Saturday, July 9, 2011

RE Tamohara dasa (ISKCON) ys pd

Dear prabhus, pammho. agtsp. I am sorry if there are a few mistaken dates about Gaura govinda maharaja's birth and departure on our web site. I do not run and maintain that site, and the devotee who does is very ill and its hard for him to make changes, so I only ask for changes that are essential emergency items. However GGM's exact date of departure is not really an important emergency item to most of us, rather his siddhanta is what is important.

Tamohara prabhu has said these dates are the most important thing, but no one else has complained about these date mistakes, except him. No one cares about these kinds of things, they are not the most important issue to devotees nowadays, i.e. what is the exact date of GGM's departure, hardly no one cares. As a matter of interest, no one that I know around the West coast even cares anything about GGM, no one reads his books, studies his tapes or cares one hoot about him at all, much less they are in a panic that his birth and death dates were mis-printed somewhere.

ROCANA: Tamohara also says that I have not defeated Rocana, I lied about all these points (see below), whereas many people phoned me and said, he was defeated and my info was all correct. Tamohara prabhu has not pointed out any specific defects in my analysis of Rocana, he implies there are major problems, but he does not mention even one of the problems? If there are problems, I will try to fix that, but he mentions none, zero.

Tamohara has never answered our original questions about Gaura Govinda maharaja:

Neither Tamohara has addressed specific points in this Gaura Govinda maharaja vs PADA video:

If there is a mistake in siddhanta, I will correct that. I had to delete Tamohara from my video site since he was using drunken sailor curse words and foul language not meant for a public forum, instead of answering any of my questions, he simply started to discuss dates of departure and side show issues. I did not ask him anything about GGM's departure date, he tried to change the subject, I asked about GGM's siddhanta and that is still what we are still asking about. I do not care what specific day GGM departed, I care that GGM told me in person that he was cooperating, tolerating, and working with the worship of deviants as acharyas. Lets stick to the main issue at hand. I am also on SKPE at pada1008 and my phone is 707-477-4102, if anyone sees any specific items in these articles that needs to be corrected, let me know. ys pd 

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