Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gaura Govinda maharaja update (ISKCON) ys pd

Dear prabhu, Srila Prabhupada said in January of 1977, his followers are not even fit for sannyasa, therefore suspend sannyasa and these phoney sannyasas should get married. SP also warned, they are not only making a laughing stock out of sannyasa, they are making a laughing stock and ruining the name of my ENTIRE ISKCON movement, that is what he said. 

Along comes GGM one year later, January 1978, and he essentially says -- ok since they are clearly not fit for sannyasa, and they are clearly ruining the name of ISKCON, lets make them into Vishnupada acharyas !!! Then, we can not only ruin the good name of sannyasa, and the good name of ISKCON, but we can also destroy the entire credibilty and good name of the entire Gaudiya guru parampara and make that a laughing stock as well. So GGM created a policy to make a laughing stock of messiahs and acharyas, and he has done that. What an idiot this GGM is! People who are not fit for sannyasa are fit to be gurus/ acharyas / Vishnupadas / messiahs? GGM does not even know the basic principles of religion, persons inclined towards illicit sex are not fit to be worshipped as acharyas. What is wrong with you people? Those who cannot even keep their pants on in the presence of a man, woman, or children are not messiahs! GGM made them gurus, they were never ordered to be gurus by Srila Prabhupada, this is false. SP clearly said  -- THEY ARE laughing stock, they are NOT FIT, GGM came along and he changed that DIRECT ORDER and declared that they are fit, he changed the order of his guru, this is called DEVIATION. Anyway, look at the result, his bogus gurus have been falling off like flies, SP is right -- they are NOT FIT! GGM said they are fit, he supported their guru program, he deviated. ys pd 

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