Friday, December 9, 2011

ISKCON's lost generation


  1. Eyewitness: "Radhanath should have been in jail, but he bribed the prosecuter."

    It all happened in US, instead of convicting those deviant individuals who actually were responsible for all that happened, Prabhupada's movement as a whole was convicted (Turley case) to pay 400 mio to the victims.
    In sum, US court of justice figured, no individuals can be blamed, Prabhupada's movement as a whole is a hotbed for child abuse and has to pay 400 mio. Very good intelligence!

    And those formers US ISKCON leaders off-shored to start again at other locations. Now, after 20 years, folks like PADA have a problem with it. But does it help to make people read Prabhupada's books, chant Hare Krishna and become devotees? Quite unreasonable. Prabhupada wanted that his followers spread the Holy Name and in case of irregularity to depend on Krishna. Krishna will take care. Somehow folks have no faith in divine intervention and here we are, causing the conditioned souls to reject Vaishnavism for the rest of life.

  2. Well I had to form a group of people who understood what the problem was, and what the right idea was, in order to go forward with ANY preaching AT ALL, and my idea worked, we now have many people preaching to the public the Prabhupada worship idea, but I had to help them understand what needed to be preached in the first place. So I started the Prabhupadanuga idea in 1984, and it is spreading, and these people are preaching to the outsiders now. RM started nothing for nobody as far as I can tell? The amazing thing is that RM says I did not fix the problem in ISKCON, but I was almost killed trying, and he says I did not preach to the outisders, but I hasve got thousands of ritviks now preaching to the outsiders, he has not done didely squat and he thinks I did not do enough? I could have been killed, he is just upset that I was not, he is sad I lived and I have got a network of preachers moving ahead making new devotees, he does not even like that we are making new devotees. He is a grinch. ys pd

  3. Well thanks for the grinch, if you think like that it must be true. Constant repetition of, what are you doing? As if Puranjana pr is a living fossil from the Mahabharat era where ksatriyas were told to fight in order to gain victory.

    Please wake up, this is Lord Caitanya's Sankirtan movement era! Stop sleeping tight, in this age we sing and dance, distribute prasadam and the rest is taken care of by the Lord. Not that Puranjana pr. has to put on his jackboots and get his accouterments of knighthood out the closet. This was a different age.

    Might be PADA's mood from earlier ages, but Lord Caitanya promises, you simply sing and dance and everything else is done by the Supreme Lord.

    Only problem, people have no faith, they want to do it themselves and to take credit like the ksatriyas of Kuruksetra.

    Not in this age, sometimes dangerous, to interefere in stuff what God wants to do already...

  4. I just posted a comment from our friends in Jaipura, they are following our idea and they are making new devotees, have 10 full time brahmacaris, made 15 Radhanatha devotees into Prabhupada devotees, and they have 500 guests who come regularly. I said that is what we are doing, and I said you are doing nothing at all, so we are doing something, and I am right, you did not tell us one success story of yours at all, you have none. You are the fossil, we have living people doing living things, you are a fossil, you have no living people doing anything at all, you are a dead fossil. ys pd

  5. Priitaa dd, a ritvik, reflecting on PADA:

    About a month or two ago, two ritvik [separate] groups were fighting. Severely. They are actually part of a manual e-list which I've been trying to get off 11 years and they wont take me off! Anyhow, they have the propensity to take their fights over to my husbands egruop [VC or Vaisnava Council.] He, and myself, do not want that. Sometimes tho, they stubbornly "sneak" things thru.

    So a month or two back, one of their heavy heated arguments got thru. I didn't catch the first one [which was posted by the devotee who I addressed the letter to below]. Next, someone else insisted on posting about it. Tho I didn't know what the heck was going on, but I let his post thru, only in order to reply: "This is the last post on that topic." And I said I did not want to get involved in their endless fights that go on over at their manual ritvik e-list.

    I am a ritvik, but feel the way Prabhupada wanted it done was in peace, not chronic fight-aholism. Sure, there are times an issues needs to be brought up, but there are some who don't want to admit, they are addicted to that, can't stop doing that, and unable to accept the calm peace of Krishna Consciousness.

    Anyway, they replied to me in private email. Said it was not true I did not want to get involved, based on the fact that I let even one email go thru that did not support them. They next proceeded to tell me what was going on, and as if I all ready knew it.

    Did they not hear? I want nothing to do with their list therefore how the heck would I know it? I told them many times, since they refuse to Unsubscribe me, I've blocked their addresses. And whenever I discover a new member they add, I often block that one too.

    Even I see many new members complaining they were added to the list against their will and want off! To me, that list is not the way to preach or share or whatever one wants to call it. But hey, its a big world and room for everyone in it ON THE CONDITION they equally honor that, which means not force me onto their list or into their issues.

    Since their manual e-list is chronic yelling, or even some give bona-fide complaints, even sometimes scripture, BUT the scripture is less, and the near addiction to complaining and fighting is far more prominent. Oh it calms down, only to start up again.

    Ya know, even I like some of those devotees on an individual level, but when they all get together like that, a "group" of devotees angry at what happened and can't seem to transcend it and behave in peaceful Krishna Consciousness, than it reminds me of studies I've read of "group mentality" where things one would never do individually, they will do easily when in a group.

    Well, there ya go, my exploitation for the letter below. So sorry for involving you folks here.

    And now I will post todays quote and I think I shall start a brand new post. :)

    Priitaa dd

  6. I am not worried about the infighting amongst ritviks. There was infighting going on even when Prabhupada was here. Hansadutta for example called the police and told them to look out for drug smugglers with shaved heads, so he had two GBCs strip searched for drugs when they came to England, that was in 1973. Was that the end of the world? No.

    You seem to be thinking because a few people are fighting, that is the end of the world. Its not the case, we are making all kinds of headway all over the place. Some little group of a few people fighting is not the end of the world, please do not be a chicken little saying the sky is falling every time a few people disagree.

    As for NNV and the apparent ritvik exchanges you discuss, he fought us but never got his "DOM" group together, it just never happened. He is not really a ritvik, plain and simple. Look at all the other progress we are making, that is what you need to do. The bottom line is the ritviks are making more ritviks every day, why not focus on that? ys pd


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