Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Update on ISKCON chidren issue


PADA COMMENT on this article:

Thanks Mary, Yes you are right, "the karmis" often have more compassion and integrity than many of our devotees, especially the "GBC leaders." For example, Windle Turley is a really "tough as nails" Texas lawyer, who wears snake's skin Western boots, he has a big bottle of Johnny Walker on his desk etc., but even this "tough as nails" guy said he was feeling powerful emotions of empathy upon hearing about the mistreatment of children in the GBC's schools. 

Yes, devotees need to "mature" and learn compassion and feelings towards other human beings. In sum, they need to grow up. Agreed. And as it turns out, Windle Turley was the main person who wanted to help the ISKCON children while many of the "ISKCON adults" sat around and criticized his efforts saying its sad -- anyone -- is helping these children at all. In sum, many of the adults wanted these children to have -- no -- support whatsoever. This is childish, or in fact, its worse than that, its adults bullying children. ys pd


  1. "tough as nails", yet Windle Turley was brought to his knees when the GBC countered with a flimsy declaration of bankruptcy.

    People in general would have been thankful when Windle Turley would have accomplished an execution sales of ISKCON Watseka Ave, New Vrindavan, etc etc in order to actually enable those mistreated children a worthy existence.

    This did not happen, de facto those kids got zero. Windle collected his honorarium and, emptied his bottle Johnny Walker.

    Media reported to people in general, Prabhupada's movement finally convicted as hotbed of crime and the rest of the world took notice, governments toughened stance in treating Vaishnavism.

  2. RM is always counting dollars again, he never cares that the kids were killing themselves and he hates it that some Texas guy had to intervene to help the suicides problem, because waiting for RM, more kids would have died and RM would have done zero.

    Some Texan did more than RM ever could. RM wanted NOBODY fix that problem, he wanted more suicides. That is all he ever says, why did we intervene to stop the suicides? That means, RM wanted the suicide epidemic to get worse.

    RM always mentions dollars first just like the GBC. RM never even mentions the kids were killing themselves? RM love dollars and thats it.

    RM hates it that Windle Turley helped try to stop the suicides, because that means the dollars are less for RM's GBC pals. RM is in favor of suicides, notice he never mentions the actual problem, he only mentions dollars? Like Tamal? Yes, a guy drinking Johnny Walker has ten million time more mercy than RM ever will, a Texan wanted to help the suicides, RM wanted the suicides to get worse, RM has less compassion that a Texan.

    RM never had any concern for these children. Windle Turley at least he reduced the suicides to almost nil, notice that RM hates that happened, because RM wants dead children and that is all, and because that process was at least stopped almost to nil, notice RM hates that, he wanted the suicide to get worse, he is another GBC man.

    Yes, what RM wanted was what the GBC wanted, in the New York Time media RM wanted the media headlines to read "ISKCON kids committing suicide epidemic," that is all RM ever wanted, he wanted the media to report a suicide epidemic and he is mad we stopped that, and saved children too. RM wanted ISKCON to have the name of a suicide of children cult, and he is mad we stopped that.

    Why does RM always say he wanted the suicide epidemic to get worse until it would spill all over the media? Why does RM want the headlines "Children Suicide Epidemic" to be in the Newspapers -- what kind of sick man is RM? He is mad the suicide epidemic was cut down? He is a sick man, he wants children's blood on his shoes, and he is mad its not there thanks to some Texan. ys pd

  3. RE: Lenny Sislac aka RM: Windle Turley helped stop the 1990s' suicide epidemic to almost nil, and people like Lenny Sislac despise that fact. Folks like Lenny Sislac are the reason these children were commiting suicide in the first place, i.e. the children saw that people like Lenny were never coming to their aid, EVER, and so -- the main help they got was from a lawyer in Texas AND thus -- not help from the tender mercies of "devotees" like Lenny. In addition, had the suicides continued, the New York Times headlines would have been instead "ISKCON Children Suicide Epidemic" -- this is the headline folks like Lenny wanted.

    Yep, these children knew that the main "mercy" that they were getting was from outside of ISKCON, and people like Lenny were not only not going to help, Lenny types wanted to suppress us from helping these children -- at all, and they still do. He is angry the suicides were slowed and almost stopped, and that job had to be done by some man from Texas and not "the merciful devotees." It makes "great devotees" like Lenny look foolish, and that is why he is still protesting. Also notice, that means the children are right, many of these "big devotees" did not care about them at all, many devotees were only worried about: -- paying lawyers, what the newspapers are saying, money, ok money, and then again money, that is all Lenny ever talks about, what about the money, these are all material things, the lives of the children were never important to these folks apparently. Lenny has confirmed that we were right on the go to Turley, there would have been a suicide epidemic and no one else would have intervened if not for Turley. ys pd


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