Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kirtanananda in Vrndavana update

"Each leader is almost as worse as the next and each of them will support the other till death do them part. They will never admit to each other's decadency as that would mean their own deception would be revealed. If any one of them openly declared that one of them is a fallen debauched cheater it would point three fingers back at themselves so they maintain the pretense that they are all pure and can do no wrong, even to the extent of prostrating themselves to such an offensive personality as Kirtanananda in dust of Sri Vrndavan Dham.

The important question to ask is why would our leaders such as Gopal Krsna Goswami and Pancagauda Dasa circumambulate such a vile and despicable person such as Kirtanananda? Of course one can understand how Radhanatha would prostrate himself in the dust as he was Kirtanananda's right hand man and owes a huge debt of allegiance to him for helping him become the Spiritual Guru that he is today. After all, Radhanatha did seize Kirtanananda's kingdom and made it his own, leaving his old mentor and siksa guru to die bereft of everything he had worked so hard to get for years...

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