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Is Krishna indifferent to His devotees? (ISKCON) ys pd

Hanuman Dasa Acbsp ‎"So I was just trying to finish that by saying I had always hoped I might be able to do something to give Krishna pleasure, and I'm a bit sad to see Prabhupada say it's impossible."

Where does Srila Prabhupada say "It's impossible?"
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  • Paul Howard It's right there. "It is therefore incorrect to think that He feels pleasure or pain when blasphemed or offered prayers. This is impossible for Him." It sounds surprisingly impersonal.
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  • Tim Lee Haribol, context is important. For example it is also said that if a person takes one step towards Krisha, He will take three steps towards us, and so on, in other words there are many thousands of other quotes on this matter, and so we cannot lift one out of the context of all the others. I know that Krishna has taken steps towards me because I feel no connections for so many mundane things now, that means He is giving me another connection, that means He is appreciating. Krishna reciprocates with His devotee, and if we are indifferent, then He will be, and if we pursue Him, He will pursue us, its really that simple. The purport of the above verse seems to be that Krishna is not dependent upon praise or curses like us minor league mortals, He is independent, that does not make Him impersonal or un-caring. Krishna also appears to people who pray to Him, and so on, in other words there are many exmaples Paul seems to have omitted. There are thousands of examples, another example -- The sages who prayed to Krishna eventually became gopis, that means Krishna heard their prayers and they were elevated. This is also why Krishna dasa kaviraja said that half truth (taking things out of context) is worse than untruth. ys pd
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