Monday, December 26, 2011

PADA reply to Marek

PADA: Marek Madhaw Łepkowski Well thanks Marerk, so what you are really saying is -- I am correct. When I was saying the children are getting molested, you folks kicked me out and said, the plight of these children is all about nothing, its boring, who cares about these children? Let these children "get their karma." And that is exactly how all these children were molested, your program never cared for them, nor those of us who spoke up on the children's behalf.

All your program ever cared about was silencing the children and silencing us protestors on their behalf, and that is all you still care about now. Anyway, this is why we had to sue the GBC for $4m in public court, they were just like you, they were "bored" with the topic so we had to go to the public and sue them in court. We won by the way.

You are really saying: I was right to do that because those on the inside have had no concern for the children. Our saying the children are getting molested puts your folks to sleep, its a boring topic. Got it! Anyway this says it all, I am saying children are being victimized, you folks went to sleep, and that is how this problem started in the first place, you just validated that I have done the right thing by exposing it externally with the lawsuit. Children were being molested, and you folks found my concern for that to be boring, so I had to sue you in public court. You are de facto admitting you boxed me in so I had no other choice but to do that. Anyway this means I am right, you have no concern for the children, the CHILDREN THEMSELVES do not find their victimization to be boring, they find their victimization to be -- catastrophic. Now we are feeding 1.5 million children and the GBC wants to stop that, and you say this is all about me? That means you do not care for the 1.5 million children either, Marek only cares about Marek. ys pd

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  1. Henry Jolicoeur -- This series of four videos focus on exposing pedophiles that have physically and sexually abused hundreds of children in the ISKCON Hare Krishna School system in the 70’s and 80’s.

    These videos also want to help the survivor of abuses to access philological help as 14 of the ex-students have already committed suicide.


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