Monday, July 18, 2011

Dear Bhakta Jason (ISKCON) ys pd

Good point, most of the ISKCON farms were sold, shut down, or they are barely functioning, since the GBC has basically tried to starve these programs to death so they can INSTEAD spend millions and millions on their chauffered Mercedes Benz luxury mansion lawyers, suing the ritviks in Bangalore, they have ALREADY spent millions and millions on their lawyers and now they want to go to the Supreme Court "for the next 100 years" according to their spokesman, so they want to spend millions and millions more on lawyers and not cows and varnasrama. A long time ago they purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars milking machines in Mississippi, and now there is only a few people left there and these milking machines are rusting and rotting, there is no interest in the whole scheme of farms and cow protection, you are correct. The cows at Gita Nagari were slipping on ice and breaking bones because no one there even knew -- you cannot allow cows to walk on ice, they have kicked out all the trained cow-care personel and the amatuers left are not capable of treating the cows properly. I agree this is a disaster. ys pd

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