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Rocana is THE sum total OF the sum total OF the demigods? ISKCON ys pd

Rocana and the SAMPRADAYA SUN NEWS (update)

Jul 27, 2011 — CANADA (SUN) — Brief quotes from past articles on guru-tattva.
ISKCON's Initiation Dilemma

ROCANA: So these gurus have to be very careful not to present themselves in a bluffing way.

[PADA: First of all, which "gurus" does Rocana keep refering to? For the past 35 years, Rocana consistenly continues making a reference to his [ISKCON GBC?] "gurus" as he is doing once again above. Yet, he has never explained -- when were his "gurus" appointed, selected or authorized to be gurus? As Srila Prabhupada explains, in 1936 "motivated fools" [ok like Rocana] simply rubber stamped the "guru" title upon conditioned souls. These "foolish and motivated disciples" [ok like Rocana] have never explained -- who gave them the authority to rubber stamp these gurus? In short, for the past 35 years Rocana and his ilk has never explains who authorized them to claim that some GBC are gurus?

Then Rocana "hopes against hope" that his overblown claim that these falling down individuals are "gurus" will stick, which is of course also what happened in the post-1936 Gaudiya Matha. In 1936, people like Rocana simply applied the "guru title" to many falling down people, and Srila Prabhupada says that the result of these "foolish disciples" like Rocana, and their concocted rubber stamping people as gurus, was "the breakdown of the Gaudiya Matha."

Srila Prabhupada says that these "motivated fools" [like Rocana] artificially designated fallen people as gurus in 1936 which resulted in a violent cult atmosphere in the Gaudiya Matha where "gurus" engaged in illicit sex and had dissenters murdered, which is exactly what Rocana and his ilk have orchestrated and generated in post-1977 in ISKCON, by their claiming that fallen people are "gurus." Rocana just comes out and says "these gurus" as if it is an established fact that they are gurus, did we forget to mention that Rocana's "gurus" are constantly being exposed in illicit behaviors, just as his post-1936 guru program did?

Worse, Rocana is now taking up the position of "advising the guru" because he thinks he is superior to the acharyas. We all know that Krishna's ACTUAL gurus are the sum total of the demigods, but notice how Rocana says these acharyas have to quit bluffing and start to behave better -- under his advice and authority. So, the guru is the sum total of the demigods, and now that Rocana is chastising and correcting the acharyas, that would make Rocana the "sum total -- of -- the sum total of the demigods." This is a little amazing, Rocana says he is the sum total of the sum total of the demigods, and then he advises others to "quit bluffing."

Rocana has contradicted himself all along. For example, Rocana sometimes says -- (a) initiations are not important. Why then did Srila Prabhupada say that initiations would continue by ritviks "in the future when you are no longer here"? Then Rocana says, (b) never mind worship of Srila Prabhupada, we should all just "wait for the next acharya." Again, when did Srila Prabhupada says to grind ISKCON to a halt and "wait for the next acharya to appear"? Sometimes Rocana says (c) that everyone can just be a guru now, (for example he says in this article that "there is nothing wrong with them being diksha gurus)."

Then Rocana says (d) we should follow his whack-doodle acharya Satsvarupa Dasa goswami who says "Srila Prabhupada's orders are vague" (except allegedly, according to Rocana -- Srila Prabhupada said no one would be accepting him as the guru anymore)? And -- we could go on and on and on here, but this is the whole problem with Rocana, he says all kinds of contrary things are true: simultaneously.

Of course Rocana's first real problem is that in 1986 he told everyone he is the sum total -- of -- the sum total of the demigods, and he was going to reform and fix his broken down bogus acharyas. Just as no one appointed Rocana's acharyas, no one appointed him to be the superior advisor to the acharyas? Notice, Rocana has never explained who or whom has appointed him to be a higher authority than all the demigods put together? Rocana is the superior authority to the acharyas because he was appointed by -- ok nobody.

Rocana is a bluffer, no one appointed him as the supervisor of the acharyas, he just made up their guru title and made up his own doctorate / reformer of the acharyas title, never mind while all Rocana's antics were going on, thousands of children were getting molested while Rocana was strutting around claiming to be the fix it doctor of the messiahs of the Jagat.

Krishna says: when the guru speaks, it is He PERSONALLY who dictates how the guru speaks. Shaksat Hari Tvena. In short, God dictates to His pure devotees and gurus. Notice how Rocana eliminates the need for Krishna because Rocana is removing Krishna from the equation, and thus Rocana is taking the post of dictating to the guru. Rocana says, who cares for Krishna's advising HIS OWN shaksat hari tvena gurus? "Lets kick Krishna out the window, who needs Krishna when we have brilliant overseers of Krishna like Rocana"? What! Rocana is taking the post that he is the superior advisor of Guru and God. What a humble man!

Krishna says it is an offense to advise the guru, Rocana says He does not need to listen to God at all, he will advise / reform the guru as he sees fit. And Rocana will kick Krishna's advise out into the trash. Rocana has self appointed himself as the boss of God. What a bluffer! Rocana has self appointed himself as the superior authority to Krishna, due to his association with other self appointed messiah fools.

This is amazing, Krishna says the guru is His "shaksat hari tvena" expansion, and Rocana says, "Right, and I am in control of Krishna's expansions and not Krishna, therefore I have to advise Krishna's expansions how to act." Rocana has apparently not been taking his medications again, of course there are other foolish mentally unstable people just like Rocana in Bellvue mental home, who also think they are the boss of God Almighty. There was one nutty fellow in Bellvue who held his hand up thinking this was keeping the sun away from the earth, and Rocana is now in league with this fellow.]

ROCANA: And that's what humility means.

[PADA: Yes, Rocana is so humble, he says we no longer need Krishna to dictate to the guru, Rocana is going to dictate to the guru, because Rocana is the reformer super-visor of Guru and Krishna.]

ROCANA: Our ISKCON gurus have to humbly admit, 'I'm not as advanced as Srila Prabhupada, and here's the philosophical explanation of 'how and why'. That doesn't mean they can't be diksa gurus.

[PADA: OK, if these gurus are not advanced enough to be gurus, that means they are ritviks. Of course since Rocana's messiahs and "gurus" cannot even keep their pants on in the presence of men, women or even children, Rocana's gurus are not even fit to be church sweepers? Anyway, yes these gurus should admit they are not fit to be gurus, that is what we said all along?

Except then Rocana says, ok they are not advanced, therefore, they are as good as Jesus and they can absorb sins by giving diksha? How does that work? They are not advanced, they cannot keep their pants on, but they are members of the parampara, diksha gurus, absorbing sins like Jesus? Therefore, Rocana needs to be the fix-it doctor / advisor to these people like Jesus and the parampara? This is all contrary.

Yes, Krishna dictates to the guru -- except when Rocana kicks out Krishna and takes over the post of Krishna. NOTICE! Rocana is saying "the guru has to do this, the guru has to do that," Rocana clearly thinks he is the over-riding authority over Krishna and his acharyas. Krishna says that the guru is HIS personal EXTERNAL manifestation, and now Rocana says, the external manifestation of God is his personal puppet, Rocana is in charge of God Almighty. What!]

ROCANA: "And what is ISKCON's answer to this dilemma? They rubber-stamp the gurus.

[PADA: Rocana is the main person now rubber stamping these people as gurus. Almost no one else is these days? We say these GBC are not gurus, whereas Rocana is STILL rubber stamping that they are gurus. As soon as we say homosexuals and pedophiles are not gurus, Rocana is screaming obscenities at us that we are "not following (his?) tradition" of worship of illicit sex. He is defending their homosexual and pedophile guru lineage while no one else is these days. He is a living dinosaur.

This is what Rocana has been doing for 35 years. He keeps saying the GBC are gurus, albeit rubber stamped and zonal gurus, but he never explains "how" they became gurus in the first place, other than in Rocana's fertile brain? The answer is simple, people like Rocana are the persons who rubber stamped the GBC as gurus. So Rocana is one of the prime leaders of the rubber stamp cadre.
Now Rocana complains that since he has vociferously suppressed our idea that these leaders are NOT GURUS, but only institutional managers or representatives (ritviks), that his deviations has created "institutional gurus," so at least he admits he is the caused this instititutional guru imbroglio.]

ROCANA: While in certain statements these gurus say, 'We're not on the same level as Srila Prabhupada', they never philosophically specify just who Srila Prabhupada is and who they are in relation to, or in comparison to Srila Prabhupada.

[PADA: And neither does Rocana. As soon as we say these "gurus" were not appointed as gurus, but only as proxies, Rocana says that is the bogus ritvik deviation. In other words Rocana still thinks Srila Prabhupada appointed gurus and not managers / priests.]

ROCANA: If you criticize them in any way, or suggest that they aren't what they are presenting themselves to be, you can expect to have problems with the institution. Never mind that Srila Prabhupada said fakers and bluffers are the worst kinds of people.

[PADA: Notice Rocana now says that we need to criticize his acharyas and diksha gurus in his parampara? And if we do criticize his acharyas, we will be tossed out. Rocana is such a fool he does not know that his whole idea -- that we need to criticize the acharyas, is bogus. In sum, Rocana is the number one supporter of their cheating and bluffing, he keeps saying they were not appointed as proxies, implying that they are gurus, and he even says they are gurus. Rocana is the prime promoter of all the "fakers and bluffers."]

ROCANA: From "Institutionalized Diksa is a Disaster" (2008)

[PADA: Meanwhile Rocana has no idea what arrangement was made? He simply says that the whole issue is vague, we cannot actually say what happened? Ooops! Except, what we do know is that Rocana's pedophile guru program is authorized? He says they are not fit for guru, then he says there is no problem for them being diksha gurus. Then he says he is the doctor of the acharyas and he will fix them. Then he says we should criticize Rocana's acharyas and anyone who disagrees to criticize the acharyas is a bogus ritvik. Rocana says it is fine that they become diksha gurus, when they were only appointed as ritviks? If the instructions are vague, why would Rocana complain about others when they disagee with his rubber stamped gurus? As soon as someone says they are not gurus, Rocana says they are the enemies ot the Sampradaya Sun? Nirvesesa means -- no specifics, its not this, its not that, its not that we should worship Srila Prabhupada, its not that we should worship the GBC, of course the GBC are ok to be diksha gurus, homosexuals are acharyas, but on no account can Srila Prabhupada be the acharya, and more contradictions, ad nauseum? The good news is that Rocana is un-ravelling, as are his bogus GBC gurus and their tradition of worshipping debauchees as acharyas. ys pd]

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