Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christians murdered by mobs in India

PADA: Churches, houses, and people, set on fire. Ouch! ys pd 

[PADA: --- Saksi Gopal [Atkinson Dam Australia] says, we need to work with, and not criticize, modern Hinduism? Srila Prabhupada says modern Hinduism is not a complete understanding of the Vedas. We agree. Only Saksi is defending this "modern Hinduism," complete with all these deviations. Saksi says we need to support Hinduism, does that mean Christians might assume he supports having them killed for being Christians? Wow, his resume is getting clearer all the time. ys pd]   



  2. But Puranjan Prabhu ji!
    You see. So-called Christians are also dangerous. They are trying to convert the so-called Hindus forcibly.
    SO much fanatism is going on both sides. I am only on side of Vaishnava Acharyaas as they are only perfectly right.


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