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Long Term Effects of the Zonal Acharya System (Rocana das)

[PADA: Unfortunately not only the bogus ISKCON leaders, but many folks like Rocana (and a number of our other God brothers like Rocana) supported the concept that the 11 were appointed as gurus and not as managers, deputies, or ritviks. Rocana keeps saying since 1978 and even today, that if Srila Prabhupada had only appointed these 11 people to act ONLY as ritvik representatives, and not as gurus, he would "not be following the tradition." In other words, people like Rocana empowered and enabled the guru clique. Once these gurus became "absolute authorities," then their reign of terror started in earnest. Rocana has collaborated with these GBC gurus by arguing their apa-siddhanata on their behalf.

Rocana writes papers such as "The Church Of Ritvik," where he repeats Tamal Krishna Goswami's saying that the worship of the acharya Srila Prabhuapada is -- the church idea, like the Christians. Rocana also uses other common bogus GBC guru slogans and arguments such as, we are the posthumous, post samadhi, post mortem worshipers etc. In other words Rocana is the greatest parrot of, and defender of, the GBC's gurus and their main arguments. Whenever Rocana speaks, its almost always something that Tamal was saying in the 1980s. And of course Rocana was supporting them in the 1980s.   

The GBC's gurus also say that our idea is the "church" idea. So if Rocana wanted to defeat the GBC gurus, he would have argued what we are saying, that we really need to worship the pure devotee now. Then Rocana wonders why the GBC gurus are in power, and yet every single day since 1978 Rocana has been their biggest cheer leader, defender, advocate and public legal expert by representing their main arguments against the Prabhupadanugas. 

So Rocana has been one of the main public defenders of the arguments of the GBC's bogus gurus, then he wonders why people are suffering under the reign of -- the GBC gurus? Well because for starters, Rocana is cramming the arguments of these gurus down everyone's throats since 1978, and he is thus forcing and bullying people into accepting the arguments of the molester messiahs project. Rocana is correct however, this is all history, and a day of reckoning will come for all the people who supported the arguments of these GBC gurus, and Rocana will be one of the prominent leading people who will be held accountable for supporting their apa-siddhanta.  

Everyone knew that the GBC had zones all along, so when people like Rocana started to say that the Zonal GBC are also gurus, that started the Zonal Guru out cropping. Therefore, people like Rocana helped create and support the Zonal Guru program from square one. 

So it has been the Rocana types and the GBC combinedly who first concocted the idea that these Zonal GBC are gurus. This is why Rocana keeps saying -- the ritvik idea  -- i.e. that the Zonal GBC have NOT been appointed as gurus, but only as proxies for the acharya -- is bogus, and Rocana says we need to worship a living person because that is the tradition. That is exactly what the bogus GBC gurus say as well. Rocana argues for the GBC gurus by repeating them, then he wonders aloud why there has been so much chaos, when Rocana is one of the leaders of the arguments of the creators of the chaos. 

And Rocana was part of the 1986 "50 man committee" to reform these gurus, but there is no such thing as a guru who needs to be reformed and corrected by a committee? Meanwhile we said they are not zonal, they are not going to be reformed gurus, they are not gurus. Period. Of course their big splash 1986 reform was, they reinstated Bhavananda and simultaneously voted in folks like Danavir. Danavir has a nice homosexual pedophile guru recoronation ceremony certification, and then he wonders why there are troubles in ISKCON as well? Maybe its because he is certified as a guru by the same people who certify known homosexual pedophiles as their messiahs?]  

ROCANA: It was about a year later when Pradyumna, who was serving with Yasodanandana das at the Vrindavan gurukula, raised his concerns about the Zonal Acarya System. It was Yasodanandana and Gurukrpa's party that had collected the money to build the gurukula, which at the time was functioning in the spirit and mood Srila Prabhupada intended for the gurukulas.

I've written a number of times about the story that unfolded. Basically, Yasodanandana and Pradyumna wrote a paper challenging the Zonal Acaryas -- not challenging their concocted philosophy, but simply the degree of opulence and the glorification they were taking, with the big vyasasans and so forth.

[PADA: Right, if there had not been such opulent pooja for these 11, then they would have been simply been acting more or less as "officiators on behalf of the acharya" (ritviks). So the idea of reducing their worship and stature was somewhat along the lines of the ritvik idea, they were only proxies, and not full fledged acharyas. So Pradyumna and Yasodananda had at least the correct initial notion -- that the 11 were telescoping their status way beyond what had been actually ordered by Srila Prabhupada. That is a de facto ritvik idea, they were maybe at best priests, but not acharyas. The real worship should be for the acharya Srila Prabhupada.] 

ROCANA: They presented their paper to the GBC, and as history tells it, they were both promptly thrown out of the movement. This came as a great shock to all the devotees, especially senior leaders like the temple presidents, who knew these individuals very well. It was just an amazing shock to see that the Zonal Acaryas would go this far.

[PADA: They also kicked us out about the same time for protesting Jayatirtha's antics.]

ROCANA: And although a great deal of time has now passed, still the repercussions of this event are not being properly articulated. Personally, I think Pradyumna's son is just another of the many examples of the ramifications of this action on part of the GBC leaders. You can only imagine what it would be like for a young child whose father was a great pandit, one of the closest associates of Srila Prabhupada during his lila, who everybody in the movement knew and respected.

One minute you're in that position, and in the next moment your father is being unceremoniously thrown out of the movement. And the family was given nothing, absolutely nothing. They threw Pradyumna out with nothing. He had no real education, no resume, no way to easily re-establish himself. He and his family were abruptly forced out of the association of devotees… out of the society that he not only deserved to be in, but deserved to be in as much if not more than the people who threw him out.

[PADA: Right, Danavir keeps saying he needs to find people who are able to chant their rounds to be his gurus, but Pradyumna was doing more regular daily pooja and chanting every day -- than any of the eleven gurus could even dream of doing. And so were Yasodananda and other scholars like them. So the GBC and Danavir's idea was, lets kick out all the people who are doing the actual chanting and poojas, and replace them with people who are not doing the chanting, and lets call our non-chanting sabha -- gurus. 

So the sadhana and scholarly types were being purged out, and the managerial / goonda types were being given bigger posts. That is what Pol Pot, Stalin, and other dictators do, they remove the intellectuals. And that is what the GBC and Danavir types did as well. And now Danavir complains that his program of removing the chanting scholars and replacing them with his idea of gurus, ok people like Satsvarupa, is a problem. Satsvarupa writes that he watches football games, and has lived in Howard Johnson Hotels etc., this means, Danavir's gurus cannot even chant their rounds and so on. Well why did they remove the scholars and chanters then?]    

ROCANA: I don't know Aniruddha, and didn't know him as a boy, but I had a somewhat similar circumstance in my own life with my daughter. It seriously impacted my relationship with my wife, who took our daughter out of the movement. And in her own way, my daughter has seriously impacted ISKCON -- another story I've told on several occasions. There are many such stories, and there are many ramifications to ISKCON as a result.

[PADA: Correct, when these children end up rejecting the religion, or just plain going crazy, due to the complete breakdown of their society and it religion, that is actually the collective karma of the entire group of devotees for allowing this situation to develop -- and to continue. Its called "empowering and enabling." 

In politics, a dysfunctional society is called "a failed state." It generally means -- there is no longer any fabric to the society, its lawless chaos. And in that situation, the women and children generally have no protection and shelter, and so they often become victimized, as many of the children did in the post-1978 "gurukulas." And the few of us who pointed out the abusive program were beaten with shoes all along, and we still are. There are still groups of people who say that our pointing out the victimizing of children "creates bad publicity."] 

ROCANA: When he was ejected, Yasodanandana was so devastated that within a few years he came up with the Rtvik philosophy. Now how much of a serious impact has that had on ISKCON, continuing on to this very day? And he didn't get thrown out for preaching anything even close to Rtvik-ism at the time, with Pradyumna.

[PADA: Well its having a huge impact, since the GBC, Gaudiya Matha and Rocana das are always discussing the ritviks, and almost nothing else? Some GBC goondas are EVEN TODAY trying to hack our sites like Prabhupadanugas eu and Prabhupadavision etc. So yes, we are making a huge wave and they know it.]

ROCANA: I don't know the details of Pradyumna's family story. I can only sympathize with he and his wife and with his son, who has gone crazy. But I personally think that the situation just described must have significantly contributed to whatever mental instability Aniruddha is experiencing today. Of course there's a degree of speculation, but there's also obviously a connection between these events in Aniruddha's life.
But no one seems to be able to piece together history here, and put the blame where it should be put.

[PADA: This is a good point. There are some very dysfunctional ex-gurukulis. Some of them have had a terrible time with drugs, illicit sex parties, and an inability to function normally in society. Some of them have been feeling suicidal, as Jvalamukhi pointed out. That means the "devotee society" as a whole has not given them training, shelter and ongoing support. Some of them are even today more or less homeless, as one devotee told us recently. In sum, they have no shelter in ISKCON, the religion of their parents. 

Basically the GBC gurus used photos of the kulis as a means of "showing off" to the life members to collect funds. Many of the kulis thus felt used and abused, because they were. So the combination of not getting a proper education, not getting support from the leaders, and a huge abuse program, has lead many kulis to depression, desperation, and dysfunction. If not sometimes madness. No kidding. Of course anyone who helps the children like we did will then be attacked for "creating a bad image." So there is an effort to make sure that these ex-children are not supported, at all. These people are also part of the cause of the suicides and so forth.]   

ROCANA: The leaders of ISKCON helped to create this mess. They contributed to it significantly, by causing the traumatic upheaval in young Aniruddha's life. And they created similar turmoil in the lives of thousands of prabhus: Pradyumna's, Yasodanandana's, mine, just to mention the few names right here in this article.

[PADA: Right, that is the history, anyone who did not support their worship of illicit sex and drugs messiahs like Jayatirtha, was removed.]  

ROCANA: At the time Pradyumna was thrown out, it was generally understood that it happened because he had written his letter to the godbrothers, suggesting that they tone down their self-glorification -- that it wasn't Vedic, it wasn't traditional, and it was causing all sorts of problems. Which was all true. But it eventually came to light, that this was not the whole story.

[PADA: Right, poor Aniruddha was kicked out when his parents were kicked out, and that must have been very traumatic and de-stabilizing for him. He suddenly lost connections to his childhood friends and was viewed as an outcast, or pariah, for having a dissenter for a father.]

ROCANA: One of the most vociferously outspoken opponents of Pradyumna at the time was Hridayananda. Hridayananda went after Pradyumna tooth and nail, and he was the leader who contributed most directly to getting him thrown out. It was well known in those circles that Pradyumna had been empowered and instructed by Srila Prabhupada to finish the Srimad Bhagavatam if Srila Prabhupada departed. But Hridayananda wanted that position. He was envious of Pradyumna, who was a householder. And at that time, one cannot even imagine the sannyasi elitism that was taking place in ISKCON. This was going on before Srila Prabhupada left, and it was amplified after his departure. In fact, any householder who was a Zonal Acarya had to become a sannyasi if he wanted to be part of the inside group.

Hridayananda knew right away that whoever wrote the last cantos was going to be glorified even more, and he needed that boost because he was not satisfied with being in South America. He thought it was an inferior zone compared to North America, India and Europe, so he needed a reason to essentially abandon the zone. He would maintain himself as a Zonal Acarya down there, and accept the glorification and the disciples that were generated, but after he had dispatched with Pradyumna, he used the excuse that he needed to go to Florida, and to live in an opulent circumstance in Miami, ostensibly so he could finish the Srimad Bhagavatam.

As I see it, these facts are still very relevant, even forty years later. The impact of all this taking place could rightly be brought up in ISKCON as often as the Holocaust is brought up again and again by the European Jews.

[PADA: This is something we agree on with Rocana, we have to use the slogan the Jews use, "never again."]

ROCANA: And this Zonal Acarya system, to a certain degree, is still in operation. Krsna had to take care of most of the Zonal Acaryas, because the GBC never would. Jayapataka Swami, who is now greatly incapacitated, is one of the last survivors, but their successors are still carrying on. I've written several articles about thePrinces of the Zonal Acarya Kings who are now in power, and who are propagating the same contaminated mentality and philosophy the original Zonal Acaryas did.

And some of them are now coming back. Just recently Ramesvara, one of the biggest culprits from the Zonal Acarya era, began to make his comeback. Everyone is trying to make a comeback these days… writing books and being invited to festivals. In a sense, their role during the Zonal Acarya era was that they were like the Gestapo. But instead of being hunted down and brought to justice, these rascals are coming back for a glorious encore, and are being warmly received by all the sentimental devotees who have chosen to remain blind to the real history.

But we need to understand history as it actually took place. So many devotees instead believe the myths that have been created about our ISKCON past, and on that basis so many problems have never been resolved in the society, and so many devotees have been damaged as a result.

People will not come to grips with the reality that incidents such as the one unfolding with Pradyumna's son are current day manifestations of the earlier problems. Obviously Aniruddha is someone who is mentally disturbed, but still, the symptoms are there, and their connection to the earlier traumas can be seen. The fact is that because people refuse to see history as it really took place, they cannot see circumstances today for what they are. Everyone who does this is suffering, and the Sankirtan Movement is being derailed as a result.

[PADA: This is the first problem we have when dealing with people, they keep trying to re-write history.
Rocana has all along been the main defender of the GBC's bogus and Zonal gurus, because he argues just like them, the ritviks are a church idea, the ritviks worship the post mortem dead person, the ritviks are not in the tradition, the ritviks say you can read the books of a dead person and be liberated, and so on and so forth. Then Rocana wonders why there is banning, beating, molesting and murders? Because of you Rocana, you are supporting their idiot theology since 1978. You are the cause of this chaos Rocana, along with our many other God brothers who have supported this regime's apa-theology.

Rocana is one of them in apa-siddhanta, and history will show that -- and is showing that. Of course there are higher authorities that Rocana will have to contend with for his supporting the apa-siddanta of the homosexual pedophile messiahs and using their arguments. Using their arguments means, he has accepted them as his authority.

Of course there are other history re-writers, Purajana did not bring out the poison issue, sorry he did. Puranjana was not generating interest in the changed books in his newsletter, which lead to a lawsuit to get original books. Sorry, he did mention that issue and did get support for that issue. And so on. Then again these people like Prahlad are working with Bhakta das to re-establish the worship of Radhanath, so they are simply another version of Rocana. 

They claim to be Prabhupadnaugas but then they support the homosexual and pedophile GBC's guru's program's biggest defenders like Bhakta das. Then they wonder why people like poor Aniruddha are going crazy, because of them and their supporting the molester pooja folks, and this is making poor Aniruddha types feel hopeless and helpless. Aniruddha is feeling that the molester messiahs program is evil, and then Bhakta das and his disciples like Prahlad are promoting the main leaders of the molester messiahs program. Its making some folks feel like there is no hope. Of course people like us never give up hope because, the molester messiahs program is going down. Bhakta das and his disciples like Prahlad can try to revive it, but its going down, period.

In any case poor Aniruddha's life has been changed forever now. After threatening a congress woman with chopping her head off, he may never recover his actual life back again. And he may not be able to get a stable living situation going again. He will most likely have a hard time getting a job, renting a place to live etc., because his story has pervaded the media so intensely, he is like a marked person and so on. He will have a really bad public image as a person who cannot be trusted, and maybe, as a dangerous person etc. Its very hard to recover from that. So he sort of went from the frying pan into the fire, he has made his situation much worse to resolve. 

But really, what he did was like a cry for help.

The problem is, where is the help? The ISKCON society has no substantial outreach program for people in trouble like this. So all we can do is pray for these victims and hope they can get some relief from somewhere, but it will not come from the GBC, or their public defenders like Rocana, or the Prahlad people who want to help Bhakta revive their pedophile messiahs program. 

Our neighbor is a nice middle-aged woman who goes to church four times a week and she is incredibly pious, she has a nice altar in her home with Mary, Jesus etc. She is a hundred times more sane than any of these people, or all of them put together. She knows the acharya is never postmortem and etc., so she does have shelter, and therefore her and people like her are -- never going crazy. They have shelter. 

And that is what we need to give people, or they will not participate, and worse, they might even no longer be sane and they can be a danger to themselves and others. That is what happened to Sanat (Mukunda's writer and pal). He went to the Social Security office and said, "I have been a Hare Krishna for 10 years, there fore I am a mad man and I need social security payment for being mad." And they gave it to him. 

So this is the result of the GBC guru program, its making people go mad. When we called up the Angelica police to say that Sanat / Mukunda were saying that they wanted to have the ISKCON children killed, chopped up and fed to dogs, the police said to us, "Yeah we know all about that guy, he is the biggest nut-bag in town. Everyone in town keeps an eye on him because we all know he is a total mad man. He is one of our local trouble makers and we have to sort him out on a regular basis." So Sanat is like another version of Aniruddha, he has the public image of being a mad fool and he even reported to the SSI that he is in fact a mad fool.    

The good news is that in Vancouver our ritvik program is doing great. This begs the question, will Rocana help our program there, since he lives there? ys pd] 

Here is the latest psycho-art from Danavir's Boston messiah:

I painted in the basement.
I finished a picture of a man
writing a poem on a yellow paper.
Behind him was a White Muse
hitting him with red bolts
of inspiration.
On the yellow page I wrote these words:
“I dreamt I wanted my vocation
as a poet. I wrote down some of the
details of the dream and here I am with my pen.”
A little further down I wrote the following:
“A poem should be useful.
One-to-one with the reader
in his or her lonely hour.”


  1. Dear PADA Prabhu.
    All Glories to His Divine Grace, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada.
    Please accept my most fallen and humble obeisances.

    Dear PADA Prabhu, You are right from all angles of vision, Your neighbour is incredibly pious, She knows that the Acarya is never post-mortem.
    A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada is The founder Acarcya of ISKCON and no one can take His position for then thousand years to come.
    We all have His shelter, and thank You for giving us that shelter!!!
    These people who calls themselves Prabhupadanuga’s Rocana Prabhu, Prahlad and Bhakta are very insane people, they need a psychiatrist who can put them away for a lifetime in a psychiatric institution. They will never help. Their they belong and than they will come to their senses. They feel they are secure now, because they are getting back up from their SO-Called STUPID GBC !!!

    Who will listen to their stupid GBC Program, and they are going down now, devotees are waking up, and seeking shelter at the Lotus Feet of His Divine Grace, A.C. Bhakitvedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada.

    They are not stupid anymore, and Your website is the one of the best Prabhu, they will come, we will never give up our hope.
    We will never leave the Lotus Feet of His Divine Grace, A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, He is as good as Lord Krsna, and only time has separated their fall down.

    I feel so sorry for the devotees who have gone mad, that they want to kill the children of ISKCON, chop their heads of and feed them to dogs. These children are our future Prabhu and if we raise them with love and warmth and give them Krsna consciousness without pressure, they will inundate the whole world with Hari Nam. You are right Prabhu, this is the result of the GBC Program.
    My hearts goes to Pradyumana Prabhu and his family, and especially their son, and all the other devotees who are still suffering due these SO-CALLED GBC PROGRAM!!!
    Their Judgement Day will come sooner or later, they think they are Lord of the material nature, but that is there foolishness. No one can escape the stringent laws of material nature, and Lord Krsna is the one who is seeing everything, the moment He will give permission to Durga Devi, they will bang their heads unto the walls!!

    Thank You again that You are opening our eyes, and we will read all the articles and pray for the devotees who are suffering.
    All Glories to the Founder Acarya of ISKCON, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada.
    All Glories to the real Prabhupadanugas.
    Please accept my most fallen and humble obeisances.
    Always Your servant,

  2. Rocana and Bhakti Vikas' "living guru" program defeated here:

  3. Yes, a lot of the problems these devotees have is because they heard so many rubbish things from the GBC gurus, thus now they cannot make sense of the whole mess. And so they are taking shelter of these anti-illuminati programs, anti-semite programs, anti-New World Order web sites etc, and of course now they are working with Bhakta das, who is promoting the GBC's gurus.

    And many of these same people are also working with Tamohara, who is always citing his theory "PADA is a leader of the West Coast CIA operations" -- and he wants us to work with Gaura Govinda Maharaja's party, ok except Gaura Govinda Maharaja was a voted in GBC guru, and he was Tamal's biggest defender when the GBC chastised Tamal in 1993, and so on and so forth.

    They keep going back to their crazy conspiracy program, and / or the GBC's guru program, which is why, they are mad people. We have to get away from these programs, plain and simple. ys pd

  4. Tamohars supports a GBC guru. Prahlad is supporting Bhakta das and his living guru is Radhanath. Are they taking their medications?

  5. Yes, these people are going crazy because they have never got rid of all the GBC guru nonsense they heard filling their brains. Ordinary people are not going crazy because they know the guru is pure and not falling down. Saying guru is pure and he is falling down is crazy already. Listening to this makes more crazy people. Satsvarupa is a crazy man and that is what happens when people listen to them.

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