Monday, July 18, 2011

Dear Joshua (ISKCON) ys pd

PADA: Well right now we have a big problem, worse than bogus bead bags, that the GBC has been placing the photos of people engaged in illicit sex, right at Krishna's feet and on ISKCON's deity altars, and having people offer "bhogha" to these degraded cretins, and they call that "prasadam," and that is their whole program since 1977, one has to offer bhogha to deviants. In addition they have their entire "Vatican style voted in acharyas system" with three concocted types of current gurus in ISKCON (there are no other categories of gurus in post 1977corporate ISKCON) : 1) The founder fathers of the children molesters, pot heads, dope smokers, LSD fiends, psychotropic pill poppers, etc. "acharyas," 2) The vociferous cover-ups, cheer leaders, defenders and reinstators of the children molester etc acharyas, and 3) Those "2/3 show of hands voted in" as messiahs by groups 1 and 2 as the next wave of acharyas. There are no other categories than these three types of gurus in the GBC group since 1977, not one of them is outside of these three designations. This is the system they say they find in shastra. Where is this system found anywhere? Even dogs do not worship illicit sex as their acharyas? Can someone tell me where these three types of gurus are found in any bona fide religion in the world, anywhere? ys pd

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