Friday, December 9, 2011

Australia Imbroglio


PADA: Thanks for your phone call and support Charles prabhu. Yes your idea is right, in Australia we have the bogus ISKCON GBC promoting the idea that "Hindu" messiahs / gurus / acharyas are deviants, crooks and child molesters, and yet our "Hindu freedom fighter" pals over in Australia are doing absolutely nothing at all about that. You are absolutely right! Thanks prabhu for saying I am the best "Hindu defender" around for my saying Hindu acharyas are not child molesters.

You are right on prabhu, we do not see our brave Australian "freedom fighters for Hindus" writing letters of protest etc., going out with signs in front of the bogus acharya's temples, etc. despite the worship of deviants and molesters as "Hindu" acharyas is going on right in their own front yard. Why are they not lifting a finger to stop that? Good question prabhu!

We just found out that a guy like Bhurijana (a man who was in charge of the molester messiah's gurukulas of ISKCON) has NOW got a big set up in Australia, and yet our Hindu freedom fighter pals over there are apparently not lifting a finger to get that sorted out. So you are correct, it seems our Hindu freedom fighters are only opposing those of us who are exposing the molester gurus programs, which of course ONLY helps the molester gurus, and they are not doing anything about these false "Hindu" movements in Australia, who are having a picnic in their own front yard over there.

Correct, that only helps the molester bogus Hindu God-man cults and no one else. You got it Charles prabhu! Why are these Hindu freedom fighters not fixing the false Hindu [molester] acharyas program going on at their doorstep, and they are only opposing anyone who opposes these molesters bogus Hindu God-men? Good question Charles prabhu. I think you are onto something! I am the person saying homosexual molesters are not Hindu God-men, and they are coming after me .... ? So what is the real reason they are only coming after me, and not coming after the homosexual child molester bogus Hindu acharyas cult on their doorstep? You said you'd like to know the answer, well so would lots of people!

Yes, you are on to something here. What they apparently do not like is when we oppose these child molester guru things going on in the name of HINDUS. Right! Why are they not cleaning up their own front yard? And you are also right that any Hindu should be proud of me for promoting India's culture AT ALL, despite I am racially discriminated against and not allowed into some of their temples for racial reasons.

You are correct, I am being sometimes racially profiled in Hindu culture and yet I am at least offering some support for parts of India culture. So you are right, they should rather give me a medal of honor for my being loyal to at least part of Hindu culture, rather than attacking me. Well said prabhu! Yes, you are correct, these self advertised Hindu Freedom fighters have done absolutely nothing to stop the worship of child molesters as HINDU acharyas program going on and having a big picnic right in their own FRONT yard.

You pose a great question prabhu, why do they only want to attack anyone who does not accept that Hindu gurus are homosexual child molesters, and they let the bogus molester guru program going on in their front yard go along scot free? Well, that is a good question prabhu. And here is another question, they said I am bogus for promoting Jesus, then the first thing they want to do is, write to the Christians at the NAACP? Well we could also write to Christians ourselves and say -- a few idiots are harassing us for our saying deviants and even child molesters are not Hindu / Christian / etc. "God's messiahs," and our opponents also say we are bogus for promoting Jesus as a messiah, guess who would win that debate?  Hee hee!

So you are right, lets see if they first of all address the bogus Hindu God-man program going on in their own doorstep. These freedom fighters write me all the time, "you have two hours to repent or else lightening will strike you from the sky," but they never write to the molester messiahs / bogus Hindu acharyas program giving them this same ultimatum? Yes, that means de facto it helps the bogus Hindus / molester acharyas, no one else benefits. Why are they de facto helping that camp? I think we'd all like to know. ys pd


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