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Umapati does China (shows GBC covered up for him) ys pd

Bhakta Don : Umapati Does ChinaWhere did he vanish to, Umapati (swami? gurudeva?), that great spin doctor for the 'Champions of Krsna's Army' (CHAKRA)? After blazing onto the scene; his sunnyasa cloth flying in the wind, and his danda....well, let's not go there. Our interest was piqued when ISKCON's propaganda drum missed several beats in the w...ake of this GBC endorsed gurus's departure from the cyber circular. We sought him high and we sought him low...and that's where we found him....LOW,.... down in the gutter.

Touching of the private parts and fondling. The statements mentions Maharaja acted inappropriately with 'several devotees'. Maharaja himself stated it was 7 persons, although he didn't state who they were.

Ah yes, he's been in China; his divine hands wok-frying his Chinese disciples...."While serving in his preaching field, Umapati Swami improperly interacted with several male devotees past the boundaries of what is proper". So are we to understand that these 'improprieties' suddenly appeared, or was he nuzzling noodles long before it was discovered he had "slipped past the bounderies of what is proper?" May we suggest that his visits to the subterranean have been uninterrupted since long before his induction into the guru business- ( He knew full well there would be no serious repercussions in the event of disclosure? And true to understanding of his GBC godbrothers, they gave Umapati an all expenses paid holiday to India, where sexual perversions on Indian boys by visiting homosexuals and pedophiles have not yet come under the spotlight, although complaints have been many, and hush money payouts, even more.

When promoting itself as the 'eccessalistical face of Krisna', the GBC does so as an elitist, hierarchical SOCIETY, elected and voted in by themselves, and them alone. When a wart appears on the 'face', the "GBC Party" avoids accountability by implying that it is simply the impropriety of some distant related franchise for which they have no responsibility other than its rectification. And in support of this all too regular 'chameleon' phenomena, the exposed perverts abet the GBC by publicly accepting the role of a franchisee- "I take full responsibility for my actions I alone am to blame". In return for 'taking responsibility' and in spite of ongoing betrayal of trust; the raping of children; the sexual compromise of disciples; the abuse of fiduciary obligation; the public disgrace, and glaring dereliction of the GBC to see beyond its own criminality, the felons are treated to a 'resort' rectification-"Umapati Swami will reside for a time in a holy place, like Mayapur". Whereas rank-and-file doormats must slave incessantly, sometimes for years, before earning a short stop in Mayapur, a GBC appointed "deva" needs only juggle the genitalia of his disciples to secure a bachelor pad at the best address in town.

So now we will look at the 'Agreement' between Umapati and ISKCON's illustrious GBC Ex. Com.:

Umapati Swami and the GBC Executive Committee Agreement

The many years of Umapati Swami's service to Srila Prabhupada is recognized and appreciated. While serving in his preaching field. Umapati Swami improperly interacted with several male devotees past the boundaries of what is proper. In order to assist in the rectification of Umapati Swami. assure the sanctity of the institution and provide shelter for US (Umapati Swami), we have agreed to the following actions:

>Our reports will show, Umapati lied and convoluted the facts* when complaints forced an investigation by the GBC ex. com. We got to hand it to the GBC (no pun intended), even when one of their rubber stamped gurus is a confirmed fraud and God knows what else, they continue to address him as swami and 'provide shelter' for his penchants.

*Umapati's Con

· Effective immediately Umapati Swami will reside for a time in a holy place, likely Mayapur. He will behave in a low-key manner as tirtha sannyasi. For example he will not conduct major ceremonies in the temple such as his Vyasa Puja. He will remain out of his preaching field for two years, starting October 2007.

During this time he will continue as a sannyasi under the mentorship of a monitor committee composed of three senior devotees mutually agreed upon by US and the EC. If the committee cannot be mutually agreed upon, the EC will appoint one member, US another member and the two members the third. All members must be senior devotees in good standing.

>"...senior devotees in good standing?" How can we tell what is which and which is who, when a guru, elected and endorsed by the GBC, from amongst its most senior and long standing members (again, no pun intended), is dogging his male disciples for years? Surely, one would have to be a brainless donkey to persist in the judgment of this woebegone, entrenched dictatorship.

The monitor committee is agreed to consist of Kavicandra Swami, Narasimha Swami, and Janmastami Prabhu (Mayapur). Considering that the incidents in question happened several years ago, his advanced age, his repentant mood and that since that time Umapati Swami has been living a proper sannyasi life, he will continue as a sannyasi. For the time being, he will be under the mentorship of a monitor committee composed of three senior devotees mutually agreed upon by US and the EC.

>It is naive to believe that the 'incidents' happened in the past and then ceased once discovered. In fact it went on for years until his embarrassed disciples could take it no more. However, we are sure that his Chinese recipe book is full of undisclosed erotica, and spring rolls are still available even in the coldest winters and whenever his 'improprieties' dictate. Not all of his dim sims were forthcoming (as revealed in Umapati's statement), nor exposed themselves to the Ex Com., as they did to Umapati's warm hands.

· The committee shall regularly check in with US to assure his welfare and compliance with the terms herein. At the end of this period the committee will report back to the EC. If US has been non-compliant with standard spiritual practices or the agreed terms herein the committee may recommend further action.

>Yeah...and the next time he gets caught with his hands on the nuts, he's headed for Oxford Street in Sydney, Australia, for the annual Mardi Gras. All expenses paid. That'll teach the grabber.

· Umapati Swami agrees not to initiate new disciples and will encourage others to initiate in his preaching field.

>What a relief. No more hemorrhoids for those unsuspecting....well......tie your kaupins tighter and hope for the best.

· Those disciples of Umapati Swami who have lost their faith in him and wish to take shelter elsewhere in ISKCON have his full blessings to do so.

>.....those who still have faith may continue to receive his full blown blessings at his bachelor pad in Mayapur. While those who have lost faith can get blessed and blown at a shelter elsewhere in ISKCON.....the goshala or even the gurukula.

· Those disciples who wish continue taking guidance from Umapati Swami may do so.

> ....and he shall steer thee with his hands firmly placed upon thy rudder.

· After the two year probation period, US will spend more time traveling outside of his preaching field than his previous schedule.

>....this should help him expand someone else's field of activity instead of simply fondling his own.

Now we will hear Umapati's statement:

Statement by Umapati Swami

I would like to offer my apologies to all those whom I have disappointed by my inappopriate behavior some years back, and I would especially like to apologize to those who were victimized by this behavior.

>We wish to point out here that this statement was made sometime in or around '98*. However, and since that time, Umapati has caused a great deal of concern by fronting up at the Hong Kong temple and having disciples from mainland China visiting him. At the end of this statement we will post some letters (dated: 2010) by devotees in that zone voicing concerns to the GBC mouthpiece in Hong Kong...Chandresakar das.


I was living in an isolated situation. I was in a country where Krsna Consciousness is illegal, and I would often go days without association. I tried to encourage some of the men with displays of physical affection, but Maya entered, and things slipped past the boundaries of what is proper.

> Brahmacaris BEWARE. We have warning from a bona fide ISKCON guru: DO NOT wrestle in a country where KC is illegal, or your thing can slip past the boundaries of what is proper. Now there's a thought for the mental munis.

I take full responsibility for my actions I alone am to blame.

> blamed Maya Devi, just one sentence ago, rascal.

As a result of my inappropriate behavior some disciples may become disappointed and wish to take shelter elsewhere. If they wish, they have my full blessings to take shelter of senior Vaishnavas within ISKCON. If current disciples have faith in me and wish to continue taking guidance from me I shall humbly serve.

>...and it isn't simply lip service, to be sure.

It is time for me to recharge my spiritual batteries. I plan to work on my own purification by living for some time in a tirtha and associating with my Godbrothers.

Umapati ji, something tells us that your handling fetish would be better curbed in the association of your Godsisters. Anyway, good luck with that.

Umapati Swami

Signed and agreed to by GBC Executive Committee

Here below we are posting "Letters of Concern" sent to us from Mainland China re. Umapati, and the resident GBC sycophant in Hong Kong- Chandrasekra das. Be aware: it is lengthy, but informative.

Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2010 12:34 PM

Subject: Orient Cheer leader of Homosexual Gurus

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