Thursday, December 15, 2011

Worship pure devotees is "insidious"?

[From Rocana's site:]

George A. Smith writes: So astounding is this trend and tendency exhibited by some of the Rtvik pundits, and especially by one of them, that by making such outrageous and obviously false claims against one who simply disagrees with them, that not merely an unbalanced mind is suggested, as would simply be the case if only one person was making such claims and also listening to them. but what about all those who hear such insanity and offer no objection to it?

[PADA: Dear George Smith; Sorry but it is always yourself, the GBC, Rocana, Gaudiya Matha folks et al., who ALL together IN UNISON have said that the worship of  pure devotees aka Srila Prabhupada (rtivik idea) is a bogus (posthumous worship) idea. Yes, you are saying what the GBC is saying, and yes that means you are in league with the GBC.

In fact you and Rocana are the GBC's best supporters in this regard. And just like the GBC, you and Rocana also do not identify any clear alternative to our idea of worship of a pure devotee. And yet we have asked all you folks this question for 35 years, "Please identify who is your living pure devotee, and what other form of worship should we adopt other than worship of the pure devotee," and you never tell us what is the better idea? All you say is, we must STOP the worship of the pure devotee, but what do we do then? You never say? 

Rocana told me we have to worship his living pure devotee idea, because Srila Prabhupada is posthumous, but even if we agreed that Rocana has got a living pure devotee for us to worship, Rocana for the past 35 years has forgot the name of his living pure devotee? Rocana is bluffing, he has no living pure devotee for us to worship, he just despises seeing Srila Prabhupada being worshipped. He simply hates the idea that people will become liberated by worship of a pure devotee, so he joins with the GBC saying our idea of worship of pure devotees is a horrendous deviation.  

So you are ALL peas in a PADA, whether the GBC, Rocana, Narayana Maharaja camp etc. none of you has ever identified a clear alternate to our idea that we need to worship a pure devotee? Who are we supposed to worship if we follow your idea that we are supposed halt and stop the worship of a pure devotee? George, Rocana etc. never tells us?

All they say is, worship of a pure devotee is bogus and horrible deviation, and now you are saying the idea of worship of pure devotees is "insidious," ... except you have no other plan? Rocana also says we are Christians, ok so people should stop worship of Jesus and worship --- nobody? What kind of plan is that? Srila Prabhupada says without the worship of Jesus there would be no culture and civilization in the West, there would simply be a condition of no moral codes, and lawless chaos. Why do you folks favor the rule of lawless chaos? 

Is this not what Rocana created in ISKCON by his aligning with the GBC and saying we can forget about worship of a pure devotee? Rocana simply created a society of criminals and mass child molesting with his idea there is no need to follow the pure devotee anymore -- since he is dead and gone? Rocana is thus responsible for making ISKCON into a criminal operation with his idea that we can jettison the pure devotee.]  

GEORGE: What does this suggest of them, something even more insidious?

[PADA: Worship of the pure devotees is "insidious"?]

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