion.

    So we defend people who should not be attacked, such as children, since they did not cause the issue in the first place. Of course I get attacked all the time, its called shooting the messenger. ys pd

    Anyway, no, I am not with all the hardline folks, at all. Of course the IRM also rejected our efforts to get original books, saying that was not required because no one should work with Hansadutta for any reason.

    They also said we should drop the poison case, so we are together on some issues, and not together on others, that's life. ys pd

  3. People who want to see harm come to the children of vaishnavas -- are not vaishnavas, thats all. Whether its the molesters or the supporters of the Bhakta das project to help and revive the GBC's gurus project, which harmed the children in the first place. ys pd

  4. I'm still in confusion how such things could have happened within ISKCON. How could any sane person wish ill to someone who is helping children? I don't know how such things could have anything to do with Krishna's pastimes. If someone could enlighten me on that ...

    response: in KRSNA LILA, that's a lot of what did happen. so many killed in proximity to KRSNA, abused as well, and the symptom of the DEVOTEE is their tolerance, to offenses against themselves, but NEVER TO OTHER DEVOTEES, especially those junior to them but left in their care. the passionate nature of ksatriyas who respond to such things, and their responses, will vary widely according to time and circumstance. this is to be expected, but it is also indicative of the NATURE OF THE TRANSCENDANCE present here now. THESE ARE THE PASTIMES OF THE LORD! accordingly, the world can only expect these material complications to continue to until the cosmic upheaval is complete.


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