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The poison issue (ISKCON) ys pd

Dear Prabhus,

Hare Krsna. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. PAMHO. I hope your sadhana and bhajan are going well. Thanks Puranjana prabhu for reminding past mistakes concerning the poison issue - quite a double edged challenge. Double edged because we have Prabhupada's example, who later on stated that Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Maharaja was poisoned. Same here, 1937, Mayapur, West Bengal, nobody was caught, nobody was put in prison.

[PADA: First of all India's court system are notoriously corrupt. It takes a lot of money to get any justice there and even if you have money, like Bangalore, you can still have problems getting actual justice. Srila Prabhupada was not a rich man in the 1930s -1960s and he would not have been able to get much going in court.

The idea that Srila Saraswati was poisoned was not brought out very much later, for example when we were in India in 1970 perhaps because, there was no point in starting a big war with them in 1970, when he was just trying to get established in India. He did tell us in 1970 that we should post a guard by his door since his God brothers might try to harm him. He did tell us that his guru died from disgust, and that SST was aware they were sitting around like vultures awaiting him to die.

He did say that they were envious of their guru, he did say they were all waiting for him to die so they could take over his seat, he did tell Brahmananda to inform the devotees not to eat at Tirtha's because "he poisoned my guru maharaja and he might poison you," he did say their whole idea was kill guru and become guru, and so on.

In other words while he was not emphasizing the issue, he did make it a back ground issue, we did understand that there was a big problem here. Srila Prabhupada also said that Tirtha ordered a doctor to give SST injections, which his guru did not want, and he died shortly after that. So yes, he did not want this to be the foremost issue, but he did give us powerful hints that there was a problem with the departure of his guru.

As for us, we have no precedent for this issue, ok except for Jesus. And we are not pure devotees who are trying to make our own mission, we are trying to pick up the pieces of our guru's mission, and if one of the pieces of the puzzle is that he was assassinated, that is an important piece. It also explains the whole take over very simply and succintly. Srila Prabhupada also says the reason Jesus is so famous is because he was killed for his preaching, I see no reason why Srila Prabhupada should not be equally famous.] 

GD: ** Prabhupada never mentioned the poisoning of his guru in public. For Prabhupada the poisoning of his guru was the same painful remembrance like for us concerning Srila Prabhupada. During all those years in India (1937-1965) Prabhupada never tried to expose the involved persons. Why Prabhupada never made any attempt to put those culprits under lock and key? Could it be that Prabhupada figured that this would destroy his preaching?

[PADA: We actually do not know, but I would agree that he had a larger preaching mission and it was not the most important thing for him to rectify or expose the criminals in the Gaudiya Matha, he was going ahead making his own Matha.]

GD: ** Prabhupada preached Sankirtan-yajna wherever he went, 24hrs, 365days a year.

[PADA: And this is why we never insisted that people had to help me expose, if they wanted to start independent preaching, I said do that. Some of our friends are concentrated in preaching, not everyone needs to be involved in expose, agreed.]

GD ** 1967, Tompkins Square Park, Prabhupada addressing New York. Mentioning that his guru was killed by his cash-hungry godbrothers who spent donated funds to file lawsuits against each other? No!

[PADA: Expose is specialized preaching, yes, it is not that all the devotees should stop preaching, agreed. The biggest problem is that the criminals have given Krishna such a bad name, because not enough people helped to expose them at the start of all this in 1978, so now it is hard to preach. The public has been fried to toast by all the crimes. For example, a group of concerned devotees could have helped me get rid of Jayatirtha in 1979, we all knew he was offering LSD to the shalagram deity and having sex with followers, but most of the devotees compromised and would not help me, they supported that JT was an acharya, and they started the idea that acharyas make mistakes and take LSD, so the rank and file devotees proved useless to expose this and so it all had to come to the point of all the newspapers in England blaring the headlines -- "Guru's Head Hacked Off," millions of people in the public thus had to help us expose this problem, that means, the public had to rectify and expose because the devotees did not. And this in turn fried the public, they had to deal with our dirty laundry because we kept sweeping it under the rug.]

GD ** When Prabhupada stated in Vrindavan, November 1977, that he is sure that someone administered him poison this statement spread like wildfire, leaked through,  i.e. thousands of arrived devotees heard it. Nobody went to police, no autopsy, no police questioning.

[PADA: Right, he was on another mission, he was not trying to pick up the pieces of the Gaudiya Matha, agreed.]

GD ** Same like US, Radhanatha & Kirtananda, meanwhile after 20 years nobody even wants to know circumstances, why thousands of devotees refused to give evidence - case is time-barred. 

[PADA: Right, this is why I never cared about courts and police. Krishna Kanta told me if I could get the courts to agree, then he would accept, becuase he only accepts the chicken tikka eating court room people and not Srila Prabhupada as his authority. He might have some feelings for Srila Prabhupada, if the cigar smoking court room leaders order him to do so. What a joker!]

GD ** In sum, going public with the poison issue, karmis have no understanding that nobody went to police. Rather figure that Hare Krishnas are psychopathic personalities.

[PADA: Well maybe except that poisoning is much harder to deal with. What really makes the devotees already look foolish is that they did not stop LSD offering fools who were stooping their married disciples, and protest when pedophile perverts were wearing silk clothes and gold crowns, sitting in golden seats covered with the hands of 60 boys? None protested, or hardly none, so the media had to expose it, the FBI had to raid New Vrndavana, the devotees did not fix this, the mundaners had to.]

GD ** We might vow, "These ladies with their dogs had actual concern, because they have some actual human consciousness and heart felt sentiment", but Kali-yuga moves.

[PADA: It means the devotees as a group did not care that Srila Prabhupada said he was poisoned, whereas an ordinary person does care because they have feelings of sympathy for someone who says they are being poisoned. It means that devotees as a group are a little like zombies, they do not emote like ordinary heart felt people would, they also did not care as a group when I said there was a mass molesting program, there is a lot of impersonalism and non-human robotism going on. That is changing, many of our people are getting on board with the poison issue and we are getting a new group of people who are concerned about poison, molesting etc. We are getting a better crop of devotees emerging right now.]

GD ** At one point the karmis will kick out Vaishnavism - no more Hare Krishnas in the West.

[PADA: Right, if we do not clean up our house, it might burn down from all the accumulated trash.]

GD ** What Krishnakant stated 10 years ago, not sure if meanwhile new insights have changed his understanding. Surely he will answer such questions.

[PADA: His complaints about the poison issue are still on his web site as far as I know?]

GD ** Don't bash other Prabhupadanugas on the basis of outdated information.

[PADA: KK has to offer an apolgy and clarification then, he has not done that.]

GD ** War between Rocana and ritviks - similar chaos. The excommunicated/ kicked out ex-ISKCONits are killing each other, a GBC man recently commented.

[PADA: Well Rocana is a GBC man, he still says they are diksha gurus, he never left them.]

GD ** Good for the false guru camp, when two fight the third one takes the prize.

[PADA: "It is what it is." Rocana compromises and supports the GBC gurus by saying they are diksha gurus, Krishna Kanta compromises on the poison issue, they are compromisers with Ravana, the people who compromised with Ravana were also killed, just like the people who compromised with Duryodhana were all killed etc. Compromisers are guilty parties by aiding and abetting the criminals. ys pd]  

GD ** May we be safely situated under the shelter of Srila Prabhupada's Lotus Feet, Those of our Guru Varga, the Vaisnavas, and Sri Sri Radha and Krsna.

With love, Your servant, Gopesh das

PADA: Jaya!

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