Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rocana promotes more illicit sex guru program members? (ISKCON) ys pd

PADA: Rocana says that the Gopal Bhatta who wrote the article below is not the same Gopal Bhatta who has been a long time supporter of the bogus GBC gurus and is currently assisting Gopal Krishna swami in Gujarat. He says this is an "Indian bodied Gopal Bhatta." Is there any? Rocana refuses to tell us if the India bodied Gopal Bhatta is a member of the GBC guru program either? I would therefore have to say unless Rocana proves that this is not the Western Gopal Bhatta, and this Gopal Bhatta is from India and he is not a member of the GBC guru program, this Gopal Bhatta is supporting the GBC's gurus. Therefore this is simply another promoter of the false gurus, unless proved otherwise. ys pd

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