Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dear Niscala dd by PADA

Dear Niscala dd, Good idea -- in theory, we can all "watch over the children"? Your sentiment is nice, its heartfelt even. Yet, pretty impractical idea if you think about it. We should "watch over" things like -- the care of children. Fine, yet the first time I said the children were being mistreated in 1979, I was given 24 hours to vacate all ISKCON properties "for life." These leaders do not want anyone "monitoring" the care of children, or their own extravagant behaviors (using money meant for caring for the children), or the conditions of the children in their care etc. Where is the "transparency" if the leaders kick out thousands of people who were often the very ones monitoring the situation?

Worse, as I exited the door Jayatirtha told me "watch your back." The gang of four gurus also said I could not set foot on any ISKCON properties or they would call the police on me. Then, as we began reporting from "outside," we got death threats and Sulochana was assassinated for mentioning "the troubles" with the LA "Gurukula," the big Gurukula mess at Lake Huntington, Gita Nagari, New Vrndavana, Vrndavana, Mayapura etc. None of us "monitors" are very much welcome now either. Our devotees are indeed regularly banned, banished, harassed, even threatened, right up to today, how can we monitor anything if we are not allowed in the door in the first place?

In fact as we speak today, the GBC is RIGHT NOW spending $4,000,000 suing us in the Supreme Court so they can ban another 1,000 of our devotees. Why? Because most of our devotees are mainly HOUSEHOLDERS WITH KIDS, the last thing they want to have around, women, kids, brahmanas, ... that is a big burden for them! We are also feeding 1.5 million poor India kids, that's something they need to stop right away! Sue the feeding of kids program in court, and stop that, feeding kids must be stopped! Lets victimize a million MORE kids, never mind the endless list of ISKCON ex-kids victims!

These leaders do not want us to "monitor" anything, and if we do monitor things, we do so at our extreme peril. Nor do they want us around because they are evidentally against families, children, protecting women, etc, its all connected. Your idea of transparency is a joke, they hide everything and anyone who blows the whistle gets booted out, harassed, and if that does not work, more extreme techniques have been used. And for sure they will sue us in court if we try to hang around. Now as we speak they are spending another $4,000,000 of the money they were supposed to use to pay the first wave of their children victims, and they are instead stealing the first wave of children victims money to pay lawyers, so they can make 1.5 million more children victims. Yes, where is the transparency here? ys pd


  1. Prabhupada tried many ways for establishing all aspects of a functioning global Vaishnava society and when one strategy did not work out he would abolish it. Just like sannyasa, at one point Prabhupada concluded that, no more sannyasa.

    Same with children in monastic ambience. First of all, who joins Vaishnavism? Mainly these are people materially in fateful, precarious position. This might be good for spiritual life, but it is bad for starting a family.

    Mostly devotees in Iskcon/GM are having a hard time to manage their own lives - folks who rarely have sense of family, loners. But when living in a community are overcome by desire. Although vedic culture explicitly prohibits divorce you find a divorce rate among Vaishnavas worse than in the karmi world.

    PADA suggested to solve the child abuse problem with money, give those kids 400 mio. Of course, although having Prabhupada's movement convicted in USA and for the rest of the world, as, hotbed of child abuse, those kids never received one farthing (declaration of bankruptcy).

    Question arises, why these "self-realized rare souls" are so lusty of having children?

    Conclusio should rather be, present Vaishnavas, KEEP OFF FROM CHILDREN! Do the world a favor and get yourself sterilized, please! As soon there is an ISKCON/GM temple there should be notification to local authorities to make sure of keeping children away from that place.

    Modern Vaishnavas failed with sannyasa ashram, and they similarly also failed with grihastha ashram. Gurukula - sane parents immediately detect if their child is in bad constitution and do the needful.

    Not so ISKCON's uncaring parents, they unconcernedly hazard the consequences of having their children spoiled for the rest of live. Therefore you have not individual cases, but epidemic dimension, thousands only in USA.

    Just recently in Gaudiya-matha, a father with two small children, from two mothers. He figured "the whole situation is getting too much”. So what are Gaudiya-matha leaders doing, the rascal is given sannyasa!

    Their intelligence is to have this man awarded of receiving recognition as sannyasi and those two children, grow up on welfare.
    These are former Iskconites who saw with their two eyes dozens of Western sannyasis fell down. Still, give him sannyasa. So, this is modern Vaishnavism, pretty much a mental home for eccentric unteachable egos.

  2. No I never said that the children suicides was going to be solved with money? Where did I say that? This is what the GBC said, not me? I said the lawsuit would validate that they were victims, and that the managers were responsible for that, instead of the GBC / parents idea that "they just got their karma," (blaming the victims). I said the lawsuit would validate their victimization, proving they were the victims and they were not the guilty parties who were just getting their karma. I never said anything about money, I said they were commiting suicide and the lawsuit would solve that at least in part by validating their victimizationn and proving they were not responsible by getting their own karma.

    Notice: RM doesnt ever give a fart that these kids were killing themselves, all he ever talks about is money, which is all the GBC ever talks about on this issue. RM never left the GBC camp entirely, he is still tethered to them, he only discusses money, they only discuss money when it comes to this child abuse issue, he has not left the nest. ys pd


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