Sunday, July 17, 2011

Followers implicated in allowing false gurus (ISKCON) ys pd

Chandra Shaker
Their followers are to blame. There is now so much evidence that the GBC and their 70 something rubber stamped Gurus are bogus. Yet they are all to attached to their rice bowls or simply want to become Guru themselves. If they rejected thes...e fools then they would be finished. .. My Guru Maharaja condemned this process. He said that to earn livelihood by
showing some temple and collecting money and eat and sleep, better to become
a sweeper in the street and earn his livelihood instead of earning
livelihood in this so-called spiritual way.
Room Conversation Including Discussion on SB 4.13.48 to SB 4.14.11 --
January 18, 1972, Jaipur

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