Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dont forget Bhakti tirtha swami "Krishnapada" (ISKCON) ys pd

He forgot Bhaktitirtha's name. BT arranged for Hladini prabhu's and other African devotees' deaths, his purposely sending them to Liberia when there was a HORRIFIC coup going on, BT's using such a situation, to do so, and keep it covered up at the same time, so that devotees who had no idea of the circumstances, would think that devotees just ended up getting killed "because of the coup situation," (BT's arranging this through another African devotee who knew the coup leaders). I was supposed to be there at that time also, BT's wanting to get me killed because of my knowing of BT's sexual improprieties, and his fear that I might tell someone, but...

BT had a VERY DEEP narcissistic personality disorder, and although he could put on a very huge ("charming") smile, and knew all the techniques for "charming" (and cheating) people, and was TRAINED in psychology (in which he got his degree from Princeton) as well as political science (and got training for YEARS in mind control - how to manipulate and control other people's minds (and exploit them) - somehow practically no devotees "on the lower scale" of in ISKCON ever saw through him, though the GBC people had questions as to whether or not BT was sane or insane. (BT also had devotees beaten.)
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Maybe devotees here remember the "Vasudev Datta" letter that BT wrote, where (if you know BT as he was, you would know) he was trying to make devotees THINK, he was an incarnation of Vasudev Datta. (Some devotees who fell for what he wrote in that letter, were saying he was.) The big problem regarding BT, and how very little about what he did/was doing didn't come out, was for whatever reason(s) devotees who experienced things through BT, never spoke up, though they would sometimes write to (or telephone) me to tell me of this or that regarding their experiences, one pre 1977 Prabhupada disciple (from Europe), telling me how BT ordered one of his black belt "monsters" to beat this devotee to almost death, another devotee (BT's disciple - female devotee) telling me she "was glad Krsna took BT when He did, because I felt BT was going to have me killed," and there were many other stories that devotees told to me, SOME of them asking me to POST UP THEIR STORY BUT NOT PUT IN THEIR NAME!!! (I would then ask them, "Why are you telling this to me? Why don't you post it up yourself?" If you want this to be known by other devotees, what BT did to you, then it's best that you post up what happened to you.)

Your servant,

B. Radha-Govinda
Hare Krsna

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