Saturday, July 2, 2011

Men in Kali yuga not very potent (ISKCON) ys pd

Dear Laurianne, In Kali Yuga, as soon as most of the big tough guy self-advertised Kshatriya "men" of ISKCON saw a few poofs in silk clothes and crowns sitting in big seats being worshipped as good as God, most of the men ran away in fear and would not help us remove this deviation out of extreme fearfulness, these men went into hiding for the most part. So, most of these men are not even as courageous as a woman in this era. This is Kali Yuga, the Vedas say the men are impotent in this age, and this is one sign of their impotency, they cannot even do battle with a few poofs in silk clothes. Meanwhile a lot of ISKCON women did help me do battle with these poof messiahs, these women were often better fighters than most of the men. Hats off to these brave women who helped me, often, better help than most of the "men." ys pd   

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