Saturday, July 16, 2011

Message from Kurma (not the chef) ISKCON ys pd

July 16 2011, Australia — The mataji’s at our local Nama Hatta program are busy baking cakes and doughnuts in preparation for Rocana Dasa’s Sampradaya Sun licking of the Ritviks. This will apparently occur in the coming day’s, according to Rocana Prabhu.
From 1977 until today is quite a long stretch of time, and as such we are all waiting with anticipation to see if Rocana Prabhu and his team of editors, can do what no other has been able to do, and that is, to defeat, The Final Order.

Will there be some new evidence that only Rocana Prabhu and his Sampradaya Sun team are privy to?
Or will it simply be the usual forensic style of blah that has been propagated over the years with no actual substance, for proving that Srila Prabhupada was not to be the Guru for everyone who came and who comes to His Society in the future?
Kurma Dasa (not the chef)

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