Wednesday, December 28, 2011

To Niscala dd from PADA

PADA: Sorry Niscala, you are trying to re-write history. We were reporting these child abuses to the GBC and to many of the devotees (many of them were parents as well) way back at least as early as 1980. I was writing to folks like Mukunda Maharaja all along, in fact everyone on the GBC knew I was kicked out for saying my children are never going to worship these people and go to their "guru schools." In 1986 we informed all the GBC that there was widespread pedophilia in New Vrndavana, Mayapura etc., we were then told by Mukunda Maharaja -- that we were "offending great pure devotees like Kirtanananda."

That is how Sulochana was killed and I was almost killed, the GBC excommunicated us and had not the FBI came to Berkeley to notify the police on May 25, 1986 that "Puranjana is next on their hit list," I would have died. When Tirtha was arrested he had a note in his pocket with the license number of my car, he was "doing surveillance" on me. The FBI said I was next. After that when three people were chasing me with aluminum baseball bats, the police came around the corner and stopped that, i.e. the police were watching me or else I would have died then. As for the parents, many of them vociferously objected to me all along, and some of them excommunicated their own children when they found out these ex-kids were helping me with the Turley case, i.e. many parents helped with the cover up. Please do not re-write the history of these victims, it just re- victimizes them. The Catholic church has maybe .05 percent molesting, our kids faced 50 percent molesting, this is ridiculous comparison. Do not paper over the facts, that is my main request. ys pd

[PADA: Of course Lenny Sislac says that anyone who risks their life opposing child molesting is a crazy man who needs professional help, in other words he is saying exactly what the molesters are saying. He is their disciple, they said the same things he says, he is their top cheer leader. ys pd]


  1. Dear Prabhus, nobody objects to support a human rights activist like Tim Lee. But we also have to get the big picture. Right, there is a success story at ISKCON Bangalore. Thousands of devotees are working there day and night to have ISKCON Bangalore expanding. Madhu Pandit pr and his team found the point where to apply leverage in order to get things going big style. This is wanted. It is so much wanted that Tim Lee always speaks of "we", "we are doing it in Bangalore, India". So how to get this Bangalore success story to USA? Have it unfold right in front of Tim Lee's mobile home in California? Without Prabhupada coming to US nothing would have happened in India. Now things seem to be vice versa, happen in India and no more in US. And this is the main factor, to create employment for all those young devotees. Not that they go for an academic career and work for the materialists. Prabhupada's formula is quite simple and efficient. Whenever a devotee became successful he would sent him to other temples to teach the devotees on-site. But this requires that we also surrender and receive such devotees like Madhu Pandit pr. Once things are again on expansion path in US, hopefully Tim Lee will find his peace again and speak more often of spreading Krishna's holy name to save suffering humanity.

  2. Dear Lenny, You are avoiding the whole issue child abuse again. The children were having a suicide epidemic, and people like you (and the molesters) starting in the late 1970s saying I was a crazy mad man for advocating for the children, you are giving the same identical slogans the GBC and the molesters used to suppress me. They also said then that I was a lone fool [living in a trailer park?], how come all you ever do is worship the statements of the molesters and repeat them? That means they are your gurus.

    Your preaching thereby caused the Windle Turley case to happen because because you folks gave us no other option by suppressing all my attempts to resolve this without involving the public. You said I was a lone fool in a trailer to suppress me, said I was crazy to suppress me, and so YOU CAUSED THE MOLESTING by suppressing those of us criticizing. YOU CAUSED IT!

    You folks suppressed ALL ALONG me by calling me a crank, and because we were called cranks we were ALSO getting beaten and killed, because of your rhetoric. Your rhetoric was getting us beaten and killed and therefore you still want to get us beaten and killed because you are still using the same rhetoric.

    You thereby cause us to get beaten and killed by use of that rhetoric. You thus caused the violence and you forced all this to go public, now you blame me for making it public, no you made it get forced into the public, if you want to know why this went public, go look in a mirror. If you want to know why we were beaten and killed, go look in a mirror.

    You did nothing to help me ever, and instead you cite the SAME slogans of the molesters and the people who beat and killed us. As for me living in beer drinking white trash mobile home, that's right, us white trash had you fools sued for $400,000,000 because that was the only way we could save anyone of your victims at all.

    As for Bangalore, we got them to follow the Prabhupadanuga idea and they now advertise all my issues including the poison issue, they are not promoting anything you ever said ever, you are a nobody who is worse than us white trash mobile home dwellers. You need to quit citing the slogans of the molesters if you want positive preaching to go on, even the worst beer drinking white trash mobile home dwellers are appalled at how people like you suppressed me when children were getting molested and then comiting suicide, these mobile home people think you are not even a human being yet. They do not even think you have evolved to the level of an animak, even animals are merciful to their children. They do not cheer lead the slogans of the child abusers like you have done all along. Yes, the while trash are vastly more advanced than you are, they have mercy for children, you have mercy for no one except you and your molester pals, that is why you defended them all along and still do. ys pd


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