Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dear Vasu Murti update

Dear Vasu murti: OK, so the GBC plead bankruptcy to avoid paying the USA children in the lawsuit here. Simultaneously, they already spent over $4,000,000 suing us in India because they object to our free food program "" which is feeding 1.5 million children over there in India. So they did not feed children in ISKCON and were sued in the USA for that, they lost the case, they plead bankrupt, so they could avoid paying the children here, and with the money they cheated the USA children here, they are using the money they saved to sue to starve more children over there in India? Why is it that children are always being targetted by the GBC? And they said they are going to sue us for the next 100 years, that means they are never going to pay the children victims, ever, they are going to buy new Mercedes for lawyers to they can -- starve more children? No wonder the ex-children feel discouraged. ys pd

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  1. They need to be reminded that Prabhupada came all the way to USA at age of 70 in order to have USA as prime example for the whole world to follow.

    Prabhupada wanted that in US everything is done perfectly so that others not only automatically follow but also a little bit of pressure can be excercised for those who are rowdily.

    Now we have the opposite, they start a case in Siberia and want to have Bhagavad-gita banned in whole Russia. And why they do this, on what they are refering to: ISKCON's bad reputation in US....Thanks good work!

    And some dozens of other European nations who are linked with Russia will also follow their paradigm. Again thanks, very good work of getting things done in US!


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