Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Time I Am

Effects of time. 


  1. Recent Departures in the Vaisnava Community


    Dec 20, 2011 — CANADA (SUN) — We regret to inform our readers that in recent days, we have received news of three individuals departing from this world. Most recently, H.G. Yamuna devi dasi (ACBSP) departed, leaving her body at her home in Melbourne, Florida. Yamuna dd departed in the early hours of December 20th, apparently due to a heart attack.

    On December 12th, H.G. Govinda Vallabha devi dasi (ACBSP), who was previously married to Kundali dasa, left this world. Govinda Vallabha dd was engaged for many years in distributing Srila Prabhupada's books.

    Also departed is Kunjabihari, the son of Bahudak das (ACBSP), who reportedly committed suicide in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil last week.

    Our sincere condolences to the families of Yamuna devi, Govinda Vallabha devi and Kunjabihari das. Hare Krsna

  2. HARE KRSNA--I'm VERY sad to hear that Kunjabihari killed himself.I knew him from 1983 onwards for several years and he was always laughing,so much fun to be around.I'll never forget him.He certainly has all my prayers today. ALL GLORIES TO SRILA PRABHUPADA

  3. Puranjana pr (PADA) repeatedly kept on saying that for him this was the main reason to run the Turley case, to stop this epidemic suicide mentality of young devotees. Ok it was a gesture.

    Substantial help to give young devotees perspective for a fulfilled life, i.e. reasonable activity level, basis for starting a family, efficient integration into a flourishing Vaishnava community, enhancement of ability, etc., etc., - negative report.

    Also it seems that there was no monetary compensation whatsover. Those 400 mio exist just in phantasy.

    Lets hope and pray that this madness of rising children in such a desolate general framework like ISKCON is stopped once and for all.

    Or, as Prabhupada put it, stop producing children like cats and dogs.

  4. Well we at least did something. I was at the time a taxi driver, not really in a position to take on a multi-millionaire cult, never mind the police also told me the goons would kill me if they could, and the police wanted to put me in witness protection. I refused to hide so I could help the kids, so I did more than most. ys pd


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