Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dear Madhuvisa dasa (ISKCON) ys pd

 Sent the following to Madhudvisa and then decided to send to this group also:

Prabhu, I hope you got this already but it won't hurt you to read it again. What makes your position even more disgusting is the well known fact that Rocan will always print articles that have even the slightest anti ritvic claims in them but will not allow a response. You did the same by posting your steeped in ignorance claim that Madhupandit is stealing the Bangalore temple from ISKCON.
You're like the soldier in a fox hole with a very limited view of the battlefield criticizing the general with an overall view of the battlefield. You cannot comprehend how Madhupandit Prabhu has built such a wonderful temple and temples and distributes 1.3 million plates of prasadam daily and distributes thousands of books more than you, handles millions of dollars more than you on a regular basis, has made hundreds of devotees dedicated to Prabhupada, etc. etc.

You do not even have enough commom sense to think that Madhupandit has considered all these things deeply from a position of experience and consultation and humbly received revelation. You cannot conceive of these things because you are are like the beggar on the street envious of anyone who has achieved more than you.

This is really unfortunate because you have done so much valuable service as well. Why do you want to destroy yourself and diminish your service like this. All good advice is offered to you by so many but you reject it all and seem to want to stay in limbo in some no man's dream land like some madman.
Please Prabhu, wake up. Your good side is wonderful and sweet. We miss that.
ys ******** das

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